People’s Convoy Arrives at DC Beltway

On route from California since February 23, hundreds of trucks and other vehicles reached the 64 mile-long Capital Beltway that surrounds the Washington DC area through parts of Maryland and Virginia.

Before departing last month, a media statement said the following:

“The People’s Convoy continues to grow in numbers and support as we peacefully cross the country in unity.

The People’s Convoy has been diligent in our message and purpose.

Although we support any peaceful movements in spirit, we are not affiliated with any other groups.

The People’s Convoy has created an infrastructure with a third-party accounting firm, legal teams, security, and journalists documenting each mile.

We encourage truckers and supporters to officially join The People’s Convoy along our route.

The People’s Convoy would like to reiterate:

We are traveling across the US in PEACE and UNITY 

We are 100% LAW-ABIDING citizenry and convoy

Our core principals of FREEDOM and LIBERTY give rise to the convoy’s request to end the State of Emergency that led to overreaching mandates 

We demand government ACCOUNTABILITY through full and transparent congressional hearings

We are NOT going into DC proper, and we will NOT be there for the State of the Union 

We are NOT associated with Bob Bolus or other convoys who are planning to go into DC 

The People’s Convoy is a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement 

This freedom-loving movement is about the journey, not the destination 

Our website and social media platforms are the ONLY official locations with details on how to donate, routes and stopping points where people can come support 

We are actively accepting donations through our secure site to support the truckers with fuel and supplies during the convoy.”

On March 7, said “American truckers & allies are currently staged (along the) Hagerstown (MD) Speedway.”

Once again, it stressed that it’s “time to end the declaration of national emergency…and restore our nation’s Constitution.

According to convoy leaders, plans are for the miles-long convoy to drive slowly at the minimum speed limit around the Capital Beltway on Monday — slowing, not blocking traffic.

On Friday, a statement by one trucker said:

“DC, the government, whomever, can claim that they have all this opposition for us waiting in DC.”

“But that flag on the back of my truck will go down to Constitution Avenue between the White House and the Washington Monument.”

Organizer Brian Brase said convoy participants intend to circle the Capital Beltway slowly before returning to Hagerstown at end of each day, returning the next day “until the group’s demands are met,” adding:

Other convoys are en route to join them.

“We’re going to be a huge pain.”

“We’re trying to work with our local law enforcement communities because we want them to understand that we are law-abiding citizens that are just exercising our rights to this protest.”

“Every day is going to elevate what we do.”

“We want to show the American people how large we are.”

“(W)e want to show our congressional leaders that we’re serious and we are here to negotiate.”

“We are here to talk. We are law-abiding. We are peaceful.” 

“We don’t want to shut anything down, and we’re not coming downtown.”

On Monday, the Baltimore Sun reported that organizer Brase met with House and Senate members on Sunday night, quoting him saying:

“I’m hopeful that we have successful dialogue with congressmen and women and senators that help get what we’re looking for pushed through in a timely fashion,” adding: 

“If they don’t come to the table to meet with us or they ignore us, then every day it will escalate.”

“We do not want to impede traffic any more than necessary to get our message across.”

Brase said he expects another convoy of about 500 vehicles from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to join the People’s Convoy overnight Monday.


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  1. I hope this doesn’t end the way the Canadian one did. Nor the way Jan 6 did. Our government is lawless lead by a usurper.


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