Vladimir Putin’s Straight Talk

On Monday, Putin stressed the following:

Events in Ukraine should concern peace-loving people everywhere.

Forever war on Donbass has been ongoing for nearly eight years.

Things escalated sharply in recent days.

“The situation in Donbass reached a critical, acute stage.”

Ukraine is a festering made-in-the-USA sore in Europe’s heartland.

“A stable statehood has never developed in Ukraine,” Putin explained.

“Its electoral and other political procedures just serve as a cover, a screen for the redistribution of power and property between various oligarchic clans.”

“Corruption, which is certainly a challenge and a problem for many countries, including Russia, has gone beyond the usual scope in Ukraine.” 

“It has literally permeated and corroded Ukrainian statehood, the entire system, and all branches of power.”

The country is infested with neo-Nazi extremists.

The Obama/Biden regime used them for its 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

At the time, “the US Embassy (in Kiev) provided $1 million a day to support” elements involved in Maidan violence.

“In addition, large amounts were impudently transferred directly to the opposition leaders’ bank accounts, tens of millions of dollars.”

“But the people who actually suffered, the families of those who died in the clashes provoked in the streets and squares of Kiev and other cities, how much did they get in the end? Better not ask.”

Empowered extremist elements “unleashed unleashed a persecution, a real terror campaign against those who opposed their anti-constitutional actions.”

“Politicians, journalists, and public activists were harassed and publicly humiliated.” 

“A wave of violence swept Ukrainian cities, including a series of high-profile and unpunished murders.” 

“One shudders at the memories of the terrible tragedy in Odessa, where peaceful protesters were brutally murdered, burned alive in the House of Trade Unions.” 

“The criminals who committed that atrocity have never been punished, and no one is even looking for them.” 

“We know their names, and we will do everything to punish them, find them and bring them to justice.”

What Putin explained above reflects events during and after the Obama/Biden’s 2014 Maidan coup.

Democracy in Ukraine was abolished, replaced by US-controlled fascist tyranny.

For nearly eight years, a made-in-the-USA war has intermittently been waged by Ukraine against democratically governed Donetsk and Lugansk.

Because of tyrannical rule, about six million Ukrainian citizens went abroad to be free and find work.

Since 2014 internally, Ukrainians have been grievously mistreated.

Life in the country reflects a daily struggle to survive.

The cost of essentials to life, health and well-being are unaffordable for the vast majority of Ukrainians.

Anyone expressing public opposition to tyrannical rule mistreatment risks arrest, prosecution, imprisonment or assassination.

Because of deep-seated corruption and mismanagement, Ukraine is politically and economically bankrupt.

Without billions of dollars of US/Western aid, things would likely collapse in chaos.

Putin stressed the following:

Dire internal conditions “beg the question.”

Reality in Ukraine reveals deep-seated “poverty, lack of opportunity, and lost industrial and technological potential.” 

Ukraine’s “economy is in tatters.”

The country is “under external control” by the US-dominated West and its minions.

A virtual state of exploitive occupation exists — enforced by police state harshness.

There’s “no independent judiciary,” Putin explained. Diktat power runs things ruthlessly.

Hegemon USA “controls the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the High Anti-Corruption Court.” 

As a result, “corruption is flourishing like never before.”

“Are the Ukrainian people aware that this is how their country is managed?” 

“Do they realize that their country has turned not even into a political or economic protectorate but has been reduced to a colony with a puppet regime?” 

“The state was privatized,” its sovereignty abolished.

Everything Russian is virtually considered illegal, even the language.

Its public use is banned.

Discriminatory laws were enacted. Russian civil servants were sacked.

Gestapo tactics crack down on speech, media, academic and other fundamental freedoms.

Russian nationals are mistreated as fifth column threats.

Even the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is threatened with elimination.

On orders from the Biden regime last March, Ukraine adopted a new military strategy.

It’s “dedicated to confrontation with Russia and sets the goal of involving foreign states in a conflict with our country,” Putin explained, adding:

It calls for establishing “a terrorist underground movement in Russia’s Crimea and Donbass.”

It includes “foreign military support (to engage in) confrontation with the Russian Federation.” 

Likely with approval of its higher power in Washington, Kiev “intends to create its own nuclear weapons, and this is not just bragging.”

“Ukraine has nuclear technologies created back in Soviet times and delivery vehicles for such weapons.”

“(T)he groundwork (is in place for Kiev to develop) tactical nuclear weapons.”

If this happens, things in Europe and worldwide “will drastically change, especially for Russia.”

“We cannot but react to this real danger.”

At the same time, Kiev enacted legislation to allow US-dominated military forces to be “constantly present” in its territory on the phony pretext of conducting military exercises with Ukrainian troops.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO already maintains a menacing presence near Russia’s borders.

The permanent presence of US/NATO forces in Ukraine represents de facto military bases.

Its territory is used as a platform for perpetual cold war on Russia — what could turn hot by accident or design if that’s the intent of lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum.

Putin’s remarks were long and detailed.

Their bottom line reflects the menace posed by US-dominated NATO toward Russia.

It’s why Putin in consultation with other key Russian officials sought security guarantees and recognized Donbass independence.

Hegemon USA’s longterm goal aims to transform Russia into a defenseless vassal state.

Knowing the menace it faces, the Kremlin is acting responsibly to protect and preserve the nation’s security and rights of its people.

Is unthinkable war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers possible ahead.

While highly unlikely, it can’t be ruled out.

So it’s crucial for Russia to be prepared defensively.

2 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin’s Straight Talk

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    Greatest Speech I heard in life.
    Every word crafted to perfection

    The Gravitas of Russia’s situation.


    Employing the Bush Doctrine

    Russia would be perfectly justified attacking Ukraine

    “Before we see Mushroom Clouds !”

    What’s Good for the Goose
    Is Good for the Gander .

    Not saying Russia should.

    “But all options should be on the Table, as the Gangsters always say.

    Bottom Line..
    We’re only in the bottom of the
    First inning on the
    (Bourne) Donbass Identity..

    And bacteria never sleeps.

    Hold on to your joystick

    Gonna get some turbulence real soon.


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