Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad Updated

Lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum and their Western counterparts crossed the line on all things Russia to madness with lightning speed.

Gore Vidal once remarked that dominant US policymakers “alienated almost the entire earth” by waging forever wars on humanity based on “lies, lies, lies.”

Is unthinkable East/West war possible?

Is a “Thucydides trap” scenario in play?

It refers to a nation like the US launching war on a rival state it fears may threaten its hegemonic aims.

Is the human species doomed to self-destruction?

Evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr (1904- 2005) once noted that human intelligence doesn’t assure survival.

He warned of possible self-destruction by nuclear war or environmental disaster.

Noting that species on average survive about 100,000 years, he said humanity has been around about that long.

Given its current disturbing path, humans may the first species ever to self-destruct — and take all others with it at the same time.

In May 1946, Albert Einstein said the following:

“The unleashed power of the atom changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.”

Separately he said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Rupturing relations with Russia by hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes and their war-making partners risks potentially catastrophic consequences.

Events since last week should terrify everyone.

While East/West hot war seems highly unlikely, it’s more possible now than any previous time throughout the post-WW II period by accident or design — because of reckless US/Western policies toward Russia.

It’s hard keeping up with fast-moving events that are complicated by the fog of war.

One thing is crystal clear.

Virtually all things Russia reported by MSM is fake news rubbish of the worst kind.

I’ve spent much time and energy trashing it. More today in a separate article.

Believe none of it. 

Tune it out.

It’s US/NATO approved Russia bashing propaganda by making stuff up under screaming headlines.

On Monday, talks between Russian and Kiev delegations are scheduled to begin in the Belarusian Gomel region at an undisclosed venue, according to Tass.

Sputnik News said that Kiev officials arrived for talks by helicopter.

Reportedly they went from Ukraine to Poland, then to Gomel — even though Russia secured their safe passage directly to Belarus.

The chosen venue in the country’s southeast is near Ukraine’s border.

At the same time on Monday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) reported that Ukrainian fifth column elements are attempting sabotage and conduct other subversive activities in the country, adding:

Actions “against the security of the Russian Federation constitutes a crime under Article 276 of the Criminal Code of Russia (espionage), and is punishable by imprisonment for up to 20 years.”

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry called on civilians in Kiev to leave the city.

Urging them to head toward Vasilov southwest of the capital, it said “this direction is open and safe,” adding:

Only military targets are being attacked.

Turkey’s wannabe sultan Erdogan once again proved that he can never be trusted.

Allying with US-dominated NATO and fascist Ukraine, he’s been selling assault drones and other weapons to Kiev for war on Donbass.

Separately, he restricted passage of Russian vessels in Turkish Black Sea waters and the Dardanelles (Strait of Gallipoli) between Europe and Asia that connects the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov explained that Ukrainian forces captured small numbers of Russian servicemen, saying the following:

Ukrainians who “laid down their arms and ceased resistance (are treated) decently (and) will be returned to their families, adding:

“We know how the Ukrainian Nazis treat the few captured Russian servicemen.”

“We see that the abuse and torture are the same as those of the German Nazis and their henchmen in the Great Patriotic War.”

Ukrainians involved in war crimes will be punished.

“This applies to the leaders of the Kiev regime and their minions, who directly call for abuse of Russian military personnel in violation of the convention on the treatment of prisoners of war.”

“All of you will be found and will inevitably face severe retribution.”

Separately as part of EU information war, Brussels banned RT and Sputnik.

Will hegemon USA follow?

Will media and online communications that conflict with the fabricated official narrative be banned?

Will Western regimes follow the precedent set by Trudeau in Canada?

Institutionalizing tyranny over the rule of law, his regime froze bank accounts and other financial assets of freedom-fighting truckers and supporters with intent to confiscate them illegally.

He seized trucks and other vehicles with the same tyrannical intent in mind.

While his goon squads were beating, trampling and otherwise abusing nonviolent protesters, he trampled on Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom — in support of tyranny over rule of law.

A free and open Canada no longer exists following all of the above, along with abolishing the right of due process.

Will what happened in Canada spread throughout the West?

Is it game over for what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms?

Will US/Western regimes across the board do whatever they please ahead arbitrarily?

Is it just a matter of time before the hammer comes down?

Will ruptured East/West relations cross the line to unthinkable conflict?

With tyrannical rule in the US/West heading toward becoming full-blown, the worst of all possible worlds is possible ahead.

One thought on “Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad Updated

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  1. Mr Lendman

    It’s actually like reading a New version of,

    ” The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire..”

    Updated version..

    JFK and RFK
    Are the Gracchii Bros

    The Timeline

    This War is the payoff for
    Shooting JFK.

    911 was only the Half Time show.

    Looks like WWIII looming.


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