Fake News Russian Attack on a Mariupol Hospital

The hospital in question was transformed into a platform for war-making by Nazified Ukrainian forces.

More on this below.

Fabricated claims about an attack by Russian forces on a Mariupol hospital reflect more indisputable proof that the first casualty of war is truth.

Reinventing reality on the ground, the Biden regime falsely accused Russia of what it called the “barbaric use of military force to go after innocent civilians (sic).”

Britain’s bozo BoJo turned truth on its head, tweeting:

“(T)here are few things more depraved than targeting the vulnerable and defenseless (sic).”

And this from US-installed puppet Zelensky:

“What kind of a country is Russia, that it is afraid of hospitals and maternity wards and destroys them (sic).”

In lockstep with regimes they serve as propaganda press agents, MSM regurgitated the above rubbish in their own words:

Some examples:

Fake news proliferator NYT:

Russian forces “damaged and destroyed buildings at a hospital complex in the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, including a maternity ward (sic).”

WaPo fake news headlined: “Ukraine condemns hospital airstrike…injuring at least 17 staff members and patients (sic).”

WSJ: “Russian Airstrike Hits Maternity Hospital (sic).”

The Journal quoted fake news by Mariupol’s deputy mayor, Serhiy Orlov, saying:

“They want to kill as many civilians as possible (sic).”

“They will not allow for evacuation  (sic).” 

“They deliberately target lines for water and food.”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news: 

“Russian strike devastates a maternity hospital in Mariupol (sic).”

MSM across the board regurgitated the above rubbish.

The same goes for UN secretary general Guterres, a notorious UN Charter-breaching imperial tool, tweeting the following — as likely ordered by his higher power in Washington:

“Today’s attack on a hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, where maternity & children’s wards are located, is horrific (sic).

Civilians are paying the highest price for a war that has nothing to do with them (sic).

This senseless violence must stop (sic).

End the bloodshed now (sic).”

Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov set the record straight as follows, saying:

“The servicemen of the Donetsk People’s Republic continue tightening their encirclement of Mariupol.” 

Nazified “(m)ilitants of the Azov and Aidar nationalist battalions are delivering fire on the people’s militia units…from positions equipped in schools, hospitals, maternity homes and kindergartens.”

Russia’s Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky tweeted the following:

“That’s how #Fakenews is born.” 

“We warned in our statement back on 7 March (https://russiaun.ru/en/news/070322n) that this hospital has been turned into a military object by radicals.” 

“Very disturbing that UN spreads (mis)information without verification.”

Separately, Konashenkov warned of the following:

“On the night of March 9, (Nazified) Ukrainian nationalists delivered about 80 tons of ammonia to the populated locality of Zolochev, northwest of Kharkov.” 

“According to those locals who fled Zolochev, nationalists had been training them how to act in a chemical weapons attack.” 

“All this proves that Ukrainian nationalists are preparing a provocation involving poisonous substances to blame Russia for the alleged use of chemical weapons.”

Russia’s OPCW envoy Alexander Shulgin warned of a planned “provocation” by Nazified Ukrainian forces, saying:

It’s “being readied at the experimental (nuclear) reactor in Kharkov,” adding:

Ukraine’s OPCW representative “tr(ied) to present the case as if Russia was on the verge of generating a terribly perilous situation with radioactive contamination on the ground.”

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister, Nikolay Pankov, said that Nazified Ukrainian forces staged an “extremely dangerous provocation” by attacking a substation and power lines that provide the mothballed Chernobyl nuclear power plant with electricity, adding:

“At the moment the Ukrainian side is doing everything possible to avoid the organization of repair and restoration work.” 

“In our opinion, this once again confirms the absolutely deliberate and provocative character of the actions of the nationalists.”

“We would like to emphasize and warn that any disruption of the work of compressor stations, or provocations against them, is the responsibility of Ukrainian” regime.

“This is their contractual obligation…the responsibility of the Ukrainian side.”

On Wednesday, Ukrainian energy operator Ukrenergo explained that Chernobyl was “fully disconnected from the power grid.” 

Ongoing fighting made it impossible “to restore the lines.”

Note: Mothballed Chernobyl is 100 km north of Kiev, 10 km from the Belarusian border.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, noted Russian military analyst Andrei Martyanov explained the following:

Mopping up operations by Russian forces continue in Mariupol.

Ukrainian “Nazis are being driven closer to the city center…”

“(T)hey have no chances because Mariupol is completely blocked by (Donbass) LDNR and Russian forces.”

“(A)ll those pathetic (US/Western) speculations about ‘slowing down’ are propaganda and sophomoric BS.”

“Everything is being done to minimize civilian losses in a face of terrorist tactics of using innocent civilians.”

Russia’s demilitarization campaign is proceeding as planned.

Its “operation will be studied in military academies around the world for many decades to come.”

“It is something absolutely unique in scale, scope and surgical precision.”

Nazified Ukrainian forces are besieged in “caldrons of isolated formations, which are without centralized control and are being (steadily) reduced” by superior Russian capabilities.


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  1. Mr Lendman

    I would humbly suggest this strategy for debunking the Constant lies ..

    Spend 10% of the Time debunking the Lie de jour

    Should be one or two Bug Whoppers every day..

    “USA the Home of the Whopper
    And the Lone Gunman..!”

    Spend 10% if the time on those

    And 90% showing film on Aleppo, Raqqa, Fallujah, Yemen etc..

    The Sordid history of coups
    On every continent

    from Honduras, to Guatamala
    To Chile to Iran… etc

    The former US Military Torture Academy in Columbus Georgia


    Oh and stories like Babies being thrown out of incubation

    Onto the floor.

    Pictures accompanying the
    Mile Long Rap Sheet

    They pictures say it all.


  2. DuckDuckGo has begun their censorship as announced by the CEO and founder in this twitter thread: https://twitter.com/yegg/status/1501716484761997318?s=20&t=KO1BhTxYvwnirjPRHIvI2w

    This was a comment in the thread: “JUST IN: EU sanctions against Russia *require* search engines and social media companies to suppress and/or disappear Russian news outlets.”

    Rumble shadow banned one of my comments to a Sarah Westall video. Rumble also had some propaganda up which would not allow register a downvote.

    And everything you have ever been told is a lie.


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