Russia’s Liberating Campaign: Day 7

What’s gone on for the past week includes what may be looked back on as unparalleled US/Western information war and related dirty tricks.

Intense MSM propaganda exceeds the worst in modern memory — even by its rock bottom of the barrel fake news standards.

Russia’s Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky exposed a Biden regime Big Lie propaganda stunt about Moscow’s campaign in Ukraine.

Deputy secretary of state Sherman and interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price were caught red-handed.

They posted fake video footage supplied by Kiev’s so-called UN envoy Kyslytsya — what pretended to be remarks a Russian soldier to his mother, allegedly saying:

“Mama, this is so hard.”

According to Price’s bald-faced Big Lie:

“That was the last text this Russian mother received from her son before he was killed during fighting in Ukraine (sic).” 

“President Putin putting Russians’ lives at risk. #StopTheLies (sic).”

In response, Polyansky tweeted:

“Moving, but completely fake.”

“Soldiers do not use phones, especially with internet access, during combat actions.”

“Nor do they carry passports which is common in other fakes on allegedly killed or captured Russian servicemen #fakenews”

Separately, Polansky posted a link to an “anti-fake guide…for our Chinese friends who are also actively targeted by #Ukraine fake-makers.” 

It exposes “dozens upon dozens of images posted by Western media and authorities in recent days about the Ukraine crisis turning out to have nothing to do with the crisis.”

US/Western sources and MSM have been proliferating a blitzkrieg of fake news rubbish about Russia daily.

Reality is worlds apart from their hate-mongering war of words — what’s likely to continue when Russia’s liberating campaign ends.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the Biden regime’s expulsion of 12 diplomats from its UN Mission in NYC, saying:

The action breached the UN Host Country Agreement. Also the UN Charter and Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners “not only (are) completely destroy(ing) the foundations of interstate relations, but (are) also undermin(ing) the central role of the UN in an attempt to impose (an extrajudicial) ‘rules-based order’ dictated by the US and its” complicit vassal states, said Zakharova, adding:

“Dirty tricks by the Americans do not come as news to anyone.”

“Losing again and again on the diplomatic field, Washington seeks revenge by abusing its position as the country on whose territory the UN headquarters happens to be located.”

A Russian response will follow “which will not be necessarily symmetrical.”

Since last week, Russia’s Foreign and Defense Ministries, the President of Russia’s website, RT, Sputnik News and Tass have been targeted by denial-of-service (DoS) attacks to block their ability to provide information about what’s going on in Ukraine.

EU bloc countries, Facebook, other Western social media, and Gatekeeper Google’s YouTube blocked RT and Sputnik News.

In spite of the above and other US/Western underhandedness, Russia’s campaign continues undaunted in its 7th day.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Igor Konashenko explained the following:

“Russian Armed Forces units have taken full control of the regional center of Kherson.” 

“Civilian infrastructure, critical public services and facilities, along with urban transportation are operating as usual.” 

“There are no shortages of food or essential goods in the city.”

“Negotiations continue between the Russian command, and the city and regional administrations, on resolving issues covering the maintenance and function of social infrastructure facilities, ensuring law and order and the security of the population.”

Separately, “to prevent informational attacks on Russia, technological objects of Security Service of Ukraine and the 72nd Center of Informational and Psychological Operations in Kiev were hit with precision weapons.”

“No residential buildings were damaged by the strike.”

In day 7 of Russia’s military operation, “1,502 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities have been crippled, including 51 command and communications centers of the Ukrainian armed forces, 38 S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa surface-to-air missile systems and 51 radar stations.”

Russian troops also “destroyed 47 planes on the ground and 11 aircraft in the air, 472 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 62 multiple launch rocket systems, 206 field artillery guns and mortars, 336 special military motor vehicles and 46 unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Ukraine’s war-making capabilities are a shadow of what they were a week ago.

Supplies of more US/Western weapons, munitions and related equipment will likely be destroyed in similar fashion.

Konashenkov also explained that over the past week, LPR forces “advanced 61 km with fire support of the Russian Armed Forces, blocking the Svatovo settlement.” 

“The Novoborovoye, Barykino, Klimovkla, Bulgakov and Golubovka have been taken under control.” 

“The forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic have conducted successful offensive activities, taking control of the Ivanovka, Talakovka, Starodubrovka, Berestovoye, and Belotserkovka settlements.” 

