MSM Fake News Propaganda War on Russia in Overdrive

On all things Russia at all times — especially over the last 48 hours — MSM propaganda war has been raging on Moscow and Vladimir Putin personally — based on Biden regime-supplied fake news talking points.

What the self-styled newspaper of record NYT calls “all the news that’s fit to print” appears nowhere in dominant 4th estate propaganda reports.

Fake news rubbish alone is featured.

On Friday, the Times hyperventilated as follows, screaming:



US-installed puppet Zelensky falsely accused Russia of “targeting civilian areas (sic).”

Claims of “multiple (Russian) missile strikes in Kiev” were bald-faced Big Lies.

The same goes for defying reality by fake news reports of “dozens of (Ukrainian) cities and towns…attack(ed) (sic).”

It’s true as well about a nonexistent “invasion (of Ukraine by) Russian forces (sic).”

Putin was clear and unequivocal about his aim to “demilitarize,” not invade and occupy Ukraine.

Times editors continued their daily fake news war of words drumbeat on Russia, on Friday saying:

“Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine is advancing from the east, the south and toward Kiev in the north (sic).”

No Russian invasion exists.

Like virtually all its reporting on the Russian Federation, the Times invented the claim in support of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass.

More Times fake news followed saying:

“This is a war of choice (sic) for all the wrong reasons (sic), and Mr. Putin and his coterie are solely and fully responsible (sic).”

Fact: As permitted by the UN Charter, Putin responded to a request for military help by DPR and LPR leaders because of intense Kiev aggression against the republics and their people.

Fact: Kiev’s war on Donbass has been ongoing since April 2014.

Fact: Intermittently it escalated in similar fashion to recent days.

Fact: As ordered by hegemon USA, Ukraine’s forever war along Russia’s border threatens its security.

Fact: Kiev shelling struck Russia’s Rostov region.

Fact: Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on charges of attempted murder as authorized by the nation’s criminal code to hold responsible parties accountable.

Fact: For 8 years, the Times and other MSM ignored Kiev’s aggression on Donbass.

Fact: They ignored mass slaughter of DPR and LPR civilians by strikes on residential areas.

Fact: They lied calling Russia’s defensive strikes aggression, invasion, and other made up rubbish.

The Times: Russia “intends to oust Kiev’s leadership (sic).”

Fact: No such intention exists.

Fact: Russia’s intention is solely focused on halting Kiev’s aggression on Donbass by smashing its war machine.

The Times: “Putin thrust Europe into the most dangerous conflict since World War II (sic), acting on a combination of misguided grievances (sic), flawed history (sic) and illusions of grandeur (sic).”

Fact: The above reflects hyperventilating rubbish by making stuff up — reflecting longstanding Times editorial policy.

Fact: Ukraine is profoundly weak politically, economically and militarily.

Fact: Russian strikes to demilitarize the country will likely be accomplished in a matter of days.

Fact: Hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states indicated no intention to intervene on Ukraine’s behalf against a nation able to deliver punishing counterattacks in self-defense.

The Times: Vladimir Putin “launched a sequel to the Cold War (sic), a potentially more dangerous one because his claims and demands offer no grounds for negotiations (sic).”

Fact: US-dominated NATO Cold War 2.0 — now greatly escalated — has been ongoing throughout most of Putin’s tenure as Russia’s leader.

“Ukrainians (are not) fight(ing) for their lives,” as the Times willfully misreported. 

Nor does dementia Joe’s double ever display “resolution and calm of a tested leader” he’s not, as Times fake news claimed.

No “invading (Russian) army” exists on the territory or any nation.

Separately on Thursday, the Oil & Gas Journal reported that Brent and US crude topped $100 a barrel, adding:

“Prices could approach $130/bbl by June if the Ukrainian conflict disrupts Russian crude flows, but that estimate could soar higher if additional disruptions materialize,” market analyst Louise Dickson explained.

The Financial Times reported that “natural gas prices soared by almost 70 per cent.”

If Russian supplies are curtailed, prices could go much higher.

The effects will be felt worldwide by consumers and businesses.

Russia is also a major supplier other raw materials and wheat to European and other markets.

Energy Aspects analyst Amrita Sen said “(t)he west can’t afford energy sanctions given where oil and gas prices are.”

S&P Global Platts said “physical disruption” of Russian gas to Europe will send spot prices soaring much higher than already.

OPEC countries said they’re hard-pressed to meet demand for crude.

Natural gas producers can’t replace a shortfall in Russian supply.

Analyst Norbert Rucker warned that “(a)ny disruption of flows between Russia and Europe, due to damage or sanctions, would drastically add to the already present supply scarcity.”

Wheat prices on the Chicago Commodity Exchange rose almost 6% on Thursday.

Analyst Dave Whirtcomb said the Russian/Ukraine conflict caused “a really serious situation for agricultural markets” over concerns about outflows from Black Sea ports.

At this time, “wheat and corn markets are on fire.”

Metals prices also rose sharply.

Russia is a major producer of aluminum, copper, nickel, platinum and palladium.

Newly imposed US/UK/EU sanctions on Russia — with more in the wings — amounted to shooting their businesses, consumers, and economies in the foot.

One thought on “MSM Fake News Propaganda War on Russia in Overdrive

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Me.. I’d reciprocate in kind.

    Put Sanctions on LNG.

    Why not..

    Tell the Europeans
    “Hey we tried..
    Call your Leaders..!”

    Question called.

    ” God knows, we tried
    Spent three yrs
    $10 Billion Dollars..”

    Call your Asslicking Vassal Governments

    Russia needs to play the Second Half…

    With Vengeance.

    Small point
    You’re not writing novels

    You listed some
    Base and Strategic Metals

    But Russia has exorbitant
    Rare Earth minerals as well.

    Russia and China together have 60-70 % of the World.

    Amazingly, it just worked out that way…!

    KA CHING..!



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