Russia Invades Ukraine?

Russia Invades Ukraine?

by Stephen Lendman

In cahoots with US/Western dark forces, MSM reports are based on talking points their ruling regimes provide.

They repeatedly and consistently demonize invented enemies like Russia.

At a time when no Russian invasion of Ukraine or any other countries is planned, forthcoming or ongoing, screaming fake news headlines pretend otherwise.

According to reinvented reality by the self-styled newspaper of record NYT, “Russia’s Rationale for a Ukraine Invasion Is Put in Place (sic).”

The fake news piece defied reality by accusing Vladimir Putin of “call(ing) (for) war (sic),” adding:

For months, (dominant Biden regime hardliners and Western counterparts) warned of a looming Russian invasion of Ukraine” — that’s nowhere in sight because there’s none forthcoming.

Yet according to Times fake news, the case for “invasion was… presented to the Russian public (on) television (sic).”

For weeks, the Times and other MSM press agents for hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s war on humanity have been screaming fake news about an imminent Russian invasion.

On Wednesday in defiance of reality, the Times virtually accused Russia of invading Ukraine in less than so many words.

WaPo headlined the fake news — falsely accusing Russia’s “military (of) push(ing) into Ukraine (sic),” adding:

It’s “unfolding on the ground (sic).”

“Russian troops have entered Ukrainian territory, in what US officials have called an invasion of the European country (sic).”

A separate WaPo fake news headline screamed:

“Russian troops enter Ukraine (sic),” adding:

“Vladimir Putin…ordered what he called ‘peacekeeping’ troops into” Donbass (sic).

No such order was given.

No Russian forces crossed into Donetsk or Lugansk.

If and when occurs, it’ll be in response to a DPR and LPR request for military help against US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression.

Invasions involve the entry of a nation’s troops into another country’s territory without authorization of its government.

It’s what hegemon USA has been guilty of doing time and again since the mid-19th century grand theft of Mexican territory.

According to WSJ fake news, “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (sic) (launched) a new cold war (sic).”

US war by other means has been ongoing throughout Vladimir Putin’s tenure because he serves the interests of Russia and its people instead of bowing to hegemon USA’s will.

According to USA Today’s turning reality on its head, the Biden regime “sanction(ed) Russia for beginning an invasion of Ukraine (sic).”

CNBC fake news headlined:

“Putin seeks ‘regime change (sic)’ and will likely invade the rest (sic) of Ukraine (sic).”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) falsely accused Russia of “beginning (to) invad(e)” Ukraine.

CBS (fake) News headlined the same fake news.

CNN fake news falsely accused Russia of “tightening its military grip around Ukraine…(a)fter months of…brinksmanship (along its) border (sic).”

The above rubbish is polar opposite truth and full disclosure.

Is Kiev foolhardy enough to risk direct confrontation with Russia by attacking its forces or territory?

US-orchestrated cross-border incidents already occurred?

Are more of the same planned?

Moscow’s patience has limits.

Occupied Ukraine is controlled by its US master.

US-installed Zelensky, a former comedian/performer, is involved way beyond his minimal level of competence.

His geopolitical moves are orchestrated and directed by Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA.

The most deeply corrupted nation in Europe is politically and economically bankrupt.

How far will Zelensky let his higher power in Washington wreck the ship of state he’s inept at leading?

Russia wants peace, not war.

If its territory or security is threatened, it’s highly capable of defending the homeland.

The only option for the US, West and Kiev is avoiding disaster by risking war with Russia.

It’s no guarantee that things will turn out this way.

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