The Scourge of US/NATO’s Support for Nazi-Infested Tyranny in Ukraine

US-installed fascist tyranny along Russia’s border has been responsible for shocking crimes of war, against humanity, and atrocities since usurping power by coup d’etat in 2014.

Along with countless other crimes throughout 8 years of cross-border aggression, the ruling regime in Kiev harvested hearts, kidneys, livers, and other organs from bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers and Donbass residents for profit.

Mass graves discovered them along with bodies of other Donbass civilians and freedom fighters.

Last month, Russian lower house State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin slammed the Kiev regime as follows, saying:

“Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal case over the brutality committed against the civilian population, and these means and methods during armed conflicts are prohibited based on international accords.”

“Kiev’s crimes are swept under the rug by (its ruling regime), Washington and Brussels.” 

“We see no condemnations or investigations of (these) crimes against humanity.” 

“We are talking about the deaths of people during the 2014 coup d’etat, when the Trade Union House in Odessa was set ablaze and during the punitive operations in Donbass” and what occurred in its aftermath.

“If this is not genocide, then what is?”

“Instead of condemnation and a desire to get to the bottom of the matter, lawmakers from European parliaments, PACE…the OSCE (and Biden regime) stick their heads in the sand and ignore Nuremberg-level criminality.

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry last month, evidence of mass graves and other Kiev regime atrocities was shared with Germany to no avail.

A nation guilty of its own Nazified past ignored what demanded accountability for high crimes too grievous to ignore.

The same information sent to US secretary general Guterres was responded to dismissively by his spokesman, saying:

“We have no way of verifying this one way or another (sic).”

Like his predecessors, Guterres is an imperial tool.

Installed by hegemon USA to serve its interests, he disgraces the office he holds.

Instead of complying with UN Charter principles, he breaches them by supporting what demands condemnation.

Instead of opposing US aggression, he supports it by failing to denounce what no one should be silent about.

Instead of supporting victims of aggression, he tacitly backs the perpetrators by failing to demand accountability for their high crimes.

Instead of denouncing 8 years of US/NATO orchestrated and directed  aggression by Kiev on Donbass, his silence showed support. 

Time and again, he’s been indifferent toward victims of US/NATO direct and proxy aggression.

In response to hard evidence of atrocities committed by Ukrainian forces, including use of banned weapons, the Biden regime dismissed it as “false allegations (sic).”

Weeks earlier, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said “most civilians who died in” Donbass were killed defending their territory or “tortured to death” by the Kiev regime — notably by nationalist extremists.

In Donetsk and Lugansk, mass graves continue to be found — including documented evidence of atrocities by Nazified thugs.

Supplied by the US/West, Ukrainian forces began using banned “phosphorus munitions on a massive scale near the Gostomel airdrome in Kiev’s suburbs” in late February, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Konashenkov reported, adding: 

“They fired 122-millimeter shells with D-30 howitzers and missiles for BM-21 Grad multiple launchers of Soviet manufacture.”

“Use of phosphorous munitions is prohibited under the third protocol of the 1980 UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.”

Weeks earlier, Ukrainian forces used incendiary weapons against Donbass, the Donetsk News Agency saying:

“Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire from 120-mm mortars from the positions located in the living area of the Vodyanoye settlement on the area of the Leninskoye settlement, launching 12 incendiary mines.” 

“We note that the enemy has used this type of weapon for the first time since July 27, when additional measures were enforced.”

On Wednesday, Russia’s Konashenkov said “90% of Ukrainian military airstrips that hosted the bulk of combat aviation crew have been eliminated.” 

“There are almost no trained first-class and second-class Ukrainian pilots left.”

When Russia’s special military operation began on Feb. 24, “Ukrainian Armed Forces had up to 250 operational combat planes and helicopters.” 

“Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed 89 combat planes and 57 helicopters, both on the ground and in the air,” adding:

Some Ukrainian planes moved to Romania and remain uninvolved in combat action.

