Zelensky Ready to Compromise with Russia?

Zelensky is a political eunuch — a powerless comedian/performer front man for US/NATO as long as obeys orders by doing what he’s told.

Laughably he said the following on Tuesday:

He’s ready for dialogue (with Russia) on certain “compromises (sic).”

“We’re not ready for a capitulation (sic).”

“We not prepared for ultimatums (sic).” 

“But we have the possible solution resolution for key items (sic).”

“I’m talking about security guarantees (sic).”

“I think items regarding temporarily occupied territories (sic) and unrecognized republics (sic) that have not been recognized by anyone but Russia, these pseudo-republics (sic).”

“But we can discuss and find the compromise on how these territories will live on (sic).” 

“What is important to me is how the people in those territories are going to live who want to be part of Ukraine (sic).”

Conflict resolution was agreed on in Minsk I and II — in late 2014 and early 2015.

Kiev flagrantly breached both conflict resolution agreements on orders from its master in Washington.

Nothing changed from then to now.

Zelensky knows, or should know, that conflict resolution depends on halting Kiev’s aggression on Donbass, its willingness to demilitarize, deNazify, return to independent status, recognize the sovereignty of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk, along with abandoning notions of joining NATO and developing nukes.

Russia can be a good neighbor, a valued one, a non-exploitive one.

It all depends on whether Kiev renounces its wicked ways, pursues peace over war, and complies fully with international law.

At this time, its action are polar opposite the above.

Under current conditions of vassalage to it higher power in Washington, talks by Russia with him and other regime figures would waste time and effort.

They’d be as futile as peace talks between Russian and Kiev delegations in Belarus — achieving nothing

Ukraine won’t demilitarize or deNazify on its own.

It’s for Russia to accomplish these objectives.

Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said in the last 24 hours, “the bomber and assault aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 158 military facilities on the territory of Ukraine.”

Ukraine’s Zhytomyr airfield was rendered inoperable by “long-range high-precision weapons.”

At the same time, around 430 tons of humanitarian aid was delivered to Donbass and Ukraine.

Separately in Geneva, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said Ukrainians with Russian roots are targets of violence by the Kiev regime.

According to the Russian Interagency Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Relief in Ukraine:

“Taking into account the persistent continuous appeals of foreign embassies, as well as numerous direct requests from Ukrainian citizens for evacuation from almost all populated areas — from March 5 to March 7 alone — more than 2 million” people requested help from Russia to leave the country.  

“The Russian Federation is ready to prepare and conduct a humanitarian operation” to help them.

On orders from Washington, Nazified battalions continue holding thousands hostage as human shields.

Separately according to CBS (fake) News on Monday, the “US is working with Poland to send fighter jets to Ukraine (sic).”

On the same day, Defense News said “(t)he White House and Pentagon on Monday downplayed the likelihood of a three-way deal for Poland to give MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine and for the US to backfill the Polish fleet with American F-16 fighters.”

The reason is obvious.

Russia has full control over Ukrainian airspace.

Hostile aircraft would be spotted immediately, intercepted and swiftly downed by Russian air defenses or warplanes.

Separately, Polish president Andraej Duda said his regime won’t “send jets to Ukrainian airspace” — for obvious reasons he left unexplained.

A Final Comment

After shooting itself in one foot, the Biden regime targeted the other.

On Tuesday, dementia Joe’s impersonator announced a ban on all Russian energy imports.

The harebrained move is sure to send sky-high oil, gas, other commodities and food prices higher.

It’ll more greatly harm businesses, consumers and economic conditions.

2 thoughts on “Zelensky Ready to Compromise with Russia?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman..

    The Gangsters are carrying out GENOCIDE on Russia..

    Simultaneously in the
    Complete Capitalist State

    The Gangsters Praetorian State
    Where the Mob CIA Mossad Merged on Nov 22, 1963..

    To take Complete State Power.

    The Coup We Never Recovered From.

    Textbook Maidan, in retrospect
    On the American People..

    Senator Bush in the 30s
    had Roosevelt all set up to kill

    But Gen Smeadly Butler spilled the Beans…

    Exposed the Nazis Plans..

    Fascism never changes it’s Spots..and like Bacteria..

    Never sleeps..
    Keeps morphing..

    Nazi Kingpin Gehlen..
    Welcomed into the highest echolons of USA Government.

    The Fourth Reich
    Gonna try to flip Russia

    All their Vassals
    With the Same obsolete
    Weapons they Cowboys sold em..

    Took advantage of the Hicks


    Except their Plan uncovered
    Last week

    showed they planned to drop nukes on Russia in

    ” Late Summer!”


    Of Course

    And the F 30 that can only fly as fast as a MIG or Su..

    Super sonic speed
    For 50 seconds..!

    Then the engine goes out..!

    NATO …the Asslickers
    Are gonna live out

    Hitler’s Dream..
    Smash Russia..

    For Wall St..and J Street.
    The Temple of The Great Satan

    Die for Wall St
    The Temple of Blood and Lies..

    Give your life
    killing Christians..

    Russian Christians
    The Real Christians..

    Remember you’re Fightin on the side of ISIS,
    Bandera Nazis,
    Worlds Biggest Heroin Pushers

    the Guys Starving to Death 25 Million People in Afghanistan

    And has 100s of Millions of people starving…

    You’re Figting and maybe dying for the Kaganities..

    The Jewish Nazis..

    To the Sane..
    You’d call it Evil.

    Readily see that’s the Hand of Satan.

    Lastly, Can you imagine
    The Pigs that now walk upright on their hind legs..


    Millions killed..

    And the HUMAN TRASH
    is lecturing Russia on Morals!



    OMG in Heaven
    War Criminals

    Still using Chemical Weapons
    In Middle East..

    Lecturing Russia…


    So absurd
    Only animals

    Couldn’t see the absurdity of it.



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