Russia Retaliates Against Kiev’s Aggression on Donbass

For nearly eight years since April 2014, US-orchestrated and directed aggression by proxy Kiev forces terrorized four million Donbass residents of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Late Wednesday, DPR and LPR heads Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik respectively “requested Russia’s military assistance in repelling Ukrainian aggression,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained, adding:

“Their appeals emphasize(d) that amid the deteriorating situation and threats from Kiev, the republics’ citizens are currently forced to flee their homes, and their evacuation to Russia is ongoing.” 

“Amid the continuing military aggression by Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the republics are experiencing the destruction of civil and industrial infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and kindergartens, and worst of all, the deaths of the civilian population, including children.”

Their letter to Putin said “Kiev is continuing its military buildup along the line of disengagement, simultaneously receiving comprehensive support, including (in) military (form), from the US and other Western (regimes).” 

Kiev “is determined to resolve the conflict by force.”

Peskov stressed that “(i)n view of the above” reality, DPR and LPR heads asked Vladimir Putin for “help in repelling the aggression of the Ukrainian armed forces and formations, in accordance with Articles 3 and 4 of the friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance treaties between Russia and the republics.”

Pre-dawn on February 24 — as permitted by the UN Charter’s Article 51 — Russia responded defensively to the request for military aid by Donbass by conducting a special military operation against Kiev’s military infrastructure.

Vladimir Putin explained the justification of Russia’s military operation as follows, saying:

“Its purpose is to protect the people who have for eight years been exposed to humiliation and genocide by the regime in Kiev.” 

“For this we will seek demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, and also press for bringing to justice those who have committed numerous bloody crimes against peaceful civilians, including Russian citizens.”

Putin urged Ukraine’s military to “lay down (its) arms at once and leave for home,” adding:

“Those servicemen of the Ukrainian army who meet this demand will be free to leave the zone of combat operations and return to their families.” 

Responsibility for continued bloodshed “will rest entirely on Ukraine’s ruling regime.”

No one should doubt “that a direct attack on Russia would end with the potential aggressor’s defeat and terrible consequences for the attacker.”

“Whoever may try to create obstructions to us, let alone pose threats to our country and our people, they should know that Russia’s response will follow without delay and entail consequences that you have never encountered in your history.” 

“We are prepared for any march of events.” 

“All necessary decisions in this connection will be made. I hope that I will be heard.”

Here’s the reality of where things stand as of early Feb. 24:

No Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory occurred as screaming MSM fake news headlines falsely claimed.

No evidence of plans to invade and occupy its territory.

No Russian “aggression” against US-colonized and controlled Ukraine.

No attacks on Ukrainian cities as fake news reports claimed.

No targeting or endangering of Ukrainian civilians.

No “explosions across Ukraine” as NYT and other MSM screaming headlines falsely reported.

No “blasts” from strikes on Kiev as NYT fake news claimed.

No “landing” of Russian forces “in Odessa.”

No “full-scale war” on Ukraine by 


Nothing remotely resembling hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s rape and destruction of the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and other nonbelligerent, nonthreatening countries occurred overnight or is likely ahead by Russian forces.

No “satellite images (show a) continued Russian buildup on Ukraine’s border” poised to invade.

No Russian troops “ready to go…to attack (cross-border) at any time with a significant military force,” as Biden regime’s war department spokesman Kirby falsely claimed. 

No “premeditated war” as dementia Joe’s double hyperventilated about.

Reciting lines scripted by his handlers, he reinvented reality as follows, saying:

US-installed Kiev puppet Zelensky “reached out to” his higher power in Washington.

No “unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces” occurred, as the fake Biden falsely claimed.

Nor does he, hegemon USA or its NATO vassal states “stand with the people of Ukraine (sic).”

They’re grievously mistreated and otherwise exploited by the US-installed, Nazi-infested, Kiev regime.

Ukrainian conscripts have been used by hegemon USA-dominated NATO as proxy cannon fodder foot solders in waging eight years of aggression on Donbass and its long-suffering people.

Events are fast-moving.

Late Wednesday at the Security Council, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia said the following:

US-colonized Ukraine maintains the illusion that its US/NATO “sponsors” will enable its forces to “secure a military solution (in) Donbass.”

In the 24-hour period before Russia responded to the request for military help by DPR and LPR leaders, OSCE monitors in Donbass recorded “almost 2,000 ceasefire violations, including almost 1,500 explosions.”

According to hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states and MSM press agents, four million long-suffering people in Donbass do not exist.

They’re “bargaining chips in the geopolitical game that seeks to weaken Russia and bring NATO closer to our borders,” Nebenzia explained. 

“Whereas to us, (they’re) women, children, elderly people who had to hide from Ukrainian bombardments and provocations for 8 years.” 

“To us…the Ukrainian people (are) suffer(ing) under the sway of the (illegitimate, coup d’etat installed) Maidan authorities.” 

“(T)he root cause of this Ukrainian crisis is Ukraine’s acts and its years-long sabotage of direct obligations under the Minsk Package” — as ordered by Kiev’s higher power in Washington.

During Nebenzia’s above remarks at a special Security Council session late Wednesday, Russia’s defensive operations began against Kiev’s military infrastructure.

Separately late Wednesday, the Biden regime’s Treasury Department illegally sanctioned the Swiss-based Nord Stream 2 AG, the gas pipeline’s operator and its executive director Matthias Warnig.

A Russian Defense Ministry explained the following:

“Precision weapons are degrading military infrastructure, air defense facilities, military aerodromes and aviation of the Ukrainian armed forces.”

“The Ukrainian air defenses are suppressed.” 

“The military infrastructure of Ukrainian Air Force bases has been degraded.”

Ukrainian civilians are not threatened by precision Russian strikes on the Kiev regime’s military infrastructure.

Overnight, Kiev forces involved in illegally occupying two Lugansk towns surrendered to their LPR counterparts.

Two Ukrainian warplanes in LPR airspace were downed.

Russia’s Defense Ministry debunked Kiev’s fake news claim about downing five Russian aircraft and a helicopter.

Overnight, the Zelensky regime declared martial law.

Doing so gutted what little remained of the rule of law in Ukraine.

Full-blown Nazified tyranny runs the country as ordered by dominant Biden regime hardliners.

Russian intelligence showed large numbers of Ukrainian conscript forces laying down their arms and leaving their posts.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said they’re not being attacked.

Nor are Ukrainian cities or civilians.

Over-the-top hyperbole by Kiev’s so-called foreign minister Kuleba about a “full-scale (Russian) invasion of Ukraine” turned reality on its head.

Events overnight and what preceded them may prove game-changing.

Russia no longer intends to tolerate years of Kiev’s aggression on Donbass.

No longer is diplomacy Russia’s primary conflict resolution strategy.

No longer will Moscow pursue it exclusively in seeking to normalize relations with the US-dominated West.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO can never be trusted.

The only language their ruling regimes understand is toughness.

Targeted strikes on Kiev’s military infrastructure overnight suggest that if its aggression on Donbass continues, the regime’s military capabilities may be smashed altogether.

Russia’s super-weapons exceed the best in the West.

Its military capabilities are formidable.

Prioritizing peace and stability according to the rule of law, Vladimir Putin showed his determination to halt the threat posed by US-controlled Kiev to Donbass, central Europe, Russia’s security and world peace.

Events overnight left no doubt that he’s not bluffing.

If Kiev turns a blind eye and deaf ear to Russia’s defensive actions — its legal UN Charter right — they’ll likely be prelude for lots more of the same to come until the Zelensky regime cries uncle.

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