Dismal US State of the Union at a New Low as Civilizations Clash

The scene on Capitol Hill Tuesday was surreal at a time when the ship of state heads toward being wrecked on the shoals of unbridled imperial arrogance.   

Installed, unelected, dementia Joe’s impersonator addressed a joint congressional session of rabid Russophobes against the backdrop of Moscow’s campaign to demilitarize Ukraine’s war machine and eliminate its US/Western-backed Nazified rule.

Remarks scripted for him to recite and reality were worlds apart from the dismal state of the union and Russia’s liberating campaign.

US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky impersonated the nation’s president when performing as a comedian.

In his current capacity, the show goes on — scripted by his handlers in Washington.

He, his Nazified regime and goons with US/Western-supplied guns are world apart from exhibiting what the fake Biden called “fearlessness…courage (and) determination (that) inspires the world (sic).”  

The same goes for pretending that ordinary Ukrainian civilians are involved in “defending their homeland.”

For years after the Obama/Biden regime replaced democratic governance in Kiev with Nazi-infested fascist rule, millions of Ukrainians fled the country — mostly to Russia.

The vast majority in the country are ill-served, exploited and at risk of imprisonment or assassination if openly dissent against tyrannical rule.

Hegemon USA and the West back what freedom-loving people everywhere abhor.

The fake Biden’s recitation fooled no one.

The USA stands with wealth, power, privilege and perpetual war-making on invented enemies exclusively, not “the Ukrainian people” or ordinary folks anywhere.

The so-called NATO alliance is all about offense, not defense.

“American diplomacy” is a nonstarter with nations free from its control like Russia and China.

Russia’s campaign against Ukraine followed eight years of aggression by its Nazi-infested military against four million Donbass residents yearning to breathe free from the scourge it represents.

What the fake Biden called “a coalition…of freedom-loving nations” is comprised of vassals allied with Washington’s war on humanity worldwide.

In his article, titled “America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century,” economist Michael Hudson explained who benefits at whose expense from the US-led sanctions war on Russia.

America’s “military-industrial complex, the oil and gas (and mining) complex, and the banking and real estate complex” are big winners.

Marching in lockstep with its higher power in Washington, Germany is a big loser from soaring energy costs for failing to let Nord Stream 2 become operational, and its intent to be less dependent on Russian gas by relying on more expensive supplies on world markets.

Its harebrained moves will adversely affect the German economy, businesses and consumers.

The US and other nations will be hurt in similar fashion, including by rising food, energy and other prices more than already.

Blocking Russian banks by SWIFT sanctions “threatens to cause breaks in supply chains for key materials, including cobalt, palladium, nickel and aluminum (the production of which consumes much electricity as its major cost – so higher electricity prices will make that metal more expensive),” Hudson explained. 

“If China decides to see itself as the next nation being threatened and joins Russia in a common protest against the US trade, financial warfare and military threats, the Western economies are in for a serious shock.”

What’s going on is certain to bond Russia and China closer together than already.

Looking ahead, they, Iran and other independent nations will likely be winners at the expense of US/Western decline.

The above reality was absent in Russia bashing/temper tantrum remarks by the fake Biden.

His teleprompter-read script stuck to the destructive official narrative, including support for Nazified Ukraine.

Claims about harm inflicted on Russia were more hyperbole than longterm reality.

No US/NATO forces will aid Ukraine’s beleaguered troops, nor will a no-fly zone by announced over the country’s territory.

Russia controls Ukraine’s airspace and coastal waters.

Further supplies of US/NATO weapons, munitions and related equipment will likely be destroyed as part of Russia’s demilitarization campaign.

Ukraine’s war machine is being smashed. The fake Biden pretended otherwise.

Unknown at this time is whether hegemon USA will clash with Russia militarily ahead by accident or design.

Relations between Russia and the US-dominated West are ruptured.

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again in our lifetime is off the table after a rubicon of no return was crossed.

Whether war to end all future ones between the world’s dominant nuclear power follows should terrify the US-dominated West enough to avoid it at all costs.

Yet a nation and its vassals that are permanently at war on invented enemies means that the unthinkable can’t be ruled out.

While things haven’t deteriorated to breath-holding time so far, anything ahead is possible because of events since last week — the most significant game-changer since WW II ended.

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  1. Clif High has this picture of Pretender Biden and Pretender Harris. Clif has an active commenters. Link: https://t.me/scifiworld0/1179 How can someone get away acting in the role of actual pResident? They need to quit selling chewing gum.

    Grotesque and gruesome come to mind regarding the monopolistic tyranny.


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