The Most Intense War of Words in Modern Memory

Russia bashing lies, lies and more of the same go on daily.

Hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states, colonized Ukraine and MSM co-conspirators proliferate them.

Interventionist Blinken is a notorious offender.

On Wednesday alone, he lied calling Russia’s special military operation “unprovoked (sic).”

Ignored were years US/NATO anti-Russia provocations — notably the expansion of NATO’s war-making machine eastward to its borders with intent to surround the country menacingly with hostile forces.

Blinken also ignored the Obama/Biden regime’s transformation of democratic Ukraine into a tyrannical, Nazi-infested threat to Russia’s security along its border.

He said nothing about years of US/Western sanctions war on Russia — escalated to an unparalleled level since its demilitarization and deNazification campaign began.

Longstanding US policy calls for transforming nations free from its control (including Russia, 

China and Iran) into subservient vassal states by brute force if lesser tactics fail.

Blinken’s Russia bashing on Wednesday left no bald-faced Big Lie behind about the country and its preeminent leadership.

He lied accusing Russian forces of “destroying…critical infrastructure” of Ukrainian cities.

He lied saying their residents were left “without water…food and medicine.”

He lied claiming that Russia “prevents people from safely” leaving cities.

He lied calling humanitarian corridors established by Russia “absurd.”

Ignoring great care by Russia to protect civilians, he lied accusing its forces of “demonstrating disregard for their lives.”

He lied accusing Moscow of “threat(ening) international peace and security.”

He lied about Iran at the same time, falsely saying:

The US and UK “share a grave concern about Iran’s nuclear advances” — ignoring their full compliance with international law and JCPOA provisions.

He insulted Iran — again — by roaring:

“We are committed to ensuring that Iran can never acquire a nuclear weapon (sic).”

Ignored was Iran’s abhorrence of these weapons, wanting them eliminated everywhere before they eliminate us.

Separately, as blowback from US/Western sanctions war on Russia hits businesses and consumers, dementia Joe’s impersonator defied reality by saying “Russia is responsible (sic).”

Referring to the record-high cost of gasoline — notably after US imports of Russian oil and gas were banned — the White House turned truth on its head by calling it “Putin’s price hike.”

Russia is far from “cancelled” as NYT fake news claimed.

Nor is Vladimir Putin “isolated” by unparalleled demonization of a preeminent leader by the US/West and its MSM echo chamber.

Farcical White House press secretary Psaki ignored documented evidence of US war department funded Ukrainian bio-lab involved in developing bioweapons.

She lied claiming that hegemon USA is in “full compliance” with its obligations under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions.

The US has a long disturbing history of using chemical, biological, radiological and other banned weapons against invented enemies.

Stockpiles are maintained for use in warfare, including deadly choking, blister, blood and nerve agents.

Use of depleted uranium weapons and mass-jabbing with toxins gravely harmed countless tens of thousands of US military personnel.

The Obama/Biden regime’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) “reserve(d) the right (to use nuclear weapons) that may be warranted by the evolution and proliferation of the biological weapons threat and US capacities to counter that threat.”

Preemptive use of nukes against invented enemies remains hard-wired US policy.

Russia long ago eliminated its chemical and biological weapons as required by international law.

Psaki lied claiming otherwise. 

She lied claiming that “we should all be on the lookout for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or to create a false-flag operation using them (sic).”

All of the above has been longstanding US policy throughout its history — an odious record of contempt for the rule of law and fundamental human rights.

One thought on “The Most Intense War of Words in Modern Memory

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I suggest Russia immediately Empanel a World Renowned

    Team of Scientists, Experts, Journalists and Scholars.

    First person to come to mind is
    Scott Ritter..

    He’s an expert in a Related field
    But people of that caliber.

    A Broad Based Panel comprised of Experts
    from all over the World.

    Not only to Investigate the Ukraine

    But certainly demand

    Open Up Ft Detrick..

    A Million Examples…
    literally 1000s of Nasty shit..

    But here’s three…

    the Swine Flu that the CIA used in Cuba

    That Philip Agee described in his book…”Working for the Company”

    Then corroborated by Sen Goldwater, Sen Fullbright & the Church Committee..

    Came Straight outta Detrick.,

    2001..the Anthrax Cheney used came straight outta Detrick

    In the 1980s…the Sarin gas used in Iraq blamed on Saddam.

    Came Straight outta Detrick, baby..!


    This endeavor, mind you
    Is a Hydra Headed

    Is by it’s configuration
    A born hunting dog..

    Deadly Pathogens

    Wait ..besides our Rancid
    DOD Research…

    Was Big Pharm involved..?
    Where do all the patents lead ?

    Where’s the Beef..?

    Today …on Planet of the Apes

    Psaki told us nothing is there

    About the Stuff Nuland is worried that the Russians
    might get the stuff…


    Can’t make this shit up..

    Remember on 911

    The Gangsters
    Said they scrambled their Jets

    But the timeline.dictated,
    then the Jets flew at less then 400 mph …

    So the Gangsters changed their story 100 % the next day..

    And Said
    .” Sorry we didn’t actually Scramble the Jets…!

    But… but…but…
    Why didn’t you..?

    Eight days later..guess what?
    Air Force remembered



    Planet of the Apes..!

    Giving Lectures to the Russians

    And Amazingly

    it deeply affects the Russians..

    Rather than making them laugh
    Uproariously at Heroin Pushers

    At Abu Ghraib Buttfuxers..
    Giving Lectures..


    Rather than laughing
    At THE PIGS…

    Who are now walking upright on their hind legs..

    The Russians seem to be mollified by their Horseshit.


    Napoleon once said,

    “The only thing that astonishrd him Warfare..

    Was that grown men would kill themselves in Battle to Wear

    a little medal on their Chest…!”


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