Follow-Up Russian/Ukrainian Talks Scheduled

Monday talks between delegations of both countries in Gomel, Belarus achieved nothing more than both sides laying out demands — for around five hours.

As expected, no breakthroughs were achieved.

Nor are they likely ahead short of Ukraine’s surrender to Russia’s legitimate demands that comply with the rule of law.

Russian officials vowed to continue their special military operation until Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified.

They’re essential aims to restore peace to Donbass and protect Russia’s regional security.

Kiev is powerless to make demands on Russia or any other nations.

Under US control, it’s beholden to what its higher power permits.

What’s gone on for the past 8 years explains it — permanent war along Russia’s borders waged by Ukrainian proxies against Donbass.

While Russia is fully able to restore peace to its Donetsk and Lugansk republics by smashing Ukraine’s war machine, a steady flow of US/Western weapons to its Nazified battalions and conscript forces can perpetuate war indefinitely if that’s what US-dominated NATO intends.

At this time, it appears so.

Can talks achieve anything ahead?

Perhaps if Russia causes enough pain and suffering to Ukraine’s Nazified elites to force surrender or risk annihilation — if they break from hegemon USA to stay alive.

Talks to continue on the Polish/Belarusian border March 2 may be followed by more of the same — most likely with no breakthroughs.

Ukrainian demands for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian forces from strategic positions are non-starters in Moscow.

Nor will anything halt its special military operation short of achieving its strategic goals.

Anything less would assure mission failure instead of the other way around.

US-controlled, Nazi-infested Ukraine is a cancer in Europe’s heartland — what’s essential to eliminate by transforming the country to independent neutral status.

According to Ukrainian media outlet Glavkom, citing unnamed Ukrainian delegation sources:

Russia allegedly demanded that Ukraine commit to paper its off-bloc status at the parliamentary level.

That it should hold an independently monitored  referendum on this issue.

Russia also demanded that Ukraine recognize Donetsk and Lugansk sovereignty within the administrative borders of the corresponding regions and drop its demand that Crimea should be returned to Ukraine. 

Ukraine reportedly demanded a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from its strategic positions.

That’s where things now stand.

At this time, US/Western Nazified battalions continue shelling DPR and LPR residential neighborhoods.

According to the Donetsk News 

Center on March 1, “seven people were hurt, (including) a 77-year-old woman, a 63-year-old woman, a 63-year-old man, a 55-year-old woman, (and a) nine-year-old child.”

MSM don’t consider developments like the above important to report about civilians that the Kiev regime, the US and EU consider non-people.

Nothing about shelling of a school and residential houses in Donetsk.

Nothing about “non-stop” shelling of Lugansk civilian infrastructure and houses.

Nothing about DPR and LPR residents unable to go out to buy food because shelling goes on unabated.

Nothing about Ukrainian crimes of war and against humanity for the past 8 years.

Instead, MSM report fake news claims about shelling of Kiev and other Ukrainian neighborhoods by 

Russian forces — what’s not ongoing or occurred before.

False claims otherwise by MSM reflect information war on Russia that’s ongoing round-the-clock 24/7.

Just back from a retinology appointment with blurry vision so I’ll end this brief report and post it before resting my eyes.

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