“Their forces advanced by 19 kilometers in the past day” to the administrative border of the Donetsk region.

Access of Ukrainian forces to the Sea of Azov was blocked. The city of Mariupol is surrounded.

Ukrainian forces, not Russian ones, are responsible for explosions in Kiev, Kharkov and other Ukrainian cities.

Some video and other images are taken from video games or are from earlier unrelated conflicts.

On Tuesday, Russia’s envoy to the UN in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov, said there’s “no desire on the part of Ukraine” for conflict resolution at this time.

The US-installed Kiev regime is beholden to its Biden regime, Pentagon and CIA handlers.

Perhaps they and Ukraine’s Nazified battalions are willing to continue fighting to the last Kiev conscript.

A Final Comment

As ordered by the Biden regime, Kiev farcically filed an application with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to initiate proceedings against Russia for the “crime of genocide (sic)” and alleged harm to the Ukrainian people.

Russia’s campaign is solely against Kiev’s war-making capabilities and to deNazify the country.

Conflict will end when these objectives are achieved.

Separately, because Germany shot itself in the foot by refusing to let Nord Stream 2 become operational and is seeking alternative energy supplies outside of Russia, European gas futures hit an all-time high of $2,226 per 1,000 cubic meters on Wednesday.

Crude oil is trading at around $110 a barrel. 

Russia is a major energy supplier.

Seeking alternative sources by EU bloc countries may drive prices much higher.


6 thoughts on “Russia’s Liberating Campaign: Day 7

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    I hope the Good Guys are not foolish enough to call a Truce with these lying Bastards.

    Signed Minsk never honored it.

    Russians would be remiss to allow any halt on the Advance towards Kiev

    Speaking of which
    Never repeat the mistakes Hitler made..

    Split up his forces..
    Denuded the Center..

    “Gorgeous Georgii ” Zhukov and
    Joe, the Man of Steel didn’t waver an inch..

    Went straight to Berlin,
    Achting, baby

    However you can readily see everything on the map means Russia will own the East of Ukraine.

    If and when the War ends.



    Where’s the Russian Aerospace

    And why get Russian Soldiers killed in a Ground Assault on Kiev


    Like Aleppo, Raqqa, Palmyra Fallujah, Belgrade..?

    Oh, please,
    Stop with the lies and Duplicity

    Sec Madlyne Allbright
    ” Yes it was worth it to murder 500,000 Iraqi children..”

    Mr Putin.. Please Sir,
    I’m a Chef..

    Want to make an Omelette
    You need to crack some eggs..

    Take off the gottdamn
    Velvet Gloves

    You’re only going to belabor the issue and get your men killed .

    For instance where’s the Combined Use Of Force


    Then allow a 8 hr Window for evacuation..

    Wash Rinse Repeat

    Cut the Water and Power

    Elon Musk gonna bring you Honda Generators..

    Industrial Toilets with litium batteries for ass warming

    Matter what Russia did the Professional Liars on State News will make up enormous lies

    If you didn’t kill anyone
    They would make it 20,000!

    Doesn’t Matter.

    With God’s Speed, Sir

    I call upon you the Winged Goddess of Victory..


  2. George Webb is going to rise as an informational source because the cream rises to the top.


    George Webb – Investigative Journalist
    Feb 27
    An amazing number of people have noticed the last four days of an eight year war.


    George Webb – Investigative Journalist
    Feb 26
    Putin’s Next Move? It hasn’t changed. Get


  3. Mr Lendman

    The Russians have lost alot of a soldiers.


    The Russians have lost many times more killed and wounded than Civilians..!

    Compared to Civilians killed
    It’s like no other military engagement in History..

    That’s strickly because of Russia bending over backwards to avoid Civilian deaths.


    When the USA invaded Iraq or Afghanistan with Smart Bombs, Drones and Air Force bombardment

    US Soldier deaths were completely the opposite of Russia’s in the deNazification

    USA..the notorious Serial Killers couldn’t care less about Civilians.

    BTW… I doubt seriously that
    the Russians will set up a prison

    Like Abu sick guxs like the US Army can Fux little boys in front on their mothers.

    That dictinction rests only with the US Army of Satan.

    For instance
    The Perpetrator..


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