Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 12

Three hours of round three talks on Monday between Russian officials and powerless Ukrainians — controlled by hegemon USA — were as futile and rounds one and two.

Future rounds are highly unlikely to show progress toward conflict resolution as long as dominant Biden regime hardliners want it continued to try foiling Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification campaign.

According to Russia’s chief negotiator, Vladimir Medinsky:

Firm promises were sought from Kiev delegates on opening humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians wishing to leave Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol, Sumy and Chunigov. 

Russian delegates presented “concrete treaties, drafts and proposals (for sought agreement in)  protocol (form) to study at home.”

When talks ended, Medinsky stated what’s been clear since before they began, saying:

“Our expectations from the negotiations did not materialize.”

Quelle surprise!

Hoping for “more substantial steps forward ahead” is wishful thinking with no chance of fulfillment as long as hegemon USA has other ideas.

As for promises by Ukrainian delegates to permit safe passage of civilians through humanitarian corridors from the above cities, it’s only possible with approval from Washington — clearly not forthcoming so far.

Neither Kiev delegates or the Zelensky regime has decision-making power on what’s going on.

Hegemon USA controls things in Kiev, especially on what relates to Russia. 

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA clearly want Ukraine’s vassal state status preserved.

They want the country militarized, Nazified and controlled for use as a platform for permanent war along Russia’s border with destabilization aims in mind.

They want Russia isolated and surrounded by hostile US/NATO forces.

They want maximum harm inflicted on Russia politically and economically.

Ukraine’s military is significantly degraded. 

Most of what remains is embedded in residential areas of Mariupol, Odessa and other cities behind civilians used as human shields.

Russia wants them protected, not harmed.

So liberating these cities has been slow-going to minimize civilian casualties.

On Monday, head of Russia’s Inter-Agency Humanitarian Response Coordination Headquarters, Mikhail Mizintsev, said the Kiev regime failed to inform residents of cities to be evacuated about humanitarian corridors.

Beholden to its higher power in Washington, puppet Zelensky and other regime official bow to its will.

Separately on Monday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said the following:

“(S)trikes on facilities of Ukraine’s military infrastructure continue.” 

“Bombers and ground attack aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 26 military facilities.”

They included two control points, a radar station, five ammunition depots and 11 areas where arms and military hardware were located.

“Units of the Russian Armed Forces have taken control of the settlements of Novoukrainskoye, Staromayorskoye, Staromlynovka, Mayorovo and Removka.” 

“All civilians of the liberated settlements receive humanitarian assistance.”

Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters established control over 12 settlements.

Konashenkov also explained that Nazified forces in besieged cities are using live fire on civilians outside their homes, adding:

According to residents who escaped from virtual captivity, conditions in Mariupol are very difficult.

“People are hiding in basements.”

“Since there is no electricity and gas in their homes, they have to cook their meals on fire in the street.” 

“Militants disperse them.”

“Nationalists open fire on all civilians trying to leave their houses.”

Through Monday, Russian forces destroyed 2,396 Ukrainian military infrastructure facilities.

They include 82 command and communications centers, 119 S-300, Buk-M1 and Osa air defense systems, 76 radar stations, 827 tanks and armored vehicles, 84 multiple rocket launchers, 304 field artillery guns and mortars, 603 special military vehicles and also 78 drones.

What little remains of Ukraine’s so-called air force is located cross-border.

On Monday, Russian forces downed three Ukrainian Su-27 planes, an Su-25 aircraft, two Mi-24 helicopters, and 8 drones.

On the same day, the Kremlin designated the following countries as unfriendly:

Hegemon USA

Vassal states Britain and EU countries


Notably during WW I and II, the Swiss were neutral and stayed out of both wars.

To its shame, it backs Nazified Ukraine and US-dominated NATO against Russia — at the expense of its neutrality and standing on the world stage.

Other nations Russia declared unfriendly include:

Ukraine, of course, Montenegro, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, and also Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Taiwanese ruling regime in cahoots with the US drive for global hegemony. 

The above countries and Taiwan crossed the line from unfriendly toward Moscow to hostile.

Once again on Tuesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced a ceasefire to open humanitarian corridors from Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol, Sumy and Chernigov — effective 10:00 AM local time.

Its good faith effort to help civilians in harm’s way reach safe haven security will fail again as long as hegemon USA has other ideas. 

3 thoughts on “Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 12

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  1. Mr Lendman

    It should be perfectly clear to the entire World

    That every Civilian death
    should be blamed squarely
    on the USA..!

    The Serial Killers in Washington are directing the whole sordid operation.

    Dirty Joe Biden and his ilk
    After having robbed and pillaged the Ukraine relentlessly

    Now uses the poor bastards as
    Human Shields.

    And to do what..?

    But forestall only the obvious.

    Inflict more casualties on poor Russian Soldiers.

    A Completely unnecessary Trajedy brought to us by
    the Temple of Satan.

    They’ve engineered everything from start to Finish.

    They deserve their
    Rightful Justice…!

    One or two points
    As we go to Press

    1).. Russian Head of their failed Third Round Circle Jerk

    Said, ” We brought 400 BUSES
    Nobody came..
    They couldn’t..!”

    …. yada yada..
    Everyone knows the rest..

    Russia sees they’re gonna have to Pop the Clutch..!

    Dipsy Doodle Shim Sham
    All Over .

    Could have told you that 10 days ago..

    Wait I did..
    And it’s not about me..

    Oh I’m right…
    It’s the Glaring Reality
    Was Glaring then.

    I don’t begrudge the Russians for trying.

    Very Noble. Very Humane.
    ” They tried..!”

    But the Game doesn’t work
    like that with Gangsters.

    Pure Human Filth.

    Bottom Line..

    “Woe unto thee that are afraid to kill the Ancien Regime..!”

    Ein so..
    So now..the Brave Russian

    Soldiers will have to do it..
    The old fashioned way..!”

    How exactly…?

    Just like my Father said..


  2. There are people who divide things into groups and there are those that don’t.

    One sort has always been someone who has said to themselves “Who is going to protect me from THEM?” The good news is the club has grown to outnumber the club believing the lies of the overseers and there paid-by-taxpayer media believing in the Monopoly Protection Racket.

    The Monopoly Dollar is the petrodollar and it has a fight on its hands and the suspension of Russia from Swift on 3/11 only makes it worse. Russia has ordered their citizens join a Russian hosting service by 3/11 also. Max Igan talks about it in his last video. Putin is a WEF leader too and there is orchestration alt all times.

    Igan video of 3/8:


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