Russian Straight Talk on Ukraine

Hegemon USA and its Western vassal states are increasingly trying to silence truth, full and unobstructed disclosure on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Their strategy includes steps toward abolishing free expression by banning truth-telling Russian media — the hallmark of how totalitarian and tyrannical regimes operate.

It also includes a daily blitzkrieg of officially reported and MSM regurgitated fake news about Russia and Ukraine.

Virtually everything important about what’s going on between Moscow and Kiev is suppressed in favor of reinventing things on the ground.

US/Western information war on Russia is as intense as its demilitarization and deNazification campaign against the US-installed tyrannical Kiev puppet regime.

In response to the US-dominated West’s all-out sanctions war on Russia, Vladimir Putin slammed its ruling regimes.

He called for “discuss(ing) economic and financial issues … bearing in mind the sanctions that the so-called Western community — an empire of lies, as I called it in my address (last week) — is trying to implement against our country.”

“American politicians, political scientists, and journalists themselves write and say that, in recent years, an actual ‘empire of lies’ has been created inside the United States.” 

“It’s hard to disagree with that as it’s true.”

US Western vassal states “not only dutifully agree, sing along to its music, but also copy its behavior, and enthusiastically accept the rules they are offered.” 

“Therefore, with good reason, we can confidently say that the entire so-called Western bloc, formed by the US in its own image and likeness, all of it is an ‘empire of lies.’ ”

Separately on Monday at the UN Security Council, Russian envoy to the world body Vassily Nebenzia explained the following:

Donbass residents and ordinary Ukrainians “are hostages” to the US-installed, Nazi-infested, fascist regime in Kiev.

Zelensky is a powerless puppet controlled by his master in Washington and Ukrainian dark forces.

He distributed weapons to civilians, including hardcore criminals released from prisons to fight for the regime.

What followed didn’t surprise.

“They’ve been mass robberies, murders, plundering,” and gun battles in Kiev and elsewhere in the country — Ukrainians fighting each other.

Fake news falsely blamed Russia for what’s going on following the Zelensky regime’s “madness.”

Once again, Nebenzia stressed “that Russia’s special military operation does not seek to occupy Ukraine or inflict damage on the local population.” 

“Demilitarization of Ukraine which is packed with NATO weapons is aimed at protecting the long-suffering people of Donbass and Ukraine.” 

“The Russian special operation does not impact critical civil infrastructure.” 

“Over the five days of this operation, there have been no recorded cases of deliberate devastation.”

“There is no evidence of civilians dying through the fault of Russia’s military.” 

Phony US, Western, Kiev claims otherwise are fake news — notably by their MSM press agents.

“The information space is swarming with fakes that try to make us responsible for what Ukraine is doing itself.”

“This flow of blatnt lies, replicated by Western media, (is) a dangerous sign of our time.”

On Monday at the Security Council, “we again heard (fake news accusations) about bombardments of residential quarters, hospitals, schools, and kindergartens.”

“What is known for sure though is that Ukrainian nationalists deployed assault weapons in residential areas, which constitutes a direct violation of the international humanitarian law.”

They’re using Ukrainian civilians as human shields.

Virtually everything important to report is suppressed by MSM.

State-approved Russia bashing propaganda is alone featured — a daily litany of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception.

At the same time, longstanding misery endured by Donbass residents for the past 8 years is consistently airbrushed from Western fake news reports.

Ignored as well was Vladimir Putin’s 2019 decree, stating:

“On determining for humanitarian purposes categories of individuals who may apply for the citizenship of the Russian Federation via a simplified procedure.”

Nearly a million Donbass residents are Russian citizens.

According to Putin’s decree, they “receive social benefits, pensions, salaries, as well as education and healthcare services,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

Since the Obama/Biden’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev, “approximately 3 million Ukrainians moved to Russia” to be free from US-installed fascist tyranny in the country.

Not a word about any of the above and what relates to it by Western MSM.

Nebenzia also stressed that “Russia did not start a war, but tries to put an end to it.” 

“This war began back in 2014, but you have tried to ignore it throughout all those years.”

“It was strange to hear the representative of France say that European sanctions against Russia do not violate provisions of the international humanitarian law and the interests of Russia’s ordinary people.” 

“We have heard such hypocritical claims before, in the context of other country situations.”

Looking ahead, Russia “will provide any necessary humanitarian assistance to the people of Ukraine on the territories that have been liberated from radicals.”

Hegemon USA and its Western vassal states exploit their own people and others abroad in nations smashed by their war machine.

A Final Comment

Separately during a UN General Assembly session on Monday, Nebenzia reiterated Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification objectives in Ukraine.

He stressed that Russia also intends to prosecute Ukrainians responsible for crimes of war and against humanity against Donbass civilians.

He stressed as well that Russia’s decision to intervene defensively against 8 years of the above is legally authorized by the UN Charter’s Article 51.

He minced no words, saying that the “unconstitutional coup d’etat (regime) in Kiev…the Maidan junta…with connivance of their Western sponsors (deployed)  punitive (death) squads on the contact line” with Donbass for perpetual aggression on its people.

He debunked what he called “a bubble lies, fakes, and misinformation (about) Russia’s special military operation.” 

He quoted from a letter by Ukraine’s Institute of legal policy and social protection named after Irina Berezhnaya,” saying the following:

“Today is the apotheosis of neo-Nazi outrage in Ukraine!” 

“On orders of the authorities, convicts were released from prisons.” 

“Those are people who committed felonies: murders, violent crimes, etc.” 

Assault and other weapons were handed out indiscriminately, around 25,000 weapons in Kiev alone — transforming the city into a shooting gallery, Ukrainians firing on each other.

“It was not Russia that started armed action.” 

“Hostilities were initiated by Ukraine (in 2014) – against the people of Donbass and all those who disagreed with the” Nazi-infested regime. 

“Russia is bringing (8 years of state terror and) war to an end.”


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  1. Mr Lendman

    Imperial America
    Wall St..

    “Wall St Barons..

    Good Bankers gone bad..?

    Yep…and on Day One..
    The Assumption Debate

    The NY Bankers traded
    Location of DC to the South

    Got the Fed to buy their script
    Some they bought for a penny on the dollar..
    Well okay, a nickel on the dollar

    Made up big time

    Right after that Killing
    Hamilton and the Sharpies

    built the NYSE and spinning Long Term Treasury’s

    Always Shysters
    And Killers..
    The Barbarians..

    It’s the way of the “unwashed”

    “I am Vishnu..
    Destroyer of Worlds”

    The USA just ripped the
    World Apart..

    As all of technology bring us closer together

    More enmeshed
    More in communication
    More ” Worldly ”

    In a Global Village..

    The Great Satan
    has Torn it asunder..

    The Scar on the
    Face of Humanity..

    The Plague on Mankind.

    “Who will rid me of this Pesky Priest..?”

    So as to make it darker
    More ominous
    More scary..

    Imagine..the degenerated and deformed Ghola

    Has made a Pariah
    Out the most powerful state

    Militarily..that is.

    But importantly, as
    Thucydides’ cousin Vinny

    Said, ” Russia probably is the Most powerful Country in the

    But if they don’t use it..
    What difference does it make?”

    And now they’re ostracized by Pigs that stand up on their hind legs


    The Twain shall meet
    On your grave Macbeth.

    I’m repeating myself.


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