Lavrov in China

Sino/Russia ties are a formidable counterweight to Washington’s diabolical drive for global hegemony. Their strategic partnership reflects close ties that bind growing stronger, notably during unsettling times like now. In 2021, both countries commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are best friends. They coordinate... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Special Military Operation, Day 36

Since day one last month, things have been going as planned. Claims otherwise by MSM press agents for corporate plunder and imperial rampaging are fake news examples of how they consistently lie and mass deceive. Neutralizing US-controlled, Nazified Ukraine and the menace it poses to peace in Europe’s heartland and beyond is Russia’s bottom line... Continue Reading →

Hate-Mongering Fake News on All things Russia

If US/Western words could kill, Russia would be bloodied beyond recognition. Months of sustained anti-Russia vitriol is more intense, vicious and unforgiving than anything I recall by US/Western regimes against another nation throughout the post-WW II period. And virtually all of it is made up stuff up rubbish. Besides a barrage of slanderous ad hominems... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Update, March 30

On Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted that multiple rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian delations — through Tuesday in Istanbul — produced no “breakthroughs,” nothing “very promising,” adding: “There is still very, very long-term work to be done.” While “concrete proposals…put…down on paper (by Ukraine reflect) a positive thing,” Russia’s special military operation... Continue Reading →

The Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine

Make no mistake. Hegemon USA bears full responsibility for transforming democratic Ukraine into a cesspool of Nazified tyranny. The same reality holds for events that followed over the past eight years. They led to Russia’s intervention last month to eliminate the menace posed by the US-controlled Nazified state — to its security and long-suffering Donbass... Continue Reading →

Daily Lies of Our Times

Employment at the self-styled newspaper of record NYT requires a commitment to support imperial rampaging and corporate plunder. It requires abandonment of support for peace, equity, justice and the rule of law. It requires a willingness to demonize and otherwise misreport on US invented enemies. It requires a commitment to fake news over truth and... Continue Reading →

MSM Fake News on Istanbul Talks

Surprising no one paying attention, MSM twisted talks on Tuesday between Russian and Ukrainian delegates to fit their fake news narrative. According to the NYT’s perversion of reality, “gains in negotiations came as Ukrainian troops appeared to push back Russian forces around Kiev (sic).” Claiming they’ve “struggled” around Kiev and elsewhere is belied by facts... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Update, March 29

On Tuesday, three hours of talks between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators in Istanbul ended — more talks to follow. According to Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister General Alexander Fomin: “Due to the fact that the negotiations on elaborating a treaty on Ukraine's neutrality and nuclear-free status, as well as on providing Ukraine with security guarantees are... Continue Reading →

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