If Words Were Weapons: Part III

When hegemon USA goes to war, plans one, or backs aggression by proxy regimes or jihadist foot soldiers like ISIS and/or Al-Qaeda, truth and full disclosure are nowhere in sight.

State-approved propaganda alone is proliferated — by official sources and their MSM press agents.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT is the lead offender in print — joined by legions of co-conspirators.

The latest Times fake news on Russia’s liberating campaign is discussed below.

On Friday, Vladimir Putin stressed the following:

Clashes by Russian forces “are not with (Ukrainian) army units.”

They’re with Nazified “nationalist groups which, as is known, are directly responsible for genocide in Donbass and for civilian casualties in the people’s republics.”

They’re comprised of “drug addicts and neo-Nazi” extremists.

Russia wants these elements neutralized.

Addressing Ukraine’s armed forces, Putin stressed:

“(D)o not let neo-Nazi and Bandera supporters use your children, your wives and seniors as a human shield.” 

“Take matters into your own hands.” 

“It seems that you and I will have a better chance of reaching an agreement than with that gang of junkies and neo-Nazis that are holed up in Kiev and (hold) the entire Ukrainian nation…hostage” to their extremism.

“According to available information, which is confirmed by data-recording equipment, we see this:” 

“Banderites and Neo-Nazis are deploying heavy weapons, including multiple rocket launchers, in the central areas of large cities, including Kiev and Kharkov.”

“In actual fact, they are acting in the same way as terrorists do throughout the world.”

“They are using people as human shields in the hope of subsequently blaming Russia for civilian victims.”

Addressing Russia’s forces involved in the ongoing liberating struggle, Putin added:

“I want to give the highest marks to the actions of Russian servicemen and officers.” 

“They are acting courageously, professionally, heroically fulfilling their duty, successfully resolving the most important task on ensuring the security of our nation and our homeland.”

On Saturday, a Times fake news headline screamed:

“Ukrainian Fighters Battle to Hold Kiev (sic).”

Russian strikes solely target Ukrainian Nazi-infested forces to demilitarize them, along with other targets as part of an overall demilitarization and de-Nazification campaign.

Ukrainian conscripts want no part of warfare. Numbers in their ranks are laying down their arms and surrendering.

According to Russian lower house Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, Zelensky fled Kiev for Lvov in the country’s far west.

He claims he’s still in Kiev.

It hardly matters either way.

He’s more figurehead than what leadership is all about.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said “Ukrainian nationalists (are) shell(ing) residential areas of Starobelsk, Lugansk (on Saturday) using Grad multiple launch rocket systems.” 

“The attack resulted in a fire breaking out in the city.”

“There is destruction of residential buildings. There are civilian casualties.”

No “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine by Russian forces exists.

Russian strikes only target military sites.

False claims otherwise by the NYT and other MSM are based on fake news Biden/Zelensky-regime-supplied talking points.

No “battle (is ongoing) to hold Kiev.”

Claims about “civilians tak(ing) up arms” are farcical.

They’re being distributed to civilians wanting peace, no part of war-making.

Examples of the latest Times rubbish include the following perversions of reality:

“We have never been here before (sic).”

“The world will never be the same (sic).”

“This war (sic) has no historical parallel (sic).”

No “Russian attempt to seize Ukraine” exists.

Vladimir Putin is “aiming to unilaterally rewrite the rules of the international system that have been in place since World War II (sic).”

The above rubbish, much more of the same, and historical revisionism was from Times presstitute Thomas Friedman — a long ago discredited proliferator of state-approved propaganda at the expense of what journalism should be.

A so-called Times round table included the following reinvented reality:

“Russian troops invaded Ukraine on Thursday, attacking over a dozen major cities and towns, including the capital, Kiev (sic).”

“The attacks began the first major land war in Europe in decades (sic).”

Note: For the past 8 years, the Times and other MSM ignored US-orchestrated and directed “genocidal” war by Ukrainian neo-Nazi troops against Donetsk and Lugansk — still ongoing.

The Times:

“Russian forces are pouring into Ukraine (sic).”

“Putin’s been taking bites out of Ukraine since 2014 (sic).”

“He has nothing to stop him (sic).” 

“He is not accountable to a democratically elected congress (sic).” 

“He doesn’t have an opposition (sic). 

“His biggest opposition is in prison (sic).”

“He has a personal obsession with Ukraine (sic).”

Separately, according to historical revisionism by the Times:

“There is no world leader today with a better track record when it comes to using military power than Vladimir Putin (sic).”

No truth-telling publications would touch the above rubbish and an avalanche more like it.

The Times and other MSM feature it daily as standard fare.

One thing indeed changed since Russia sought security guarantees last December — what all nations deserve as mandated by the UN Charter and other international law.

Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials are rewriting new world order rules — featuring multi-world polarity in strict compliance with rule of law principles.

Along with the vast majority of world community nations, Russia prioritizes peace and stability, abhors war and wants its scourge ended.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO rules are polar opposite the above standard.

In contrast to their decline on the world stage, Russia, China and other nations are rising in prominence and power to pursue a new way.

Major change happens incrementally over time.

For the last 100 years or so, hegemon USA had things its own way.

That time is passing, a new world order replacing it.

Russia’s assertiveness, according to the rule of law, reflects it. 

The same goes for China and other nations rising in prominence.

It’s happening as the American century fades.

The Economist publication once called the US “lord of all it surveyed…convinced of its supreme benevolence (sic), and the engine of a productivity miracle that left Europeans in awe.”

That time is passing. What’s happening in plain sight is the price of imperial arrogance.

The myth of American exceptionalism, the indispensable state, an illusory moral superiority, and lord master of the universe was hollow all along.

The only major nation unscathed by the ravages of WW II began declining early in the post-war period by self-inflicted wounds of forever wars on one invented enemy after another — while neglecting vital homeland needs.

Its time in the sun is fading.

Its arrival in history’s dustbin awaits like the fate of all other empires in world history.

One thought on “If Words Were Weapons: Part III

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    And there you have it..
    Reel of History

    Not only Spinning so Fast
    We can see the Stark Reality

    The Reel is coming off the Spindles..

    I’ve been saying for years
    Maybe four or five yrs

    That our Ruling Class has a Death Wish

    The Dead Enders.

    Two days ago you pointed out

    It’s a ” developing ” situation ..

    World has Never been here before…

    108 yrs
    August 1914..

    Same inane Rush to War.

    But communication was prehistoric

    Now in it’s sophistication

    More Treasonous
    more Criminal
    More TERRIFYING than ever.


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