Intense MSM Anti-Russia Fake News Hyperventilating

US/Western MSM go out of their way to embarrass themselves by featuring fake news over the real thing on major issues mattering most.

In response to Russia’s defensive response to forever Kiev aggression on Donbass, MSM featured hyperbolic rubbish overnight Wednesday and Thursday.

A same-day article ripped NYT fake news on Russia — as worlds apart from truth as ice cold is from burning hot.

Screaming MSM headlines across the board featured talking points supplied by US/Western regimes.

As expected, WaPo editors falsely accused Russia of “aggression” against Ukraine (sic).

At the same time, they ignored nearly eight years of the real thing by Ukrainian forces on Donbass — as orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA-dominated NATO.

Coverup and denial has been consistently featured on one US war of aggression after another throughout the post-WW II period.

The same goes for its forever wars by other means, as well as longstanding breaches of the rule of law domestically and worldwide.

Separate WaPo same-day screaming headlines included:

The Biden regime “vows to hold Russia accountable after Ukraine attack (sic)”

The fake Biden accused Russia of “unleash(ing) premeditated war (sic)”

“Widening Ukraine conflict risks deadly toll on civilians” — not targeted, struck or endangered

“A deadly, devious intelligence war unfolds in Ukraine (sic)”

WSJ fake news headlined:


Airstrikes hit Kiev (sic)”

“Russian tanks pushed into Ukraine (sic), and shelling targeted cities (sic) after President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in the country”

Reuters fake news: “18 people killed in Ukraine’s Odessa in missile attack… regional authorities” falsely claimed.

AP (fake) News: “Russia launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine on Thursday, hitting cities and bases (sic).”

Ukraine’s military infrastructure alone was struck, not cities or civilians.

Claims otherwise are typical bald-faced Big Lies about Russia.

Separately, AP headlined: “Fear, calm among Ukrainians as Russian troops enter (sic)”

No Russian forces entered Ukrainian territory.

No evidence suggests it’s forthcoming.

Separately in response to Kiev’s cutting of ties to Russia — as ordered or permitted by the Biden regime — Russia’s Foreign Ministry called its action “the logical conclusion (of US-Western initiated) Russophobic policies.”

Internally, Kiev is at war against all things Russian on orders from Washington — including its own Russian-speaking citizens.

A US-dominated NATO announcement said more alliance “land and air forces” are heading to nations near Russia’s borders.

Separately, “Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency suspended all flights to and from 12 airports in the south of the country,” RT reported.

CNBC fake news headlined: “Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine (sic), the West has to try to stop Putin (sic) — but how?”

CNN fake news headlined: “Russian invasion of Ukraine (sic)”

ABC (fake) News: “The ‘beginning’ of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is here”

CBS (fake) News: “Ukraine says Russia launched a ‘full-scale invasion’ ” (sic)

NBC (fake) News: “Ukraine battles Russian attack (sic)

Chicago Tribune: “Russia attacks Ukraine as defiant Putin (sic) warns US, NATO”

LA Times: “Sanctions alone won’t deter Russia. NATO must step in (sic)”

Britain’s owned and controlled BBC propaganda operation: 

“Russian forces invade after Putin TV declaration (sic)

Canada’s owned and controlled CBC propaganda operation:

“Explosions rattle Ukraine after Russia launches invasion (sic)” 

Qatar’s owned and controlled Al Jazeera propaganda operation:

“Russian forces launch full invasion of Ukraine (sic)”

Israeli Haaretz fake news: “Putin Invades Ukraine (sic) and He Will Never Stop (sic)

The first casualty war is journalism as it should be.

Throughout the US/West and in allied countries, screaming headlines defied reality about overnight events in Ukraine by Russia.

A steady drumbeat of similar rubbish is sure to follow ahead.

On all things related to hegemon USA’s geopolitical agenda, managed news misinformation, disinformation, and suppression of truth-telling is longstanding MSM policy.

Regurgitating the fabricated official narrative is their stock and trade.

Earlier I stressed that people confuse what they read in newspapers and view on television with news.

What suppresses reality by turning truth on its head in support of ruling regimes’ interests is propaganda rubbish to be ignored, not followed.

It’s in full display throughout the US/West and elsewhere following strikes by Russian forces on Ukraine’s military infrastructure to stop its years of aggression on Donbass.

What Vladimir Putin authorized overnight warrants high praise, not condemnation by Russophobic regimes and their MSM echo chamber.


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