Remarks by Sergey Lavrov on Russia’s Liberating Campaign

Over the weekend, Lavrov explained the following once again:

Throughout Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign, its forces “deliver(ed) precision strikes exclusively on Ukrainian military (and) infrastructure targets that posed a threat to the Russian Federation in connection with the anti-Russian, aggressive, bellicose policy that the Kiev authorities had been pursuing all the way.”

All the while, Moscow expressed willingness to provide humanitarian corridors for Ukrainian civilians and foreign nationals to leave cities and towns safely.

Vladimir Putin discussed this issue with his Chinese, Indian and other counterparts.

“Ukrainian authorities are well aware of the proposals,” Lavrov stressed.

Russia’s military and Emergencies Ministry are ready to provide “buses,  meals, beverages, warm clothes,” and medical care as needed.

In stark contrast to Moscow’s humanitarian outreach, the US-controlled Kiev regime “has nothing against holding foreigners and civilians hostage,” Lavrov noted, adding:

“Most importantly, people should be allowed to leave cities and towns through these humanitarian corridors which are being kept safe and secure by our military.”

Through the weekend, Ukrainian Nazified battalions embedded in Mariupol residential areas “refuse(d) to let residents use the humanitarian corridor created by the Russian military and leave the city.”

Much the same is happening in other Ukrainian cities.

Subject to change by Kiev dark forces, a third round of talks is scheduled to be held between Russian and Ukrainian officials on Monday in Belarus on Monday.

On the same day, Tass reported the following:

“The opening of humanitarian corridors, which were proposed earlier by Russia, are unacceptable for the Ukrainian” regime, according to deputy PM for issues of reintegration on uncontrolled territories Irina Vereshchuk, saying:

“This is an unacceptable option for opening humanitarian corridors” — no doubt repeating what her higher power in Washington ordered her to say.

Perhaps round three talks on Monday will be postponed or cancelled altogether.

Two rounds accomplished nothing so far.

What’s happening on the ground matters most. 

Once Kiev’s US/Western armed, financed and controlled war machine is neutralized, fighting on the ground on the end — with a warning.

Previous articles discussed possible guerrilla war in the country by US use of ISIS, other jihadists and what remains of Ukrainian neo-Nazi fighters.

If this materializes, ordinary Ukrainians will suffer most — what’s a virtual nonissue for dominant US/Western and Kiev dark forces.

Ahead of round three talks if they take place, Lavrov once again stressed Russia’s aims.

Both he and Vladimir Putin explained them clearly.

Conditions they consider “absolutely indispensable” include “Ukraine’s demilitarization, neutral status and deNazification, because of rampant neo-Nazism, with the direct connivance of (the US and) Europe that reached an unacceptable and threatening level in Ukraine.”

The Russian Republic of Crimea must be recognized, as well as the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

On talks with Ukrainian officials, Lavrov said “(t)he situation looks rather strange.”

“Everyone seems interested in reaching an agreement as soon as possible that would fully resolve everything at once.” 

“On the other hand, Ukraine – which would seem to be the most interested party – constantly comes up with more pretexts to postpone the start of the next meeting.” 

“They keep delaying and postponing the previously agreed dates.” 

“We were ready to set off for the third round (over the weekend), as (Kiev is) perfectly aware of.”

US-installed puppet Zelensky’s “embittered statements hardly inspire any optimism.” 

“He let out a stream of invectives about the NATO meeting.” 

“He was rude to his handlers, accusing them of inaction.”

“If he’s so upset that NATO didn’t stand up for him as he hoped, does that mean he’s still relying on resolving the conflict by dragging NATO in rather than negotiating?” 

He’s “trying to provoke a conflict between NATO and Russia.” 

“His militaristic frenzy suggests he does not need any negotiations.”

A Final Comment

At this time, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced a ceasefire.

Effective at 10:00 AM local time on Monday, it applies to humanitarian corridors from Kiev, Kharkov, Sumy and Mariupol.

If what Kiev’s deputy PM for issues of reintegration on uncontrolled territories, Irina Vereshchuk, called an “unacceptable option for opening humanitarian corridors” remains unchanged, Russian military operations will surely resume around these areas on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Remarks by Sergey Lavrov on Russia’s Liberating Campaign

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Humane Evacuation Corridors.

    Much needed.

    However a Window should remain open for only brief intermittent intervals.

    No Halt in the Offensive.

    Important to note..
    Not to be redundant…but

    Russia should tell the Civilians
    To arm themselves

    Join groups of other

    who are armed…


    I’d drop a Million Leaflets explaining that.

    Also Russian Snippers could have a field day

    Shooting Nazis who detain Civilians

    Put a few a bait..
    Well protected..

    Like Candid Camera

    So the NAZIS come out to grab them..

    Then catch the Nazis..

    and ____?____ as to make them examples.

    Russia needs to surprise the bastards..

    Russians should use amplified Sound on the Nazis..

    They’ll run away uncontrollably

    Also Nitrous Oxide
    Laughing Gas

    Put em to sleep


    They’ll wake up in hand cuffs.
    Tiddlywink stuff.

    The most important thing
    Is Russia make clear

    Very clear to all the little Nazi bitches like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia…

    That we’ll bomb you.
    Same rule Israel uses.

    Ask them, Motherfuxer.

    Lastly…why don’t the
    Russian tea sippers

    Bomb Tanf in Syria ..
    Those aren’t Civilians

    Those are the Killers coming to cut your throats

    Use your kids for Body Parts
    And their blood used for Necro

    And of course..
    Use your kids for Pedo Parties in Hollywood and Georgetown.

    What’s wrong with Bombing them?



    Zhukov is turning over in his grave so fast..

    If you could harness the revolutions at million parsecs
    A minute..

    He’d be an important new source of Energy.


  2. Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe and the average person spends half their income on fuel. The Russians call it endogenous oil where the west calls it a fossil fuel. The earth can make new elements up to iron so why couldn’t it combine water and carbon?

    Anyway, the Ukrainian people sure need a break and hopefully the price of wheat in China might help them. Won’t the Ukrainian debt be written off as odious debt?



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