Russian Straight Talk v. Hegemon USA-Led Histrionics at the UN

Following another in a series of Russia bashing Security Council sessions this week — the latest on Friday — a histrionic Biden regime statement, gone along with by an array of SC and other UN vassal states, defied reality as follows, saying in part:

The SC “voted on a resolution to hold Russia accountable for its (nonexistent, invented) aggression against Ukraine (sic).”

“The resolution…was about… maintaining international peace and security (sic) (by) upholding the UN Charter (sic).”

Fact: No nation in world history inflicted more harm on countless millions of people — in defiance of the rule of law — over a longer duration than hegemon USA.

Fact: None have been most contemptuous of peace, stability, and the fundamental rights of everyone everywhere.

Fact: None have been more committed to perpetual war — waged from USA’s inception and throughout its history to the present day.

Fact: None pose a greater menace to people yearning to breathe free everywhere — to humanity’s survival.

Fact: In stark contrast, the Russian Federation prioritizes peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with the rule of law.

Fact: Hegemon USA and its key vassal states bear full responsibility of transforming Ukraine into a cesspool of fascist tyranny.

Fact: They bear full responsibility for the necessity of Russia’s demilitarization and NeNazification mission to free the nation, region and world from what the US-installed tyrannical scourge in Kiev represents.

Fact: Self-defense is inviolable.

Fact: Justifiably invoking it under the UN Charter’s Article 51, Russia intervened against Kiev to defend its security, as well as in response to a DPR and LPR request for military help against 8 years of Ukraine’s terrorizing aggression.

Hegemon USA’s claims otherwise at the UN fell flat.

Vladimir Putin did not “violate the UN Charter (or other) international law.” 

He didn’t “violate (the) sovereignty” of a virtual non-state, a central European land mass under US control — a platform for waging proxy war on Russia by forever Ukraine aggression on Donbass along its border.

Ignoring its forever war on humanity at home and worldwide against invented enemies, the US statement — rubber-stamped by go-along vassal states — duplicitously hyperventilated about the “Security Council’s solemn duty…to prevent conflict and avert the scourge of war (sic).

In stark contrast to turning truth on its head by the Biden regime, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia once again set the record straight, saying:

Moscow justifiably vetoed the unjustifiable Russia bashing SC resolution that no responsible government would support.

It “contradicts the fundamental interests of the Ukrainian people, as it seeks to protect and secure in Ukraine the system of power that brought the country to this tragedy that has lasted for at least 8 years already.” 

“We thank those (nations that) chose to not support this draft.”

What’s omitted in its text is most telling.

It ignored “how the Maidan junta that rose to power after the unconstitutional (2014) coup d’etat in Kiev waged war on the people of eastern Ukraine…”

How the US-installed, Nazi-infested, regime “fir(ed) at residential (neighborhoods) from guns and multiple rocket launchers and air-dropp(ed) bombs on Donetsk and Lugansk.”

Omitted from the draft resolution was “how Ukrainian authorities, with connivance of their Western sponsors, cynically and consistently evaded implementing the Minsk Agreements, which envisaged as a core element direct dialogue with the people of Donbass.” 

“At the same time, punitive (death) squads deployed on the Ukrainian side of the contact line – representing radical and neo-Nazi battalions – systematically and on a daily basis bombarded residential areas of the DPR and LPR, killing women, children, elderly people!” 

“This still continues.” 

“Only today, 4 people died at the hands of Ukrainian military forces.”

Omitted from the resolution were “ghastly crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis in the course of past 8 years.” 

There was no mention of “people who protested against (the) Maidan (coup) and were burnt alive in Odessa.”

Nor was anything said about snipers on rooftops overlooking the Maidan who shot and killed peaceful protesters in Feb. 2014. 

The US-installed “Maidan regime deliberately (whitewashed) investigations of both those tragedies.”

To this day, hegemon USA and its vassal states ignore their role in events of that time.

US/Western-supported Nazis “who are guilty of the Odessa tragedy are well known and do not seem to be hiding.” 

“Alternative investigations and confessions of the snipers themselves unequivocally confirm that the onslaught on the (Maidan) resulted from a provocation by (its) leaders.”

“Last year, we hosted informal Security Council meetings under a Formula Arria format to discuss both those episodes and give our colleagues in the Council more information on that matter.”

“But in response, we at best heard cliches about ‘Russian propaganda.’ ” 

“How can there be a resolution on Ukraine that does not mention” high crimes too grievous to ignore.

Nor can one ignore “a fair assessment of the role that (hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes) played in fueling the Ukrainian crisis.”

“They not only (planned, orchestrated and backed) the Maidan coup, (they) gave carte blanche to Kiev for any acts and steps that are unthinkable to any civilized state.” 

“Those acts include flagrant discrimination of the Russian language and therefore Russian-speaking people.”

They endorsed the “glorification of Hitler’s accomplices coupled with a ban on paying tribute to the real heroes of Ukraine who liberated it from Nazism.” 

“(A)nd they arrang(ed) a religious schism in Ukraine.” 

“While you were telling tales about a triumph of democracy in Ukraine, the Maidan authorities and nationalists killed political opponents with impunity, persecuted the opposition, shut down opposition TV channels (six of them during President Zelensky’s tenure) where one could get relatively objective information.” 

“Can we forget how you pumped Ukraine up with weapons that later were used to kill civilians in Donbas?”

“You made Ukraine a pawn in your geopolitical games, (while not giving a damn about the rights and) interests of the Ukrainian people.” 

“It is not only the current Ukrainian leadership, but also you who are responsible for what is happening now.” 

“Your (contemptuous of truth and full disclosure) draft resolution was nothing else than another move in this cruel and inhumane to Ukraine chess game.”

Pro-Western MSM co-conspirators publish what reads like US/NATO/Ukraine press releases on what’s gone on over the past few days.

A stead drumbeat of Big Lies and mass deception is featured.

All of it state-approved Russia bashing propaganda.

None of it including truth and full disclosure.

Nothing that says anything about 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass.

Nothing about thousands of its people massacred since April 2014.

In conclusion, Nebenzia stressed what’s indisputable.

Russia is not waging war on Ukraine and its people.

A special military operation is ongoing “to protect the people of Donbass, ensure deNazification and demilitarization.” 

“Those tasks will soon be complete, and the people of Ukraine will again have an opportunity to shape their future, while living in peace and cooperation with all neighbors.”

A Final Comment

Russia’s Defense Ministry explained that its paratrooper forces “gained control of the territory in the vicinity of the Chernobyl” nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

The operation followed “an agreement…with Ukrainian servicemen from the (plant’s) special guard battalion about joint actions to ensure security of the energy blocs and sarcophagus of the Chernobyl NPP.”

Russia does not want Ukraine to have a dirty bomb. Nor should any other nation

“Representatives of our Defense Ministry said that the personnel carried on with routine procedures at the (plant) and kept monitoring radioactivity.”

At this time it’s “normal.”

On Friday, an IAEA statement said radiation at the plant poses “no threat to the population.”

Russia acted legally to secure the plant, protect the area, keep radiation contained and prevent Ukrainian Nazis from developing a dirty bomb.

One thought on “Russian Straight Talk v. Hegemon USA-Led Histrionics at the UN

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Didn’t know that about taking over Chernobyl

    Wow.. that’s important.

    Moreover not only did the US Government attack scores of peaceful countries

    They even attacked us
    The American People.

    911 only one of many
    But the Marquee Event

    The Greatest Tragedy in History

    The whole thing could easily been avoided with just one Honest Man ( person )

    Sitting in the Oval Office.

    Diagones was right.


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