The Right to Treat Act

The right to health is fundamental under international law.

According to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, “the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health” is fundamental.

“Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate (to afford) food, clothing, housing and medical care.”

The UN Office of the High Commissioner affirms “health as a fundamental human right (that’s) indispensable for the exercise of other human rights.”

Kill shots and all else flu/covid aim to destroy this fundamental right while pretending otherwise.

On February 18, GOP Senators Ron Johnson, Mike Braun and Mike Lee introduced S. 3670 legislation: The Right to Treat Act.

It affirms that no federal agency may regulate how medicine should be practiced.

No federal law, rule or regulation should prohibit or otherwise restrict the right of physicians to prescribe or disburse any approved medications without restrictions.

In introducing S. 3670, Johnson said the following:

All things related to flu/covid “exposed the fact that many doctors no longer call the shots when it comes to treating patients.” 

The (flu/covid) cartel” usurped power with diabolical aims in mind.

The “cartel includes the Biden (regime), federal health agencies, Big PHARMA, mainstream media, and Big Tech.” 

“The Right to Treat Act would ensure that federal health agencies return to their proper functions of gathering and providing public health data and regulating drug safety – not telling doctors how to practice medicine.” 

“Because federal health agencies sabotaged the early treatment of (flu/covid by going all-out to prohibit use of known) safe (and effective) generic drugs, an untold number of people needlessly died from” an easily treated and cured illness for the vast majority of people who contract it.

“Americans and doctors should have the freedom to use fully approved drugs without fear of reprisal.” 

“It’s time to once again let doctors be doctors and allow them to fully practice medicine” unobstructed by what compromises medicine as it should be practiced.

At this time, a dozen of more states introduced or enacted laws to let physicians freely prescribe generic and other approved drugs able to treat flu/covid safely and effectively.

Core medical ethics prioritize patient needs and rights, along with doing no harm.

International law mandates informed and voluntary consent on all things health related — a standing no ruling authorities may legally circumvent.

Doctors4CovidEthics (D4CE) on the frontlines of medicine as it should be practiced warned about short-and-longterm dangers of mass-jabbing with experimental, inadequately tested, rushed to market drugs for flu/covid protection not gotten.

No physician should prescribe or otherwise advise patients to use FDA approved experimental drugs that risk serious harm to health when taken as directed.

Yet it’s standard practice throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

Physicians who prioritize medicine as it should be practiced — notably by doing no harm — risk suspension or revocation of their license to continue in their chosen profession.

Last week, UK-based Dr. Vernon Coleman expressed horror that ruling regimes in England, Wales and Scotland “approved child murder” by authorizing kill shots for “children aged 5 – 11 years old,” adding:

“Having murdered thousands of elderly folk, they’re now moving onto the little children.” 

“The drug they have approved for small children has been shown to be unnecessary and deadly when given to older children and adults.”

“Any doctor giving one of these jabs to a small child, more vulnerable and developing, should be struck off, defrocked and hung, drawn and quartered before being arrested and thrown into prison for life.” 

“The same goes for any parent allowing their small child to be jabbed with this experimental poison.”

The above remarks apply across the board for everyone.

Kill shots irreparably harm health and don’t protect as falsely claimed.

Based on officially reported CDC and European Medicines Agency data, nearly six million jabbed individuals experienced adverse events, including many serious ones.

Hundreds of thousands died, perhaps a million or more throughout the West in little over a year.

Shunning what harms health is crucial to protect it.

With Dems largely running things in Washington, enactment of The Right to Treat Act may only be possible with super-majority GOP congressional control able to override a White House veto.

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