The NYT Reflects the Scourge of Fake News Over Truth and Full Disclosure

State-approved propaganda infests its daily editions.

On issues mattering most, truth and full disclosure are absent in favor of mind-numbing rubbish.

Operating as a virtual US-dominated NATO press agent, its war of words on Russia goes all-out to assure that no Big Lie is left behind on all things Ukraine.

Screaming headlines distort and otherwise mass deceive.

On Saturday, the Times turned truth on its head by falsely accusing “Russian forces (of) attack(ing) the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on March 3 (sic).”

No Russian attack occurred.

Previous articles exposed the Big Lie.

Zelensky regime saboteurs bore full responsibility for attacking Russian forces involved in protecting the plant.

Doing it since last Monday, Times fake news turned truth on its head by falsely claiming:

“Russia captured Europe’s largest nuclear power plant on Friday in Ukraine (sic).”

“And it’s not the only power plant in Ukraine that could face attack by Russian forces (sic). 

“Some troops already appear to be marching toward another facility west of the Zaporizhzhia power plant (sic).”

Since Monday, Russian forces have been protecting Zaporizhzhia, not “Ukrainian military unit 3042 in combat readiness,” as the Times falsely claimed.

No “pummeling (of) cities and towns into rubble” has been going on by Russian forces.

Donbass residential communities have endured this scourge for the past 8 years — ignored by the Times and other MSM.

Aggression by hegemon USA and its allies is OK by their standards — while defensive actions against it are denounced.

Discussing Russia’s temporary ceasefire in Mariupol for safe passage of residents wishing to leave, the Times was silent about Nazified Kiev battalions involved in holding thousands of foreign nationals in the city hostages as human shields.

Its editors find new ways to embarrass themselves.

Their latest attempt to reinvent US-installed puppet Zelensky fell flat, saying:

He wants “peace” — by continuing 8 years of war on Donbass, by nominally heading a Nazi-infested regime, by following orders from dominant Biden regime hardliners.

His “heroic resistance is an example the world” is pure illusion.

A head of state in name only, he’s in office at the discretion of his US handlers and nominally empowered neo-Nazi officials infesting Kiev.

His actions reflect nothing remotely “heroic.”

In stark contrast to forever US wars on invented enemies with intent to occupy and control them, no “likely occupation of Ukraine” by Russian forces is planned.

Defined goals alone are sought, mainly demilitarization to protect Russia’s security by halting endless war on Donbass, and deNazification to rid Ukraine of the scourge it represents.

As long as the country is colonized and controlled by hegemon USA, the nation and its people “will (never) be free.”

Since Russia’s campaign began, Putin’s domestic support rose.

Polls show that about 70% of Russians support his Ukraine campaign.

Intended to be short-term to minimize casualties and destruction, fighting will likely end swiftly if neo-Nazis in the country are neutralized and Ukrainian forces lay down their arms.


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  1. “Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine” —

    Gerald Celente did a live stream 15 hours ago, so 7PM on Friday, with Russell Bentley from the center of Donetsk, the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic. It takes him five minutes to say the NYT is not shading or off by 2 or 3 percent, but are “180 degrees” of off — sounds like truth inversion or standing truth on its head. WeAreRuled.and the NYT Criminal Media center performs as usual.


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