If reenter Ukrainian airspace, they’ll be downed straightaway by Russia’s air defenses or warplanes.

As of March 9, Russian forces destroyed 2,786 military targets so far, including 953 tanks and other armored vehicles, 101 multipole rocket launchers, 351 field artillery pieces and mortars, 718 special motor vehicles and 93 drones, Konashenkov explained.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained that Nazified forces continue to prevent trapped Ukrainian citizens and foreign nationals from leaving Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities, adding:

“(I)nformation about humanitarian corridors is deliberately not being publicized.” 

“Individuals seeking to leave for Russia are forced to evacuate westward.” 

“There were cases when nationalists shot local citizens who wanted to leave the areas of hostilities.”

“We are well aware that Ukrainian forces are supported by extremists, who until recently were legally formed into nationalist paramilitary battalions.”

They’re “an integral part of Ukraine’s armed forces” — supported by Kiev and the regime’s US/NATO paymasters.

3 thoughts on “The Scourge of US/NATO’s Support for Nazi-Infested Tyranny in Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Russia suing for Peace.
    Half Way thru the Big Muddy..

    And Lavrovs
    waiting like Pavlov’s
    Gottdamn dog…

    We’re in a Time Warp like the
    ” Rocky Horror Picture Show”

    As someone said..

    As I was coming into the Broadcast Booth..

    The Gangsters are setting up another Syria in the Ukraine.

    Another al Tanf,
    Carving out a Ft Apache

    And another Long guerilla insurgency replete with
    Imported ISIS Terrorists.

    Putin will be forced to take all of the Ukraine to squelch the insurgency.

    A wasteful tragic
    Protracted endeavor.

    Of course,.you can bank on the Zios to be Zios..

    “Oye..with Friends like that..
    Who needs Enemies…”

    ( Visualize the picture
    of Putin with Israeli PM
    Naffy Bennett last week..?

    His pal…the Zionist…)

    News Flash..

    While Zelensky plays possum
    He brings on Zionist Nazis from Israel.

    Part of the IDF Golani Division

    is now in the Ukraine to help the UKRAINIAN NAZIS

    kill Russian Soldiers..!
    More on the way.


    ( Anyone Gambling on Sports
    Played outdoors..

    Always knows the Weather
    Before he puts down a nickel.

    I must add immediately
    Today is the 10th

    Russian soldiers have been sleeping in their vehicles
    All metal freezing refrigerators

    In the Sub Zero temperature for 14 days..

    Fatigue, Lethargy and rigimortis set in.

    “Fatigue makes Cowards of All Men..!”

    Vince Lombardi

    HEADS UP..

    Weather Ahead calls for
    -10 C …and Snow and Fog..

    The Perfect condition for an ambush of the Convoy.

    The Uks.hsve been waiting for this..

    They’ll come out of the Forest
    Shrouded in the Fog and Snow

    Midnight Hours..
    Or 5-6 am when you’re sound asleep..


    Gonna Snow for three days.
    May come any of the three.

    They are requisitioning your line continuously..

    They Probably
    plan on hitting you in Several spots..

    Shortest Clearing to the Forest Line for better escape..

    Or bridges and canals.

    A success will be Dramatic to the World.

    It will be their
    Ticonderoga Moment.

    A)..Put out a hidden parimerer
    Explosives with trip wires

    Radio patrol.
    Well rotated
    Also some decoy shit.

    B)..Put the gottdamn vehicles in Defensive Positive

    Conestoga Wagon Train
    Diamond Back, etc

    Left alone one by one
    Stray Doagies

    Is What the Wolf is looking for

    3)…Get Air Cover
    But stay out of Manpad Range

    This will be the most effective
    time for their use..
    They know that.

    D)…the troops should be well rested right now .
    But in time intervals

    Half the Guys sleep in the Daytime..
    Who will be able to stay up at night.

    LASTLY… Never forget you’re on their territory..

    “Red Army Soldiers..
    Fight Together..
    Or Die…!”

    Good Luck


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