If Words Were Weapons: Part II

Militantly hostile anti-Russia propaganda by US, UK and other Western regimes — regurgitated by their their MSM co-conspirators — features some of the most outrageously fabricated hate-mongering rubbish I ever recall reported on radio, television and in print throughout the post-WW II period.

Most of it matches or exceeds the worst in modern memory — made up stuff that’s worlds apart from reality on the ground.

The daily blitzkrieg doesn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

Yet when repeated round-the-clock to the exclusion of truth and full disclosure, most people believe almost anything — no matter how outrageously false.

In lockstep with each other and hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s war on humanity at home and worldwide, MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege are in full Russia bashing mode by hyperventilating fake news about the country and its leadership.

Screaming reports on Russia’a campaign to demilitarize Ukraine’s ability to continue years of aggression on Donbass are willfully and maliciously misportrayed as war on the nation, its (puppet) leadership and people.

WaPo is a mortal enemy of truth and full disclosure.

On Friday, it falsely screamed:

Russian “rockets strike Kiev (sic).”

Invading Russian hordes “approach Kiev (sic).”

“US fears capital could soon fall (sic).”

“Putin signals a dark endgame (sic).”

“Russian forces (seized) are holding staff of the Chernobyl nuclear facilities hostage (sic).”

Russia aims to “decapitat(e) (Ukraine’s) government (sic).”

According to reinvention of reality by WaPo editors, Putin’s “bombs, missiles and tanks are wreaking horror and havoc on a weaker neighbor (sic).” 

“The toll of killed and wounded is rising (sic).” ‘’

“(F)leeing civilians are clogging highways (sic).”

The Biden regime “must counter Mr. Putin robustly (sic).”

Do WaPo editors have WW III in mind?

Are they mindless of the risk of using nuclear weapons able to turn cities into smoldering wastelands?

Are they yearning for greater US aggression than what’s gone on throughout the post-WW II period?

Do they consider destruction of humanity a small price to pay?

According to CNN’s fake news, “the (nonexistent) battle for Kiev is underway (sic).” 

An alleged “battle for control of” the city is fake news fiction.

The same goes for falsely claiming that “Russian forces are 20 miles from Kiev” and fast approaching (sic).

AP (fake) News falsely claimed that “Ukraine’s capital (is) under threat as Russia presses (a non-invasion) invasion.”

No Russian “troops and tanks (are) on the outskirts of Kiev (sic).”

None are in Ukrainian territory.

According to Reuters fake news, nonexistent Russian “missiles pounded the Ukrainian capital (sic).”

The UK-owned and controlled BBC propaganda falsely claimed that Russian “tanks and troops enter(ed) Ukrain(ian) cities (sic), (including Mariupol and Odessa (sic).”

Claims of civilian deaths were fake news. 

The same applies to false reports of downing five Russian planes and a helicopter, along with “inflict(ing) casualties on invading troops (sic).

Qatar owned and operating Al Jazeera propaganda repeated fake news about Russian forces “preparing for (an) assault on Kiev (sic).”

No “active hostilities are approaching” the city.

Canada’s CBC propaganda defied reality by falsely accusing Putin of “warning that he could launch nuclear weapons if “Western regimes get involved directly in what’s going on.

He neither said or implied anything of the sort. The CBC turned truth on its head by falsely claiming otherwise.

Appearing Thursday on multiple US propaganda TV channels, interventionist Blinken recited his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies, saying:

Ukraine is “under siege (sic).”

“This is this opening salvo of a massive invasion (sic), and we see this continuing and threatening Kiev and threatening other major cities in Ukraine (sic).”

Those pesky Russians — nowhere in sight on the ground in Ukrainian territory — are “going after various utilities, power facilities (sic).”

“Chernobyl is one of them (sic).”  

Putin aims “to reconstitute the Soviet empire (sic).”

“(W)hat we know (is that) part of the Russian plan (is) to put Kiev in danger (sic), to assault the capital (sic), to go after other major cities (sic).”

Putin is “try(ing)” to topple the Kiev regime (sic).

As long as Moscow’s demilitarizing of Ukraine continues, no letup in hostile US/Western Russia bashing war of words will likely accompany events on the ground.

The same reality applies to what’s likely to follow after Moscow halts the ability of Ukraine’s war machine to terrorize Donbass residents any longer.

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