Biden Regime Proxy War on Russia: Part II

There’s no ambiguity about hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s cold war on Russia.

Its intensity is greater and more menacing than any previous time in modern memory.

It’s been this way since undemocratic Dems usurped power by election rigging.

Since gaining control of the White House and Congress in January 2021 by foul means, things steadily deteriorated to its present state.

On Monday, Russia’s Southern Military District said five Ukrainian soldiers on a sabotage mission were killed inside Russian territory, another captured and is being interrogated.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) thwarted an attempted terrorist attack in Crimea to blow up an Orthodox church, a statement saying:

“(S)ix Russian citizens who are supporters of the the Ukrainian extremist…Right Sector…organization” were detained as they were “preparing to detonate an improvised explosive device…to intimidate (the area’s) population,” adding:

“Instructions for making the explosives, correspondence containing a discussion of the planned terrorist attack, and correspondence confirming the detainees’ involvement in the propaganda of radical ideology on the internet were found in the extremists’ communication means.”

“In addition, symbols of the Right Sector were seized in their homes.”

Separately on Wednesday, explosions rocked a Lugansk trolly-bus depot, another apparent made-in-the-USA terrorist attack.

On the same day, Tass reported a “powerful blast” in Donetsk’s central Voroshilovsky district, adding:

A “four-story building” of a television center’s “editorial facility” was targeted.

“It looks like a self-made explosive device thrown by someone,” Director General of the First Republican Channel Sergey Pelyanitsyn explained. 

Acts of war and state terror by Kiev have US fingerprints all over them.

Forever war on Donbass since April 2014 was made-in-the-USA.

Waged along Russia border, along with sabotage attempts, reflect hegemon USA war on Russia and Donbass by use of Ukrainian proxies.

The same goes for imposition of more illegal sanctions — war by other means.

The latest Biden regime ones targeted Russia’s VEB Development Bank, its Promsvyazbank Public Joint Stock Company (PSB), and 42 of their subsidiaries.

Russia’s sovereign debt, designated officials and their families were also illegally sanctioned.

Obeying orders from his higher power in Washington, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz suspended certification of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to the country and region.

The harebrained action assures higher energy costs for German, European, US, and other consumers.

Separately, statements by Kiev officials reflect US-supplied talking points.

On Wednesday, the Zelensky regime’s so-called foreign ministry called Russia’s legal recognition of Donbass independence an “act of armed aggression against Kiev (sic).”

Where hegemon USA goes, vassal state Britain is sure to follow.

Along with allying with Washington’s aggression against invented enemies, the BoJo regime imposed illegal sanctions on five Russian banks and individuals.

What BoJo called a “first tranche,”he declared his regime’s readiness to do more in cahoots with hegemon USA.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said it’s withdrawing its embassy and consulates staff because the Zelensky regime threatens their security, a statement saying the following:

“The Russian Embassy in Kiev and the Consulates General of our country in Odessa, Lvov, and Kharkov have been repeatedly attacked,” adding: 

“Russian diplomats have also become the target of aggressive actions.”

“They received threats of physical violence. Their cars were burned.”

Kiev authorities failed to provide security as mandated by the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

“In the current circumstances, our top priority is to take care of Russian diplomats and employees of the embassy and consulates general,” its Foreign Ministry announced, adding:

“To protect their lives and safety, the Russian leadership has decided to evacuate the personnel of Russian foreign missions in Ukraine.”

Separately, despite no foreign threats — invented ones alone — the Zelensky regime is on the cusp of imposing a state of emergency when no emergency exist.

Imposition of martial law may follow.

Draconian policies may prohibit free expression and movement, large-scale public gatherings, and other police state actions.

Around 36,000 reservists were ordered to report for active duty.

Separately on Wednesday, pro-Western Pope Francis ignored US-dominated NATO’s war on Russia by other means — its proxy war on Moscow and against Donbass by use of Ukrainian foot soldiers.

Saying “(o)nce again the peace of all is threatened by partisan interests” failed to lay blame where it belongs.

The same goes for calling on “all parties (to) refrain from any action that would cause even more suffering to the people, destabilizing coexistence between nations and bringing international law into disrepute.”

Responsibility for the above and much more of the same lies in Washington, other NATO capitals, and Kiev — not in Moscow, Donetsk or Lugansk.

Time and again, so-called papal outrage falls short of blaming perpetrators for their crimes of war, against humanity, other atrocities and dirty tricks.

Vatican News falsely accused “Russia (of) deploy(ing) troops in (what it falsely called) separatist regions of eastern Ukraine (sic).”

Failure to accept and recognize Donbass independence allies with hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s war on the right of self-determination of all people everywhere — as affirmed by international law.

The Holy See is consistently on the wrong side of history.

Wednesday’s statement by Pope Francis was consistent with the papacy’s support for powerful Western interests — while paying lip service alone to popular needs and welfare.

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