Vladimir Putin’s Straight Talk on Ukraine

Addressing why he authorized intervention in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin explained the following:

Thing didn’t begin with the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup.

But replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested tyranny escalated the US/Western threat to Russia’s security significantly.

It could not be ignore, an action that led to today’s crisis.

Planned well in advance, the Obama/Biden regime “spent $5 billion on it,” Putin stressed, adding:

“(S)hortly before the coup, foreign ministers of three countries came to Kiev in 2014…” 

They “signed an agreement with the Ukrainian government, acting as guarantors of this agreement, to ensure that the situation would be developing in the political sphere.” 

“(N)othing like that occurred.” 

“They organized a coup d’état and supported the perpetrators.” 

“What followed were the well-known events related Crimea and…Donbass, where people refused to support the coup.”

Refusing to support the coup, wanting democratic rule over fascist tyranny, they exercised their international law right of self-determination and broke away.

What followed was US-orchestrated and directed cold war by Kiev against Crimea and endless hot war on Donbass.

Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements were agreed on by both sides – then breached by Kiev on orders from its higher power in Washington.

Russia did everything possible to pursue peace and stability.

Vladimir Putin and other Kremlin official support “the territorial integrity of Ukraine” as well as the interests of their people.

“What do they demand?”

“Nothing but the basic things: the right to speak their mother tongue, Russian, and maintain their traditions and culture.” 

“These were by no means extraordinary demands.” 

Yet Crimea and Donbass residents “were put under economic blockade.”

They were “disconnected from the banking system.”

“Their supplies of food were stopped.”

“Payments of their pensions and social assistance were suspended.” 

“Approximately 13,000-14,000 people (of Donbass) have been killed during these years.” 

“Over 500 children have been killed or injured.” 

“What is particularly intolerable is that the so-called ‘civilized’ West…look(ed) the other way.” 

“All these years…Eight years!”

“The Kiev authorities (said) openly and publicly that they are not going to fulfill the Minsk agreements.”

“They said it on TV screens and online.”

“They (said it) on the record

“All this time, Russia has been accused of not fulfilling the agreements.”

“This is simply nonsense, the theater of the absurd.”

“White is called black and black is called white.” 

“Lately, things got even worse.”

“More and more often, we hear that Ukraine would be admitted into NATO.” 

“Do you understand what this could lead to? Or can lead to still?

NATO is all for one and one for all.

If one member state goes to war, others must support it.

If Ukraine was admitted to NATO, continued war on Donbass, then “move(d) on to Crimea, Russia would defend its sovereign territory.

“Do you understand the consequences,” Putin asked?

If Russia responded to aggression by a NATO member in defense of its territorial integrity, global war 3.0 could follow if other alliance regimes got involved.

Another major threat to Russia’s security is talk in Kiev “about developing nuclear weapons.”

“We cannot possibly ignore such things, particularly considering that we know how the so-called West behaves with regard to Russia,” Putin stressed, adding: 

“First, Ukraine has some nuclear competence left from the Soviet time.”

“As far as enrichment and nuclear material are concerned, they would be able to organize that work.” 

They have missiles” able to deliver nuclear weapons. 

They’d likely be aided by US-dominated NATO to more greatly threaten Russia. 

Its Western “adversaries would (no longer) need intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

They’d threaten Russia’s annihilation from locations near its borders. 

“How could we disregard such a thing?”

“These are absolutely real threats, not some far-fetched silly fantasy.”

“Our boys who are now fighting and risking their lives, they are fighting and giving their lives for our future, for the future of our children. “

Explaining what’s gone on since Feb. 24, Putin said the following:

Russia recognized the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass.

Putin wants their people protected.

Achieving this aim requires ending 8 years of perpetual war.

Russia’s security depends on accomplishing this objective.

Achieving it depends on demilitarizing Ukraine’s war machine, deNazifying the country, and restoring its independent status — free from NATO involvement.

Ukraine’s Constitution states that it will not join NATO.

For Russia, it’s a red line it won’t permit Ukraine to cross.

DeNazification of Ukraine includes no longer permitting its elements into the nation’s military.

It means no more march of thousands “with torches and swastikas on streets…like what happened in Nazi Germany?” 

It’s happen(ing) in Ukraine” — supported by the US-controlled regime.

“Do we support those who killed the Russians, Jews, or the Poles during the war,” Putin asked? 

“Do we hail them as heroes? But in Ukraine, they do.”

Note how many foreign nationals were taken hostage as human shields by Nazified battalions in Ukrainian cities — “over 6,000 young people.”

Russia is trying to help them.

“We already observe the presence of (US/NATO deployed) militants from the Middle East and some European countries” in Ukraine. 

“We know about them. We hear them speak on radio.”

“They are using so-called jihad-mobiles, i.e. cars stuffed with explosives, which they drive towards the Russian troops.” 

“But they do not achieve anything, and they will fail in the end.” 

“Who are they, then, if not neo-Nazis? By such actions, they are destroying their own country and their own statehood.”

At the same time, US/Western sanctions on Russia “are close to a declaration of war.”

They’re all about wanting to significantly harm Russia’s economy and people.

Making it scream is an expression Richard Nixon used when waging war on democratic Chile in the early 1970s.

Russia is helping Donbass by demilitarizing Ukrainian troops in its territory.

Its forces are taking great care to avoid civilian casualties in theaters of combat.

Putin has no doubt that Russia’s demilitarization campaign will succeed.

Things are going as planned, he stressed.


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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Oh Please.
    Dear God..Pres Putin..

    Holy shit…

    You lost 90% of Americans by the 2nd paragraph.

    Could you just
    ( Start with the Chase Scene)

    Say this…takes 30 seconds

    ” “Then Zelensky said he was gonna start Making Nuclear Bombs..

    Right on our Doorstep..

    Mind you not only does he have the technology to make Nukes

    But also the precise technology deliver them on ICBM’S

    That we left them with…!’

    So these are not idle threats.


    IMAGINE Mexico

    Becoming a Vicious Enemy
    And putting nuclear weapons

    on ICBM’S …

    in Nuevo Laredo or
    Juarez or Tijuana..?

    Giving us no time to react..
    To Nuclear Weapons…
    Killing tens of millions..

    we all remember Cuba..!”

    The End.

    For American Simpletons

    Enough said
    Sounds fair.

    Point made.

    Pres Putin..
    Do a second Speech for nthe Duma or World Press.

    Realize the TV medium is completely different
    Than Speaking to the Duma

    TV is Talkspeak
    10 or 20 second Blurbs



    The Proletariat can only remember one or two points.

    Choose two from three or Four Silver Bullets..

    And shoot fast and straight..
    That’s the winning DNA.

    BTW..your Press Guy is absolutely terrible..

    You should know that.
    Already have 100 Talking Heads on the market.

    Whoever, he is Peshcov maybe..
    A nice Friendly smile a
    And demeanor

    Then all down hill.

    Mealy mouth
    Dribble after the long wordy text you gave..

    He should be summarizing and motivating…in ten twenty words or less.

    Essentially only adding one or two shakes of the Spices on top

    Cuz, pal..

    You lost 50% of the
    American Proletariat in
    The first ten or 20 seconds

    You need to reach them.


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