Over-the-Top Fake News Russia Bashing Propaganda

Every day is Russia bashing day by a blitzkrieg of state-approved fiction over facts on the ground.

In day 5 of Russia’s campaign to free Donbass residents and the region from the scourge of US-created/Nazified Ukrainian aggression, fake news about what’s going on is featured from official Western sources and their MSM echo chamber.

Straightaway on Monday, NYT fake news falsely accused Russia of killing hundreds of Ukrainian civilians (sic).

Where are the bodies?

No one’s seen more than perhaps a few unfortunate souls in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Russian forces are going all-out to strike military targets alone.

When Nazified Ukrainian battalions embed themselves in civilian neighborhoods, including in private residences, Russia abstained from attacking them to avoid what hegemon USA refers to as collateral damage.

No evidence supports claims by the Times of large numbers of Ukrainian ex-pats “return(ing) home to join the fight (sic).”

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fled the country — joining many others earlier who wanted no part of living under Nazified fascist rule.

Many crossed into Russia for protection.

Notorious imperial tool UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet falsely accused Russia of causing civilian casualties by shelling.

She neglected to cite evidence because there is none.

Ignoring 8 years of Ukrainian aggression on four million Donbass residents by its Nazi-infested fascist/US-controlled puppet regime, she and UN secretary general Guterres disgraced themselves by falsely accusing Russia of breaching the UN Charter.

They lied accusing Moscow of putting countless civilian lives at risk (sic).

Likely because of heavy Biden regime and other Western pressure,  majority UN Human Right Council member states voted to hold a Russia bashing session.

Widely reviled pariah state USA is going all-out to reinvent democratic Russia into something it’s not.

No “Russian aggression” is ongoing, none throughout Russian Federation history.

Over the same 30-year timeframe, hegemon USA-dominated NATO raped and destroyed the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, along with aggression against other nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nations and war by other means against dozens of nations.

All of the above in flagrant violation of the UN Charter and other international law.

The Times, MSM across the board, Guterres, Bachelet and other imperial tools pretended not to notice US crimes of war and against humanity by portraying naked aggression as liberating struggles.

Ignored was how many millions of defenseless civilians were “liberated” from their lives, many millions more irreparably harmed.

According to WaPo editors, “Congress must pass Ukraine aid swiftly” — to aid its battered war machine, along with benefitting its deeply corrupted ruling class.

WSJ editors sounded daft headlining:

“Ukraine Leads the World (sic).”

“The brave resistance (sic) to Putin is an inspiration and lesson to the world (sic).”

On all things Russia and Ukraine, Israel’s Haaretz transformed itself into a cesspool of Putin bashing rubbish. 

In its latest edition alone, it headlined the following fake news:

“Russia is Running an Orwellian Campaign Against Ukraine (sic)”

“International Support for Ukraine May Drive Putin to Escalate Crisis (sic)”

“Putin Has an Ultimate Goal, and It’s Not Ukraine (sic)”

“Russia Is Waging a Religious War on Ukraine (sic)”

“Israel to Join UN Vote Condemning Russia (sic)”

“Syria Was Putin’s Laboratory (sic). Now He’s Taking His Methods to Ukraine (sic)”

“Kharkov Becomes a Battlefield as Fighting With Russia Intensifies”

The above and similar rubbish is in one edition.

The same applies to my alma mater.

Remarks by so-called experts in a Harvard Gazette Russia bashing piece stuck to the fabricated official narrative as expected.

Some examples:

“The situation…can’t be negotiated in a way where Ukraine gives up sovereignty (sic), which I think is ultimately what the Russians want (sic).”

Fact: The Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup eliminated Ukrainian sovereignty.

Fact: It no longer exists.

Fact: Vassal state status to its master in Washington replaced it.”

Fact: Russia has 2 objectives:

1. Demilitarizing Ukraine to protect its security, along with halting 8 years of aggression on Donbass.

2. DeNazifying the country of its fascist criminal element.

Harvard fiction: Russia’s “objective is control over Ukraine” by regime change (sic).

Fact: The only regime change Russia seeks is ridding the country of neo-Nazis in high places.

Harvard fiction: Ukraine is “a democracy (sic).”

Fact: US-colonized Ukraine is to democracy as fire is to ice.

Harvard Fiction: “Ukrainians are willing to fight against long odds (sic).”

Fact: The vast majority of Ukrainian forces are involuntary conscripts.

Fact: The only hardcore elements in its military are Nazi-infested nationalist extremists — likely willing to fight to the last conscript.

Harvard fiction: Ukraine showed “early success of (its) resistance.”

Fact: Russia slowed its campaign to minimize noncombatant casualties in areas where nationalists embedded themselves behind civilians as human shields.

Harvard was right about one thing.

“The potential for unintended consequences” is too high for comfort.

Not by Russia going too far.

For possibly crossing red lines of no return by US-dominated NATO that leads to unthinkable East/West conflict.

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  1. Excellent rundown! Thank you.

    My personal take, extracted from above: “Syria Was Putin’s Laboratory (sic). Now He’s Taking His Methods to Ukraine (sic)” AHA! — Russia’s intervention to slow or reverse the carnage in Syria pi*sed off the Zionists in Israel-Occupied WashDC and in the Zionist terror-state; ergo Russia/President Putin must be vilified, humiliated, and done away with by means of demonic calculation and excruciatingly inflicted pain.


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