Propaganda TV in Full Russia Bashing Mode

In the US, Britain and elsewhere throughout the West, MSM prohibit truth and full disclosure.

State-approved propaganda alone is featured.

It’s standard fare on so-called US Sunday talk shows.

Nary a truth-teller is in sight when aired. 

Supporters of wealth, power, privilege and forever wars on invented enemies by hot and/or other means are exclusively featured.

On Sunday, the Biden regime’s liar-in-chief at the UN was on multiple shows.

Reciting and paraphrasing pre-scripted Russia bashing lines, Thomas-Greenfield (T-H) repeated a litany of debunked Big Lies.

What she falsely called “diplomacy with Russia” and all nations free from US control is a non-starter by its ruling regimes.

Ignoring 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev war on four million Donbass residents — as well as contempt for Russia’s legitimate security concerns by the Biden regime — she falsely accused Vladimir Putin of “aggression over diplomacy (sic).”

Days earlier, Sergey Lavrov explained that years of Russia’s diplomatic outreach to the US-dominated West with resolving Kiev’s aggression on Donbass in mind proved a colossal waste of time and effort.

Talks beginning Monday between Ukrainian and Russian officials on resolving ongoing conflict between both sides may fare no better.

With its security and ending years of Kiev’s aggression on Donbass in mind, Russia wants Ukraine demilitarized and deNazified.

Kiev wants what’s dictated by its higher power in Washington.

Calling for ceasefire, it’s highly unlikely short of Moscow’s sought aims.

At the same time, sanctions imposed on Russia by the Biden and EU regimes are in flagrant breach of the UN Charter.

According to T-G, Biden regime hardliners are “look(ing) at new and even harsher measures against Russia,” adding:

“We have not taken anything off the table.”

The Biden regime supplied Ukraine with about “a billion dollars (of weapons and related aid) over the past couple of days and billions since this situation started.”

For war-making on Donbass, she failed to explain.

Asked if a no-fly zone over Ukraine will be imposed, T-G explained that US forces won’t be engaged against Russia on the ground, at sea or in the air over its territory.

Taking this step would mean unthinkable war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

It would risk catastrophic consequences.

Saying Washington and NATO will give Ukrainians “the ability to defend themselves” is a prescription for continued war over resolution.

Its forces are no match against superior Russian firepower and tactics.

As long as they perpetuate war, they’ll be smashed until cry uncle, lay down their arms, surrender them and end conflict once and for all.

Aggression is how hegemon US-dominated NATO operates against one nation after another free from the scourge of its imperial control.

The same goes for its horrendous crimes of war, against humanity, unspeakable atrocities, other dirty tricks, and utter contempt for the rule of law.

Russia’s liberating campaign is a noble mission.

Claims otherwise by T-G and other Western officials are part of propaganda war on Russia and Vladimir Putin personally.

Separately at a Sunday Security Council session, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia explained the following:

Russia voted against a proposed resolution to hold a so-called emergency General Assembly session on Ukraine.

It’s “because its authors…concede(d) that the Security Council is not able to uphold its main responsibility for maintaining international peace and security,” adding:

The draft offers nothing constructive toward achieving conflict resolution.

It’s “lopsided and misbalanced.”

The UN was established in October 1945 to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind” — through consensus over conflicts.

Since that time to the present day, over 240 wars were launched by aggressors — over 80% of them by hegemon USA, its fingerprints as well on others.

All nations and their people have a right to live free from the scourge of war and/or interference in their internal affairs by foreign powers.

They’re entitled to have their fundamental rights respected, as affirmed by international law.

“An attempt to disregard the position of Russia and ignore it contradicts the very basics of the UN Charter,” Nebenzia stressed.

Security indivisibility of all nations must be respected.

“(C)orrecting the situation that led to this crisis that we are living through” is needed.

“It did not start (with) Russia(’s) special military operation” last week.

All things Ukraine began with the Obama/Biden regime’s Feb. 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

Eight years of its aggression on Donbass followed.

Throughout that time, the US-dominated West encouraged, supported, and directed Kiev’s aggression.

Their ruling regimes are contemptuous of the rule of law and rights of all people everywhere according to international law.

During multiple Security Council sessions on Ukraine, “no words of sympathy” for long-suffering Donbass residents were expressed by the US, other Western regimes and their partners in high crimes.

No a word about thousands of lives lost, destroyed homes and wrecked lives of the living.

During previous SC sessions and on Sunday, “we again hear lies and fakes about indiscriminate bombardments of Ukrainian cities, hospitals, and schools,” Nebenzia stressed.

Russian military operations against Ukraine “pose no threat to (its) peaceful citizens.”

An indisputable threat comes from Nazified extremists involved in holding civilians hostage as human shields.

There’s indisputable “evidence (from) ordinary Ukrainians, proving that nationalists, despite people’s protests, deploy heavy equipment and multiple rocket launchers in residential quarters.”

“This is a blatant violation of the international humanitarian law that must be duly condemned.” 

It’s the same tactics” used by US-created and supported ISIS, Al-Qaeda and likeminded terrorists. 

“All responsibility for possible consequences rests with the Maidan regime” and its US/Western sponsors.

Another serious threat comes from indiscriminately handing out weapons to “radicals (and) criminals released from prisons” by the Kiev regime.

At the same time, information war on Russia rages, including fake videos and photos that are either unrelated to ongoing conflict or were committed by Ukrainian forces.

“There are 1.2 million such fakes in Ukrainian social media,” and lots more throughout the West.

At this time, the US, UK and other Western regimes continue to pour weapons into Ukraine with intent for  no end to war along Russia’s borders.

Will their bloodlust be unfulfilled short of setting the region more ablaze than already? 

Will their megalomaniacal rage for war risk it against Russia?

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