Russian Truth-Telling on Recognizing DPR and LPR Independence

On Monday, a Security Council session convened after Vladimir Putin legally recognized the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk. 

Addressing the body, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia set the record straight on why the move was justified.

Moscow aims to avoid greater war by Kiev on Donbass than already. 

It seeks to restore peace to central Europe by ending hostilities and related provocations by the Zelensky regime — as ordered, orchestrated and directed by its higher power in Washington.

Russia gave up on US-controlled Ukraine and Minsk conflict resolution agreements its ruling regimes spurned with no intention of complying with what they mandate.

It was foolhardy to believe that when Zelensky replaced Poroshenko as Ukrainian president that a page would be turned for peace over perpetual war on Donbass.

It was equally foolish to think that Kiev would seek cooperative relations with Russia when the prospect was virtually zero — because hegemon USA rejects normalization with Moscow.

On orders from Washington, “Kiev…sabotage(d) and…ruined the Minsk Agreements,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

Like its predecessor, the Zelensky regime “reject(s) direct negotiations with Donetsk and Lugansk, even though this requirement was a central fundamental element of the Minsk Package.” 

Negotiations are off the table in favor of perpetual conflict — as ordered by US-dominated NATO.

Nebenzia noted that Ukraine agreed to Minsk provisions after Donetsk and Lugansk proclaimed independence.

Russia’s recognition of reality “ma(de) no changes to the list of sides to the Minsk Agreements, because Russia is not a side thereto,” adding:

As demanded by Washington, Kiev began “sabotaging” Minsk agreements straightaway.

There’s no ambiguity about their status in reality.

They’re dead because hegemon USA and NATO vassal states killed them.

Can the spirit of Minsk be revived?

Only if the Biden regime and its key Western allies turn a page for peace and stability over perpetual war in Europe’s heartland.

Given that the prospect for things turning out this way is virtually zero, Minsk exists only on paper.

Reality on the ground is something else entirely.

Nebenzia explained that instead of urging Kiev to fulfill its obligations under Minsk, the US-dominated West falsely blamed Russia for Ukraine’s noncompliance.

While hyperventilating baselessly about alleged Russian intentions to invade Ukraine any day now, hegemon USA and other NATO regimes keep pouring weapons into the country for war-making on Donbass.

The West “encouraged Ukraine…to embark on armed provocations against Donbass,” said Nebenzia.

Since last week, cross-border shelling dramatically increased.

“Sabotage groups set foot in the republics and blew up or attempted to blow up critical infrastructure facilities.”

With near-full-scale war ongoing by Ukraine on Donbass, short of large-scale invasion alone, Vladimir Putin drew a line in the sand to prevent the worst from happening along Russia’s border.

It’s why he “heeded the opinions of members of Russian parliament and the Security Council of Russia” by recognizing the sovereign independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Nebenzia noted that agreements between Russia and both newly recognized republics include their “requests (for) Russian armed forces to perform” peacekeeping functions in their territories.”

He stressed that what’s been agreed to by Moscow and Donbass aims to restore peace and stability to their territories.

It’s to protect the lives, well-being and security of its people.

It’s to enforce the rule of law by giving Ukraine and US-dominated NATO pause about continuing conflict with likely intent to escalate things more than already.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“Treaties of friendship, cooperation, and mutual assistance have been signed between Russia and these new states, in which we promise to safeguard their security.” 

Moscow will act as guarantor of the security and territorial integrity of the newly recognized republics.

On the same day, Zelensky recited lines scripted by his higher power in Washington on consideration given to cutting ties with Russia.

Ignored is that they’re virtually nonexistent already.

Separately, EU foreign policy chief Borrell didn’t surprise by falsely claiming that “Russian troops are on Ukrainian soil” — by approving a peacekeeping mission as requested by the DPR and LPR.

Germany’s Sholz regime perhaps shot itself in the foot by halting certification of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to the country.

It’s at a time when Germany is fast exhausting its supply — what low-cost Russian gas alone can satisfactorily replenish.

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