Sergey Lavrov on Russia’s Sought Security

On Monday, Lavrov slammed the EU for pretending to support peace, stability and regional security while supplying Kiev’s war machine with heavy and other weapons for years of aggression on Donbass.

Stressing that the Kiev regime usurped power by a (made-in-the-USA) “anti-constitutional coup,” Lavrov said EU bloc countries “stood in silence while the population of Donbass was being exterminated and the Russian language was being strangled in Ukraine.” 

Brussels disregarded Russia’s calls to hold Nazified Ukraine accountable for its crimes of war and against humanity.

Nor was anything done to halt years of “socioeconomic blockade and” related crimes by the Kiev regime. 

“The EU conditioned its future relations with Russia on the implementation of” Minsk 2014 and 2015 conflict resolution agreements.

Yet Brussels virtually stood with Kiev’s refusal to implement provisions it agreed to. 

“At the same time, the EU gave Kiev money and visa-free travel and extended anti-Russia sanctions under far-fetched pretexts.”

The bloc supported actions by Ukraine that jeopardize the “territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.”

Supplying Kiev’s war machine with weapons for aggression against Donbass “marked the end of Euro-integration as a ‘pacifist’ project allegedly launched to reconcile European nations after WWII.” 

“The EU has irrevocably taken the side of the Kiev regime, which waged a policy of genocide against part of its own population.”

“EU leadership unashamedly describes missiles, small arms, munitions and even combat aircraft as ‘defensive’ systems.”

Brussels breached the letter and spirit of principles it agreed to uphold.

They prohibit exports of weapons and military related equipment under the following conditions:

If a recipient country breaches the rule of law on the world stage.

If it commits human rights abuses too grievous to ignore.

If export of weapons more greatly escalates an ongoing conflict.

If deliveries are counter to the pursuit of peace and stability.

If deliveries risk harm to the security of a bloc country.

If the buyer country is an aggressor.

If it breaches commitments related to the use of force.

If there’s risk of exports ending up in the hands of terrorist organizations or what Lavrov called “undesirable end-users.”

If deliveries “could disrupt the balance between militarization and socioeconomic development of the recipient state.”

“EU citizens and agencies involved in the delivery of lethal weapons, fuel and lubricants to the Ukrainian (war-making machine) will be held responsible for any consequences of these actions during (Russia’s) ongoing special military operation.” 

Brussels defied reality by claiming that hostile actions against Russia aren’t directed against its people.

With malice aforethought, high level EU officials vowed to inflict maximum damage on Russia’s economy to “suppress (its) growth” — a virtual declaration of war by other means in cahoots with hegemon USA.

Their best laid plans won’t work, said Lavrov.

Moscow “will provide a tough response to the EU’s actions.” 

“Russia will continue to ensure the implementation of its vital national interests, notwithstanding the sanctions or threats of sanctions.”

Sooner or later, Western regimes will discover that their “days of (unchallenged) rule (on the world stage) are long gone.”

On Tuesday by video address to a Disarmament Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, Lavrov stressed the following:

Hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes showed no “willingness to provide Russia with longterm legally binding security guarantees” all nations deserve, adding:

“For us, achieving these objectives is of fundamental importance.”

“Western (regimes) should refrain from establishing military facilities on the territory of former USSR states that are not members of the alliance, including the use of their infrastructure for conducting any military activity.” 

“It is necessary to return NATO’s military capabilities, including strike (capabilities), and NATO infrastructure to the state of 1997, when the NATO-Russia Founding Act was adopted.”

Lavrov also stressed that Moscow will not let Ukraine obtain nukes.

The Kiev regime “has Soviet technologies and the means of delivery of such weapons.”

“We cannot fail to respond to this real danger.” 

Lavrov was unable to attend the conference in person because EU countries — in cahoots with their higher power in Washington — banned Russian aircraft from their airspace.

Switzerland abandoned its longtime neutrality by going the same way — in defiance of the rule of law.

On Wednesday, Lavrov said that Russia is ready for another round of talks with Ukrainian officials.

On orders from the Biden regime, they’re “delaying” them.

They should have already gotten underway Wednesday in the Belovezhskaya Puscha region of Belarus near the Polish border.


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  1. Mr Lendman

    “Delaying them..?”

    Dirty Joe shooting

    On his Dirty War..

    The Dirty Biden Crime Family way..

    RUSSIANS need desperately to blow off this myth

    This delusional

    Last thing Mr O’Malley said to me as I grabbed my bat..

    ” Don’t let the Pin Stripes dazzle you, boy..”

    Gottdamn..have they learned anything

    From Astana One..

    It’s all been a Fuxing Mexican Hat Dance..

    Talks with the Ukrainians

    While things a sham
    In this sense..

    Zelensky’s a fake
    Dirty Joe a Fake.
    The Dirty War is Fake..

    The only thing Real
    Are Putin and Lavrov.

    Please, Please, Please
    Don’t Stop the Advance on Kiev

    Where’s the 50-60-70%

    Top Tier
    The Aero
    The CBs
    The Naval Marines
    The Snipers
    Mine Sweepers
    The Dogs

    The Air Cavalry

    Drop 1000 Paratroopers on Kiev

    After the first 24 and 48 hr bombardments.

    See if anything is stirring..
    Even a Mouse..

    Want War, Dirty Joe
    Here ya Go…!


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