Zelensky Cries Uncle?

Not exactly, but here’s the latest that won’t be the latest for long as events remain fast moving.

First a reality check.

Negotiating with a US-installed puppet, a powerless figure controlled by dark forces in Washington will prove a colossal waste of time.

Worse still, the Kiev regime is infested with dominant Nazi extremists opposed to restoration of peace and stability in Donbass.

That said, comedian/performer Zelensky, a head of state impersonator, worlds apart from the real thing, said the following on Friday:

“I want to again address the president of the Russian Federation.” 

“The fighting continues all over Ukraine. Let’s sit at the negotiation table (sic).”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov replied as follows, saying:

“In response to…Zelensky’s request, we’re ready to send representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry and presidential administration (to Minsk) for negotiations.”

Key for Russia is halting Ukraine’s aggression against Donbass to include laying down its arms.

Sergey Lavrov stressed it, saying the following:

“We are ready to hold talks at any moment, once the Ukrainian Armed Forces respond to our president’s call, end their resistance and lay down their arms.” 

“No one plans to attack and oppress them.”

“Let them return to their families, and let us give the Ukrainian people a chance to decide their future.”

“There is no shortage of talks but when talks are replaced with blatant sabotage, while Russia is accused of allegedly failing to implement the Minsk accords, it’s effrontery, which is what some (in the West) are famous for, but this time, it just went beyond all limits because it was accompanied by a continuous deterioration of the Russian-speaking population’s situation in Ukraine.”

“It is impossible to tolerate such things.”

Days earlier, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia “seek(s) to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, as well as bring to trial those who perpetrated numerous bloody crimes against civilians, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.”

If its cross-border shelling ceases and doesn’t resume, conflict resolution talks perhaps can be fruitful to the extent of hopefully ending 8 years of Kiev aggression on Donbass.

On Friday, Putin endorsed the idea of negotiating with Kiev’s military leadership over politicians or bureaucrats connected to dominant neo-Nazis in Kiev.

He urged Ukraine’s military to “take power into their hands.”

Key going forward is also observance of Minsk conflict resolution provisions — in fact beyond words alone — by Kiev.

At this time, reality is worlds apart from achieving this goal.

Along with protecting Russia’s security, durable observance of Minsk provisions is vital to let Donbass residents breathe freely again for the first time since end of 2013.

Expressing the Zelensky’s view from Kiev on Friday, Ukrainian official Mikhail Podolyak said the following:

“If talks are possible, they should be held.” 

“If in Moscow they say they want to hold talks, including on neutral status, we are not afraid of this.”

“We can talk about that as well.”

“Our readiness for dialogue is part of our persistent pursuit of peace (sic).”

Separately on Friday, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said its forces “successfully” captured Ukraine’s Hostomel airfield — apparently with little or no resistance, adding:

“There were no casualties among the Russian Armed Forces.”

They also captured Snake Island in the Black Sea.

The small land mass is about 35 km off the coast of Ukraine’s Odessa.

A reported 82 Ukrainian forces “laid down their arms” and surrendered.

Separately, Konashenkov added the following:

“Multiple cases were recorded of (lynchings), massacres and (other) reprisals carried out by nationalists against conscripts unwilling to fight in order to intimidate the personnel of the Ukrainian Army’s units.”

“Those Ukrainian servicemen who laid down their arms talk about this.”

In response to the BoJo regime ban on Russia’s flag carrier Aeroflot from flying through Britain’s airspace, UK owned, leased, operated or registered UK aircraft are prohibited from entering Russian airspace.

Reportedly, Brussels intends sanctioning Vladimir Putin, likely other senior Russian officials as well.

This and related breaches of international law more greatly heighten East/West tensions while achieving nothing strategic.

On Friday, Russia’s upper house Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said “reciprocal sanctions…are ready” to be imposed on Western regimes, adding:

“We are well aware of the West’s (many) weak spots, and we have drafted an entire package.”

It’ll include “a series of potential sanctions to be used against those nations that announced sanctions against Russia.”

On the same day, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergey Naryshkin stressed the following:

“Russia cannot allow Ukraine to turn into a dagger in the hands of Washington brandished over us.”

“The only path to (achieving) this is demilitarization, denazification and neutral status of the Ukrainian state.” 

“The special military operation will shortly restore peace in Ukraine and will prevent a potentially larger-scale military conflict in Europe.”

In stark contrast to hegemon-USA-dominated NATO’s lurching from one preemptive war after another on invented enemies in pursuit of imperial aims, Russian operations against Ukraine are all about restoring peace and stability to central Europe with assuring regional security for its member states over a perpetual state of made-in-the-USA war.

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