Fascist Kiev Regime Breaches Humanitarian Corridor Agreement – Russia Falsely Blamed

by Stephen Lendman

Just a brief comment on the made-in-the-USA scheme to continue blaming Russia for crimes of war, against humanity, and related dirty tricks committed by the puppet Kiev regime.

Its actions are scripted and directed by dominant Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA.

For the second time, Russian military commanders agreed to assure safe passage for civilians to leave designated Ukrainian cities.

On Monday, Russian forces observed a ceasefire agreement with Ukraine so residents of Mariupol, Kiev, Sumy and Kharkov could evacuate these cities safely at their discretion along humanitarian corridors.

Instead of complying with what it agreed to, Kiev again went the other way — surely on orders from its higher power in Washington.

The US and complicit NATO regimes want conflict prolonged, not resolved.

They want Russia’s demilitarization, deNazification and other legitimate aims foiled.

They want Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials blamed for high crimes of war and against humanity committed by Kiev — as orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA.

They don’t give a damn how many Ukrainians suffer from endless war, deprivation, tyrannical rule and related hardships.

They’re willing to wage endless war on Donbass along Russia border to the last Ukrainian.

In the above cities, Nazified Ukrainian battalions continue to hold thousands of civilians hostage as human shields.

They include foreign nationals from China, India and other countries.

Anyone trying to leave these cities risks being shot and killed by Nazified Ukrainian forces.

They represent the scourge of US/Western supported fascist tyranny in its most despicable form.

Instead of truth and full disclosure on what’s going on, here’s a sample of screaming MSM fake news headlines on Monday:

NYT fake news: “Civilians Caught in Escalating Russian Attacks (sic)”

WaPo fake news: “Russia-Ukraine talks resume as civilian toll rises (sic)”

WSJ fake news: “Russia Pummels Ukraine Civilian Targets, Preventing Escape (sic)”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news: “Another cease-fire attempt fails(sic)”

“Ukrainian officials accused Russia of firing on the route despite attempts to set up a temporary cease-fire (sic)”

BBC fake news: “Ukraine: Evacuation from Ukraine’s cities thrown into chaos (sic)”

“A planned evacuation from some of Ukraine’s cities was thrown in chaos over the weekend, after Russia continued to attack despite saying they would stop for a short period of time (sic).”

CBC fake news: “Russian forces continued to pummel some Ukrainian cities with rockets even after the new announcement of corridors (sic)”

Al Jazeera fake news: “Russian shelling preventing evacuation(s) (sic).”

Virtually all major media in the West and complicit states reported similar fake news rubbish.

More Tuesday on made-in-the-USA responsibility for what’s gone on for years that led to what’s happening now.

3 thoughts on “Fascist Kiev Regime Breaches Humanitarian Corridor Agreement – Russia Falsely Blamed

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman


    Attention GEN SHOUGI

    Russia has maybe 70-80- 90%
    Of it’s Army sitting idly on the Eastern approach to Kiev..

    The Gangsters are JOYOUS..

    They see they have a window
    To lay the biggest Defeat on Russia in all of History

    At least comparable to the Beating Russia took in the first five months from Barbarossa

    June 21..to December..
    Stopped only at the Gates of Moscow

    Because Stalin got out of the kitchen and let Zhukov run the Show..

    The Australian FM said they already have anti tank
    Anti armor
    And Air Forces

    There and ready

    Count the days till they wipe out that 40 mile Convoy of Helpless Rubber Duckies..

    Yes Russia has Air Superiority
    But not enough Ground Infantry to protect and sustain.

    BTW…the Gangsters
    May not be totally in place

    But while the Russians are sitting in their vehicles

    At the Drive In…

    The Serial Killers are
    Working Rapaciously
    Around the Clock

    Getting more shit there.

    Russia is inevitably going to have to use air power

    Why not use it now ..

    In a week..
    Maybe less .

    Russia will inevitably need them
    But 10 times more Russian planes will go down.

    A fact…a cold hard fact..

    When the Gangsters can get their gear in place.

    Okay ..maybe LOSE only FIVE


    Napoleon knew one minute he could never get back.

    So did Guderian
    So did Zhukov

    Is it the Atlanticists are also the Tea Sippers..

    I mean the Spokesperson for Putin..
    His daughter is TWEETING
    for Nazi Ukraine..

    His Daughter..
    Not just telling personal friends


    I DO.

    Don’t have to be Machevelli
    To see that is a Cancer Sore.

    Something is rotten in Heaven.

    Have a the Battle Order for the Complete Odessa File …

    Taking the entire Black Sea .
    Where to pinch
    E 95
    E 15
    P 71
    P 55

    Fontanka -Lymarka

    And the Bilyalvka- Karolina
    And pop Mayaky

    Completely surround Odessa

    Cut everything.. electric and water..

    Captain Napoleon’s first Battle at Toulum is your model.

    Speed is the Primary Element
    Speed can overcome numeric strength, Tactical knowledge of the field as a defender

    And even superior technique

    Your Enemy may know how
    But if you beat him to the Arroyo

    The Pass..
    He’s fuxed

    Already wrote so much.

    Right now..

    Russia is winning 17-10
    Remember the P/S ..

    The Point Spread was Russia laying 35 points

    Your ENEMY is Ruthless..

    Professional Liars and
    War Criminals.

    Russian Leadership

    With the Golden Spoons
    And Good Options for the Nazis

    Are like Bambi in the Woods
    Bambi dazzled and dazed by the Bright lights…

    Of the Cars coming 75 down the Jersey Turnpike.

    Gonna get killed by rigimortis

    LET’S ROLL…!


    Has Been
    Sitting there for 7-8 days

    Seven or Eight Days.
    Allowing the Stink
    Right back in the fuxing game

    Big time.

    WWII… In 7 or 8 Days
    Zhukov wiped out 100 Divisions
    2.5 Million Werhmacht soldiers

    Destroying 5000 Tanks at Kursk
    In seven or eight wars.

    Let’s play ball..
    BTW are the Red Army Tea Sippers..


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