NYT Fake News War on Russia

As ordered by hegemon USA and Times corporate sponsors, the broadsheet has been churning out Biden regime, Pentagon and CIA fake news talking points on all things Russia and Ukraine for days without letup.

Reported “Russian bombardment of Kiev overnight” is one countless examples of fake news rubbish.

Russian “bombardment” is focused solely on military targets with precision accuracy and devastating effects.

So-called “civilian volunteers” supplied with rifles and who knows what else are battling each other in Kiev, not Russians, as falsely reported.

Extremist elements grabbed them for shootouts. Dozens were reportedly killed or wounded.

Russian forces are nowhere in sight inside a city transformed in spots into real life gunfight at the OK corral violence with Ukrainian hoodlums battling each other.

Virtually everything reported by Ukrainian sources is state-approved propaganda rubbish.

The same goes for Times and other MSM fake news reports, including made up stuff about Vladimir Putin.

Not a shred of evidence suggests that he has hidden super-wealth in Russia or abroad.

Yet Times fake news reported the following as part of its demonizing campaign against Russia and its preeminent world leader:

So-called “estimates” — not sourced or otherwise corroborated — “put his hidden wealth well over $100 billion (sic).”

A list of invented Putin assets followed that reflect typical Times misreporting.

The latest on the ground from RT is that Russian forces entered Kharkov, Ukraine’s second largest city.

Unreported by the Times and other MSM is that Ukraine’s Nazi-infested Azov battalion is firing rockets at residential communities in Donbass.

Russian Defense Minister spokesman General Konashenkov reported “destruction of residential buildings (and) dead among the civilian population.”

According to the Donetsk News Agency, Ukrainian forces fired “Tochka-U tactical ballistic missiles” on Donbass.

At least 10 civilians were killed, others wounded.

In the last 24 hours alone, the Lugansk Media Center said “(m)ore than 20 residential houses (were) damaged” by Ukrainian shelling, adding:

“The situation along the contact line remains challenging.”

“The Ukrainian side continues desperate attempts and carries out strikes on residential infrastructure, damaging 21 residential houses and two multi-apartment buildings.”

Nothing related to the above reality has been reported by the Times or other MSM.

Nor have they for the past 8 years.

Instead, fake news like the following is featured.

“Russian forces press toward cities (sic).”

“Ukraine stiffens resistance (sic).”

“Ukrainian forces take aim at Russian supply lines as battles rage in multiple cities (sic).”

Posted photos and videos are unrelated to what’s ongoing in Ukraine.

Video footage showing an oil depot allegedly set ablaze near Kiev is unverified.

Unreported by the Times was the following from Lugansk, saying:

On Sunday, the LPR’s mission to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) (cited) “verified reports (of a) blaze at an oil tank farm in the city of Rovenki occurred as a result of the Ukrainian armed forces’ use of 9K79-1 Tochka-U tactical missiles.”

For the Times, the above, civilian casualties, and 8 years of Kiev war crimes don’t rise to the level of “all the news that’s fit to print.”

Instead it features no letup in rubbish fake news like the following:

“Ukraine says it has slowed Russia’s advance (sic) with the help of volunteers (sic).”

“Video captures fierce fighting near Kiev” — from Ukrainian hoodlums batting each other, the Times failed to explain.

No Russian “missile strikes” hit Kiev or other Ukrainian cities.

No Russian strikes on Ukrainian military targets in or close to residential areas to avoid potential civilian casualties.

Nazi-infested Ukrainian forces in and around Donbass holding civilians as human shields is ignored by the Times and other MSM.

A “Putin Razes Ukraine” headline reads like a grade B Hollywood flop — worlds apart from reality.

The latest fake news from the Times early Sunday morning about “Ukrainian resistance stall(ing) (the nonexistent) Russian invasion of Kiev (sic)” will surely be updated later in the day with more fake news.

A separate headline reads:

“Zelensky rejects the Kremlin’s offer to hold talks in Belarus, saying it’s not neutral territory (sic).”

Left unreported is that his regime accepted talks in Gomel, Belarus.

Delegations from Russia and Ukraine arrived in the country. 

Then Kiev unilaterally backed out — to be followed by who knows what later in the day or what follows.

The longer Russia’s campaign continues, the weaker Ukraine becomes.

The regime has a choice.

Accept demilitarization and deNazification or pay dearly.

In around 72 hours alone, Ukraine’s war machine sustained major body blows.

If Russia’s campaign continues for many more days, it may be smashed altogether.


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