Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 13

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak condemned hegemon USA-dominated Western political, economic and financial war on the country, saying:

Bowing to US demands, we’ve seen remarks “by European politicians on energy issues and calls to dump Russian oil and gas.”

“(O)nce again (they’re) trying to shift problems and failures of their own energy policy of recent years onto Russia.”

“The result is the spike in energy prices we are witnessing today.”

“Russia has nothing to do with the current price spike and volatility in the market.”

“Europe consumes about 500 billion cubic meters of gas per year.”

“Russia provides 40 percent of that” — 30% of European oil imports, as well as 80 million tons of Russian petrochemicals.

“Russia has been…a reliable partner for many decades.”

“Gazprom continues to meet its contractual obligations on gas supplies to Europe in full.”

“(D)eliveries through the Ukrainian gas transmission system have been increased…up to 109 million cubic kilometers a day which equals 40 billion cubic meters…to European consumers.”

Russia continues to fulfill its contractual obligations to the letter — despite hostile US/Western actions against the country and its people.

Russian oil, gas and petrochemicals are readily available and least expensive — compared to higher-cost alternative sources.

The Biden regime banned imports of Russian energy across the board, a shooting itself in the foot by harebrained action — harming the US economy, its businesses and consumers.

If Europe abandons Russian oil and gas, Novak said: “We are ready for that” if happens.

“We know where will reroute these volumes. The question is” who’ll benefit and who’ll lose out.

“Attempts to kick start discussion of an import ban undermine the foundations of the market, create uncertainty and cause considerable harm to consumers.”

On the days earlier Zaporozhye nuclear power plant incident, indisputable evidence shows that “Russia had nothing to do with it,” Novak stressed.

Phony claims otherwise are “lie(s).”

Russia is protecting the plant, as well as mothballed Chernobyl, from sabotage, as well as from possible attempts by the US-controlled Kiev regime to develop and produce dirty bombs.

Separately after Russia and Ukraine agreed to secure 10 humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave 5 cities safely, the US-controlled Kiev regime once again reneged.

Reportedly, civilians have been only able to leave one city through one corridor.

Nine others continued to be attacked by Nazified Ukrainian forces — as surely ordered by dominant Biden regime hardliners as part of their attempt to foil Russia’s demilitarization and deNazification objectives.

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained the following:

Russian forces discovered where Kiev “conceal(ed) traces of a military biological program with funding from the US” war department.

“Documentation of…highly hazardous plague, anthrax, rabbit-fever, cholera and other” pathogens was discovered.

It’s being “being thoroughly analyzed by (Russian) nuclear, biological and chemical protection” experts. 

“At this point, we can conclude that components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukrainian laboratories in direct proximity to Russian territory” — in flagrant breach of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

Separately on Tuesday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov revealed the following:

“In the course of a special military operation, secret documents of the command of the National Guard of Ukraine came into the possession of the Russian military.” 

“These documents confirm covert preparation by the Kiev regime of (a major) offensive operation in Donbass scheduled for March 2022.”

They show Kiev’s purported intent to resolve issues with Donetsk and Lugansk “by political and diplomatic means” were bald-faced Big Lies.

The regime plotted large-scale cross-border aggression all along, including by use of Nazified battalions.

A Final Comment

Germany’s economy is especially dependent on Russian oil and gas.

On Tuesday, its foreign minister Annalena Baerbock said the following:

“A third of our oil imports come from Russia.” 

“If we stopped these straight away, then tomorrow we would not be able to move in Germany anymore.”

“We are trying to do everything we can to stop this war.”

At this time, it’s “unstoppable” — because Moscow’s special military operation will continue until Ukraine is demilitarized and deNazified, she failed to explain.

On Monday, chancellor Olaf Scholz said Russian oil and gas are “essential” for Germany.

The same reality applies to other European countries.

Their “supply of energy for heat generation, mobility, power supply and industry cannot be secured in any other way.”

“It is therefore of essential importance for the provision of public services and the daily lives of our citizens.”

Yet Scholz shot Germany and Europe in the foot by suspending certification of Nord Stream 2.

Able to supply Germany and other European countries with 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually, no natural gas shortage on the continent would exist if Berlin permitted it to operate.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Why is Russia..rather,
    Russian Atlanticists..

    Fulfilling their Contract to the Letter

    with the same people who are planning to drop Nukes on Russia in the “Late Summer?”


    Are called ZIONISTS in USA.

    Did Stalin continue to sell Nazi.Germany Oil in the Middle of WWII..


    Did the USA let Henry Ford keep selling trucks to Hitler..?


    During and after WWII
    Didn’t the USA Press Felony

    Against the
    Bush Crime Family

    Under the
    Trading with the Enemy Act…?

