A Brief Update on Fast Moving Events

On Monday, Vladimir Putin told French President Macron that conflict resolution depends on if Russia’s legitimate security concerns are recognized and accepted.

The include demilitarization of Ukraine’s war machine.

DeNazification of the country.

Transforming it to neutral status.

Recognizing the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass.

Acknowledging the Crimean Peninsula to be legitimate Russian territory.

Early afternoon on Monday, Russian and Ukrainian delegations began conflict resolution talks with both sides miles apart.

On Monday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

“Hostilities by the regime in Kiev and the systematic extermination of the inhabitants of the Donbass went on for eight years.” 

“In the course of this war, over 14,000 people, including hundreds of children, were killed.” 

“This had to be stopped.”

“It was necessary to put an end to the endless threats from the regime in Kiev against Russia.”

“And Russia will do so.”

“(S)ettlements (in Ukraine) under the control of the Russian military are continuing life as normal.”

Their residents are protected, not harmed.

Russian and Ukrainian forces are engaged cooperatively to secure the inactive Chernobyl nuclear plant north of Kiev.

Russia gained control over the operational Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to achieve the same objective.

After years of blockage by Kiev fascists, Russia unblocked the canal north of Crimea to restore normal water supplies to the peninsula.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said its forces suffered casualties over the past 5 days with no further elaboration.

Casualties on the Ukrainian side have been substantially greater.

At the same time, large numbers of its forces laid down their arms and surrendered.

Along with guaranteeing their safety, Russia’s military promised them safe passage home to their families.

Russia has no intention of occupying Ukrainian territory, no intention to replace Zelensky with a pro-Russian leader.

Because of menacing statements and actions by Western officials, Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces are on high alert to be ready in case of aggressive actions by the US-dominated West.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that Russia didn’t launch war.

It’s ending belligerence launched by Kiev.

For the past 8 years, millions of Donbass resident endured the risk of losing loved ones.

Many hunkered down in basements or sought shelter elsewhere to be safe from Kiev’s shelling.

“Where were all these countries and their public during these eight years that the war continued, and (why) did they (fail to) condemn (Kiev’s slaughter of) at least 13,000 people throughout these years,” Zakharova asked?”

None bashing Russia’s liberating mission expressed support for long-suffering Donbass residents.

“The world was silent.”

“Submissive silence of the global community and their disregard for the bloody catastrophe resulting from the anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine in 2014, staged with the direct participation of the US, the EU, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and other NATO countries, simply encouraged the Kiev regime to continue to destroy their own population.”


Five hours of talks on Monday between Russian and Ukrainian officials in Gomel, Belarus ended.

A Russian statement said both sides agreed to continue negotiations.

“The next meeting will take place in the coming days on the Polish-Belarusian border.” 

“There is a corresponding agreement on this.”  

“Until then…the leadership of each delegation will consult on each of the negotiating positions with the leadership of their respective countries.”

A Ukrainian statement said:

“The two sides identified a number of priority topics on which certain decisions have been outlined.” 

“In order for them to have an opportunity to be implemented…the parties are leaving for consultations in their respective capitals.” 

“The possibility of a second round of negotiations in the near future was discussed, during which these topics will receive concrete, practical development.”

Both sides saying that agreement is possible on some issues is far removed from achieving conflict resolution that’s durable to include Russia’s demilitarization, deNazification, and related aims.

More on this when new information is available.

A Final Comment

The Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup could have been prevented if Russia intervened at the time to protect its legitimate government as it did to foil the US-orchestrated coup attempt in Kazakhstan weeks earlier.

Had Putin acted for President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev as he did to help Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokaev, the transformation of Ukraine into a US-controlled, Nazi-infested, Russia-hating fascist police state could have been prevented — along with 8 years of war on Donbass and need for Moscow’s ongoing demilitarization and deNazification campaign.


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  1. “I’m Here In Kiev, Ukraine” at https://youtu.be/WtN6C9xfzFo?t=3660 — 2:07:13 video-from live stream starting about 11PM on Sunday.

    The 54 year-old man made the poster video in a hotel room in downtown Kiev and glad to have electricity and hot water. It does not bother him the city is surrounded. He says Zelenko will be assassinated and the country broken into three or four pieces. Men up to 60 years-old are being pressed into service and 10,000 AK-74 ()newer version of AK- 47 only go out and get slaughtered to create a photo op for Zelenko/the West. They are placing morters and heavy funs near civilian targets to get civils killed to create photo ops.

    People are leaving the cities to avoid conscription. The man risk being disappeared to make that video and it is its own trophy. It is better than any movie you could play tonight. This is the biggest treat to be found in video and it will hit you right away starting at 1hr&1min.


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  2. I had collected all the videos I could find on the content of the vials at a free website platform. I wondered if I started linking to it, how long it would last and it was not even 24 hours.

    The contents of the vials is not consistent and each batch is traced in the experimental part of the total control program, but they all have graphene oxide in them according to a WED person.
    Graphene oxide is clear evidence the vials are to harm, but and when people see the nanotechnology injected into them, it is Beware the Ides of March for some of the biggest injectors of misery and death.


  3. L: It went back up. If this stays up I hope people do copy the links or make a playlist. There will come a video saying it all at one time, but for now The Wee People, need to get an understanding of the amazing level of technology in the vials.and to have enough of a librarian effort to preserve the links in this thread: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/theenemyiswithin/


  4. I call Max Igan the wise man of the planet and the most important, not influential, voice on the planet. He is an Australian in exile in Mexico. He has been making videos for a long time and he traveled the world as a musician and has good music on his videos.

    I would not try to argue with anything he says because the man really knows things and on subjects excluded from Homogenized Headline News. He talks on what I call brackets.

    34:32 video dated 2/28/22 — https://www.bitchute.com/video/QEBpSaj0oaj6/

    Have a nice treason.

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  5. Putin has attacked without necessary prearrangements. He is being bogged down and also conducting idiotically. When you call for at one time for replacement of the current regime by military and ask Ukrainian military to revolt and take power, then how can you still recognize this Zelinsky who is doing all publicity stunts and even now conducting like a henchman of US-NATO. He even went to EU conference and asked for immediate admission – I don’t know whether he has been already admitted on an urgency basis. He still talks of joining NATO. So first he has to be deposed – either shot, or arrested and incarcerated, or driven out, and a new government has to be installed and Russia can come to a reasonable agreement with that new government. There is no meaning in doing “sagam petti menatta …” (Telugu axiom – which means he inserted his penis into that woman’s private parts but then hesitated thinking she is his aunt!) like half measures. Go the full hog, depose Zelinsky and then come to agreement with a new government. It doesn’t matter how long that new government stands because some formal accord will be on papers and you can demand and pressurize any future governments to respect and implement it. Delay and half-measures are always fatal in war like situations.

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