Fog of War Fake News

Since Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign began last week to eliminate their scourge in Ukraine, mind-manipulating US-Western-Kiev propaganda war has been ongoing 24/7 nonstop.

Most people in the US, West and Ukraine know nothing more than rubbish fed them by official sources and their MSM press agents.

Journalism as it should be is absent on television, in broadsheets, and other media sources — in cahoots with their ruling regimes.

Controlling the message is all about filtering out what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative.

What’s crucial to know is absent in favor of state-approved fake news talking points.

Censorship has always been standard operating procedure throughout the West in mainstream reporting.

Today, free and open expression are threatened at a time when tyranny is on a fast track toward becoming full-blown.

Months ago, proliferator of fake news — to the exclusion of the real thing — NYT called for establishing a US Ministry of Truth headed by a “reality czar.”

The Times sounded like what Orwell warned about in his dystopian “1984” novel that’s no longer fiction, saying:

“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation.” 

“These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy.”

“They are deliberate exercises in doublethink.”

US/Western MSM operate as a virtual Ministry of Truth.

Their mission is all about proliferating officially approved fake news propaganda — sanitizing and otherwise eliminating whatever conflicts with it.

In “1984,” unnwanted material went down memory holes to “be whirled away (in) enormous furnaces…devoured by the flames,” said Orwell, adding:

“(T)here were the directing brains who co-ordinated the whole effort and laid down the lines of policy which made it necessary that this fragment of the past should be preserved, that one falsified, and the other rubbed out of existence.”

In the US and West, no Orwell-style memory hole is needed, no furnaces, no ceremonial book-burnings.

Claiming a “reality crisis” exists, the Times virtually called for greater state-sponsored censorship than already — along with greater proliferation of state-approved fake news.

On Thursday, Russia’s UK envoy Andrey Kelin slammed Britain’s four main newspapers, saying:

Their Russia bashing “editorials” were “exactly the same,” their fake “photos the same.”

“Only fake news is published, that we are allegedly erasing cities by bombings, bombing only the civilian population.” 

“The number of casualties is given based on fake data.”

Hard truths published by Russia’s Defense Ministry are suppressed.

What’s going on in Britain is much the same in the US, Germany, France and other Western states on all things Russia and Ukraine, Kelin adding:

MSM “sing from the same hymn book.”

Daily MSM print, electronic, and social media proliferate the same state-approved rubbish.

“We haven’t found any other point of view,” Kelin stressed.

The Center for Constitutional Rights  earlier said: 

“The growing threat to the right to dissent has been demonstrated in the US government’s efforts to silence speech, and criminalize and target peaceful movements,” adding: 

“These efforts are becoming more aggressive, emboldened further by the Supreme Court’s increasingly conservative decisions, for instance regarding material support in the form of humanitarian aid to so-called terrorist organizations.”

Was institutionalized tyranny in Canada by the Trudeau regime prelude for what’s coming to the US and elsewhere in the West?

Are free expression, assembly and other fundamental rights on the chopping block for elimination in pursuit of tyrannical rule and forever war on humanity worldwide?

Will US/Western war on Russia by other means turn hot by accident or design?

A daily war of words rages against Russia.

On Wednesday, MSM fake news reports falsely accused Russian forces of firing on Ukraine’s  Zaporozhskaya Nuclear Power Plant.

A Zelensky regime Emergency Service later admitted that a blaze erupted in a “training building” adjacent to the plant, not where its reactors are located.

After extinguished, the IAEA said no “essential equipment” was affected, no change in radiation levels.

On Monday, Russian forces gained control of the facility to maintain its safety and to prevent the Zelensky regime’s ability to produce dirty bombs.

Local staff run the facility as before.

In stark contrast to fake news war of words on Russia, its OSCE envoy Alexander Lukashevich said the following on Thursday.

US/Western regimes threaten “stronger (sanctions) than before…”

“(B)ut they look right through the crimes that are being committed in Ukraine and have been committed these years by the national battalions and (its) armed forces.” of Ukraine.” 

“That is hypocrisy taken to the limit.”

On day 9 of Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign, a US/Western fake news war of words accompanies conflict on the ground.

Make no mistake.

When conflict ends, Russia bashing war of words will continue with no end of it in prospect — no end to state-approved demonization of the nation and its leadership.

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    “Uncle Tom’s Cab”

    Raining..Midnight in Hollywood

    and I had just walked out of the Hat Club..on Sunset .. a Motherfuxer..

    AND there he was
    Yellow Can..

    Dropping off the gals who dance at the Strip Club on the corner..

    All lite up with a bright neon under kit..dazzling in the rain..

    I speeded up and as he was pulling out

    I lunged and tapped on his back window

    “Hey Pal,
    Can you give me a ride to Canters on Fairfax..?”

    He looked me up in down..

    ” Dude, don’t be banging on some Motherfuxers window..

    They’ll shoot your ass..!”

    K ..but I was..

    ” With the bullshit,
    Jump in, Bro…!

    I got in eagerly and noticed he had the CNN Ap playing on his dash..

    A replay of Berman and Harry the Wizard of Odds..

    Harry was extolling the numbers in the Polls..

    How 80% of Americans support the War in Ukraine..

    Sadly, I remarked..

    ” Looks like the American People support it, huh..?”

    Driver turned half around
    And started yelling at me..

    “You half stupid, son..?

    The lying Motherfuxers

    Said 80% were for the Iraqi War

    How’d that turn out, Motherfuxer..

    ‘Merican People were for the Persian Gulf War

    How’d that turn out..?

    Besides a Million American Motherfuxers with red eyes and runny noses dying at 45..?

    Suppotta had 80% of the Motherfuxers supporting the whole Afghanistan Motherfuxer

    How the Fux did that turn out?”

    ” Okay we’re here ”

    I jumped out..I saw the meter
    Only 4.75

    Reached for my wallet
    Only had two $20s from ATM

    And the rest $100s…
    I had just hooked up with my the Hat Club..

    Standing in the Rain as all the Cars were pulling up.

    I handed him a $20
    Said, ” Keep the change

    He laughed..SMILED..

    I turned and started to dash to the door..

    He called out.

    ” Come back here Motherfuxer
    Let me give you my card .

    It read, ” Uncle Tom’s Cab

    ” I said thanks, pal..”

    And I never took a different cab in LA ..Only Uncle Tom.

    You could learn more from Tom in 15 minutes than reading the NYT and WaPo for a Decade.


  2. Americans learn geography by our wars and by our I mean the Dollar Empire. We will be learning Russia and the Ukraine produce 30$ of the world’s wheat and the US buys a half a million barrels of oil a day from Russia.

    People are dropping like flies from the Covid lies and people still take assault of the lies and are happiest when fully surrounded.

    Ukraine as cesspool will come out, but the documentary “Who Is Hunter Biden” gives indications of the corruption. Link=


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