    But for some reason
    The Leaders of Russia

    Continue to help The USA
    In every way possible.

    I ask as a 8 yr old would

    No way to sugercoat it.

    Can’t you get your money grubbing Zios…

    I mean Atlanticists to at least sell it to China..?

    What’s wrong with that?

    Here Bluto, said Popeye
    Let’s make sure that your
    B-52 carrying the nukes


    Let’s make sure you have everything you need…

    Atlanticists don’t give a
    Flying Fux about Russia..

    They’ll destroy Russia just like they’ve already destroyed USA.

    A Cancer as virulent and poisonous as the Nazis
    In the Avov Battalion..

    But 1000 times worse..
    Russia is sleeping with the Enemy.

    Stop helping the Serial Killers

    Stop selling them everything
    Palladium, Fertilizer, oil..etc


    The Russian Zio says,
    ” But we’re not at War with the USA..!”


    Hey Sheldon,. they’re at War with you..

    Well maybe not you..
    You have a pad in Miami Beach

    But they’re at War with Russians.

    Genocide, in a Word.

    The Capitalist Ruling Class

    Is carrying out GENOCIDE
    On the American People

    And Russia simultaneously.

    Dear Russia..
    Dearest Russia..

    Still Home of the Glorious and Heroic Soviet People..

    Their prodigy still lives..

    Here’s some immediate Remedies that will offset some of the financial terrorism.of your “Colleagues” in the West.

    1)…In Hawaii in WWII
    The US Gov printed special dollar Bills…pink and blue..

    Different than the Greenback

    In case Hawaii fell to the Japanese..etc

    A Ruble that can purchase goods

    And a Ruble that can purchase Services can be helpful

    The Services Ruble can given to the state later..

    by the Service Provider and restructure a satisfying payment for the bearer.

    2)… Don’t need the
    chump Champ from Energy Sales..

    Foreign currency..

    When you can put commodities into an IPO and collateralize against them or sell in the International Capital Markets in
    Asia, South America and Africa.

    Half the World.

    3)..Close the Northern Sea
    Want to save 4 or 5 days

    Not to mention much Safer..

    On your Container Ships w $500,000,000 per ship
    In Cargo..

    Pay the Russians
    $ 10 Million a pop..

    100 ships a month
    Keeps the Lights on.

    Good Luck Russia.
    You’re gonna Win

    All the Gods
    And all of History

    And the Entire World

    Wants you to destroy the Temple of SATAN.

    What …but


  2. Mr Lendman

    Post Script:


    Germany’s FM Baerbock ..

    “Said they’re doing everything they can to stop the War..”

    What .. by kissing Satan’s balls

    As the Psycho Killers on
    Wall St and J Street

    Puts every Sanction known to Nuremberg War Criminals..

    Sending Weapons to Nazis ttge Ukraine

    Killing NORD STEAM II
    so Sammy can sell you LNG

    A)..But you don’t even have unloading facilities anywhere at the Ports in Germany to get it..

    B)…And the USA already qvetching they don’t have enough for USA…

    They’re gonna be fulfilling your Energy Needs for a Century?

    At what Price, and at what price madam…

    What price…

    5 to 7 times the Price to the Consumer..

    Right now

    That’s the Special Price
    For the German People

    Who you supposedly represent?

    After you turned down

    Because Nazis were building Bio Weapons Labs..

    Ms Baerboch..with your lies..
    So absurd
    So Twisted..
    So lame

    You make the Original German Nazis..

    Goebbels look like a Novice..
    A Cub Scout…

    And so Pathetic.

    Ms Baerboch…
    You and your Nazi supporting gang of Nazi Lite..

    ( We support Nazis 100%..
    But we don’t enjoy it..

    And we feel so ashamed
    So embarrassed
    Because we know better..

    We tell lies..
    First to ourselves

    Then to the German People

    I leave out Lying to the Press
    because the German Nazi Press

    Doesn’t ask any questions either..
    OG Real Nazis..


    A ln assortment of Plagues and Poxs that would shock the hell out of Dr. Mengele..

    And not One Nazi Pig
    Not One German Nazi Pig

    Not one Zio Controlled
    German Nazi Pig in the
    German Nazi Press..

    Asked the Jewish Nazi

    Even one question..

    About the Seriousness
    Of the Discovery.

    Because it hurts the Russians.
    Because it’s used to murder innocent Russians.

    You Ms Baerboch
    Are a Nazi to the core..

    Hitler’s Dream still in your eyes.
    You’ve learned nothing.

    Ms Baerboch..

    You and your Nazi Supporters are despicable.


    That’s how criminal you are..



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