Hegemon USA’s Thumb in the Eye to Russia’s Legitimate Security Concerns

Days before Vladimir Putin’s demilitarized campaign began to halt Kiev’s aggression on Donbass, Sergey Lavrov commented on the Biden regime’s dismissive effrontery toward Russia’s legitimate security concerns, as follows saying:

Its response made clear that hegemon US-dominated NATO intends no change in dirty business as usual on the world stage.

Russia’s main security concerns were “rejected,” Lavrov explained.

The war-making alliance’s “open-door policy and freedom of each state to choose its own way of ensuring security” remains unchanged. 

“Neither the US nor the North Atlantic Alliance proposed an alternative to this key provision.”

Hegemon USA “is doing everything it can to avoid the principle of indivisibility of security that we consider of fundamental importance and to which we have made many references.” 

US-dominated NATO regimes “completely ignore everything else, including the key condition that reads that nobody – either in choosing alliances or regardless of them – is allowed to enhance their security at the expense of the security of others.”

Their actions show contempt for core principles of “Russia-NATO relations, including the 1997 Founding Act and Rome Declaration.” 

Russia’s security concerns mattering most were rejected by the US-dominated West.

In support of Kiev’s forever war on Donbass over the past 8 years, their ruling regimes reject the letter and spirit of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements.

The US-dominated West aims “to separate Russia’s (security) proposals (by) singl(ing) out secondary” ones for discussion while ruling out negotiations on issues most important to Moscow’s security.

“The consistency and principled approach that we have been displaying in promoting our initiatives since last December have shaken the US and its allies and have compelled them to start working on many Russian proposals on the reduction of military tensions and arms control, which they ignored before,” Lavrov explained.

Their alleged willingness to address issues of mutual concern is far less than what’s vital to Russia’s security.

Lavrov stressed that Moscow’s proposals “are not an a la carte menu to choose from, but they are not an ultimatum either.”

“They stem from the absolutely obvious point that the global situation can only be resolved through a comprehensive approach at this stage.”

Resolving “the Ukrainian crisis largely depends on how relations develop between the Russian Federation and the West.”

Event of the last few days dramatically shifted the dynamic into uncharted waters.

Before Russia’s demilitarization of Ukraine began, Lavrov stressed that discussions by Moscow with the US and other Western regimes must address its “main concerns.”

Key is halting NATO’s expansion eastward toward and around Russia’s borders.

Both wings of the US war party, their key NATO allies and alliance puppet head in Brussels remain firm on no change in its open door policy.

As long as this remains hard-wired, Russia’s security will be threatened by hostile forces near its borders.

Given events of the past few days, Russia’s security is very much threatened by hostile US/Western war of words with no likely letup ahead.

While East/West war is highly unlikely, the threat is greater now than a few short days ago.


2 thoughts on “Hegemon USA’s Thumb in the Eye to Russia’s Legitimate Security Concerns

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    If Steven Cohen were alive and on the TV Panel in a News Program

    He’d start right where you ended

    The Doomsday Clock
    Has clicked up

    Even several clicks ..

    He Continued to say,
    “I can’t even remember it moving this much, so fast..

    Moderator :

    Mr Lendman ..Mr Cohen we have about 10 seconds left..

    One last word for either of you gentleman,

    Mr Lendman ” Perilous Times”
    Mr Cohen : Ditto that


  2. I have a tiny scenario-two neighbours who have lived in peace for a long time. Then suddenly some neighbours receive a high profile visitor. Of course the rest of the neighbours are surprised but welcome the visitor with courtesy. The visitor comes frequently bringing gifts. But one day he comes with fierce dogs ostensibly as a gift, to assist his hosts protect themselves against a certain adversary. This raises eyebrows since the supposed adversary is in another neighbourhood far from theirs. They see the dogs growling as they go up and down the boundary between them, so fiercely that they are causing trauma in the once peaceful neighbourhood. Other people cannot come visiting as they usually did, for fear of being harmed. Night time is especially scary. The neighbours raise their voices again and again against the dogs, but the new owners rubbish them off, saying that their security concerns come first. From a distance, the high profile visitor also dismisses the neighbours’ complaints. The neighbours get angry. They remember that they too have dogs that are just as fierce as the new acquisitions.

    Over to you Biden, NATO, EU!!


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