Empire of Lies Threatens China

Biden regime commerce secretary Gina Raimondo vowed to act strongly against nations that defy its illegal anti-Russia export controls, saying:

“We have a plan and we’re serious about it.”

“We have ways to enforce this, even against countries like China who aren’t going along with our export controls.”

If Chinese firms maintain normal trade ties with Russia — according to the rule of law — they’ll likely face Biden regime sanctions.

According to Raimondo, the empire of lies can shut down  Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) and other Chinese firms by cutting them off from US tech exports.

Last April in response to Biden regime sanctions on Russia, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the following:

“To wantonly resort to unilateral sanctions or the threat of sanctions in international relations constitute power politics and hegemonic bullying.”

“Such behavior is rejected more and more by the international community.”

“Russia and the US are both permanent members of the UN Security Council and major powers with important global influence.”

“Both shoulder important responsibilities for international peace and security.”

“We hope relevant parties will resolve differences through consultation and dialogue.”

In late February, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said the following on whether Beijing would sanction Russia:

“You are asking whether China will also introduce sanctions against Russia?” 

“Obviously, you are lacking the basic understanding of China’s government’s policy.”

“The position of the Chinese government is that we think that the introduction of sanctions has never been the best way to resolve a problem.”

“China has been consistently against any illegitimate unilateral sanctions.”

Around the same time, China’s embassy in Moscow called hegemon USA “the real threat to the world,” adding:

Since WW II, the Pentagon bombed over 20 countries and threatened numerous others.

On March 2, Chairman of China’s Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Guo Shuqing, said the following:

“We do not condone unilaterally introduced sanctions.”

“We will not side with such sanctions.” 

“We will continue supporting normal trade-economic and financial exchanges with relevant parties.”

At the same time, China’s Commerce Minister Wang Wentao made similar comments, suggesting no change in Beijing’s trade relations with Moscow.

On Wednesday, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian said “(w)hen considering the Ukraine issue and relations with Russia, the US should strictly take China’s concern into account and prevent the infringement of China’s rights and interests.” 

“China will take all the necessary measures to resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese entities and individuals.” 

On Thursday, Zhao said the following on how Beijing would respond if sanctioned by the Biden regime:

“In the process of settling relations with the Russian Federation, the US is not entitled to impose so-called sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals.”

“Otherwise, China will provide a resolute and serious response.”

Sanctions imposed by the “US create more headaches” economically and politically.

Announced by its General Administration of Customs in late February, China lifted all wheat import restrictions on Russia, the world’s largest exporter of the commodity.

At the same time, China’s envoy to Russia Ahang Hanhui said “(w)e  are pleased to see that the Russian government is expanding its use of the yuan in trade settlements, and is purchasing yuan-denominated financial products and reserve currencies.”

Both countries are increasingly trading in their own currencies, bypassing dollar transactions.

When Vladimir Putin met with Xi Jinping at the Beijing Winter Olympics last month, 10 bilateral deals were signed.

They included 100 million more metric tons of crude oil and increased deliveries of natural gas.

At the time, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences senior fellow Lu Xiang said he expects no disruption in bilateral trade and other relations between Beijing and Moscow in light of what’s happening on the world stage, adding:

“China is willing to assist Russia in maintaining its economy.”

“(I)n the meantime will mitigate risks by maintaining dialogues with Europe.”

In 2021, Sino/Russian trade increased 35.8% year-over-year to a record high of $149.9 billion.

Over a third of it was energy related.

Both countries have a goal of increasing bilateral trade to around $250 billion by 2025.

Maintaining normal trade relations will go a long way toward achieving this aim.

A Final Comment

On Thursday, Zhou said the following:

“Those who accused China of standing on the sidelines on the Ukraine issue should ask themselves these questions:” 

“What roles have they played in this crisis?” 

“Who pushed for NATO’s expansion eastward for five times?” 

“Who have fueled the situation in Ukraine and hyped up and escalated the tension for months and allowed it to spiral out of control?”

“On the Ukraine issue, China has been independently making decisions in the spirit of objectivity and fairness and based on the merits of the matter itself.” 

“China has been playing a constructive part in promoting peace talks.”

“(W)ielding the big stick of sanctions cannot solve the Ukraine issue.” 

“(R)ather than addressing the problem, sanctions create new problems.” 

“Apart from economic loss on multiple sides, sanctions will disrupt the process of political settlement and are truly ‘nonconstructive.’ ” 

In dealings with Russia, the US should not impose so-called sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction on Chinese companies and individuals or undermine the legitimate rights and interests of China.”

“Otherwise, China will make a strong and resolute response.

On Thursday, China’s official People’s Daily said the following:

“Attempting to shift Washington’s responsibility for instigating the Ukraine crisis, US politicians and media fabricated false information about the conflict to mislead the world and blame China, once again laying bare America’s nature as a notorious empire of lies.”

“To preserve its hegemony, the US must invent falsehoods.”

“These (include a fabricated pretext to invade Iraq in 2003.”

Hegemon USA “plays the same tricks on China.” 

“To contain China, the US smeared the Asian country (with fake news about nonexistent)’ genocide,’ 

‘forced labor’ and labeled China’s firm actions to defend its legitimate interests as ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’ and economic coercion.’ ”

“Meanwhile, the US long employed its propaganda machine to peddle these lies.” 

“From films to media outlets, from NGOs to online spammers, different parts of the US propaganda chain cooperate closely to indoctrinate people worldwide with hollow and ideology-biased slogans and fallacies.”

I explained before and I’ll explain again what’s indisputable.

No nation inflicted more harm on more people over a longer duration than the empire of lies — by its forever war on humanity at home and worldwide.

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  1. https://t.me/TheCovidTruthNet/160 — 38 second video posted today on Telegram

    The WEF/UN/EU has taken control of the Ukraine only citizens that are vaccinated and get Digital ID will be eligible for monetary aid.

    VeteransToday is a good website to follow on the war and they will change vocabulary with there reporting on the Khazarian influence (mafia) as in WEF Klaus and Rothschilds.


  2. I have had two comments on live stream of Russian biolabs news conference sent to ether. Red Pill News on Rumble.


  3. Mr Lendman..

    Now we see the Western
    Holy Roman Empire
    Of Nazi Lies

    Has Chosen to kill itself.
    Commit Sepuku.

    I Rightly discerned a few years ago the Capitalist Ruling Class

    Is now Wearing A Death Mask
    Kamakazi Style..!

    Couldn’t find a quicker method of Destroying yourself..

    Gotta be insane to pick another fight…

    Another Trade War with China.
    Not only Mission Impossible

    But the Final Journey
    The Final Chapter of

    “Wreck of the Hesperus”

    Recall.. Don’s Trade War..?

    US Economy Shrunk and fuxed up all the US Supply Chains.

    Tore World Commerce in Half

    Layers and layers.
    Networks and connectivity
    Of a Century..

    Poof all torn up.

    The Biggest Wrecking Ball in 100 yr History.

    The Harbinger of Death
    The Angel of Death flutters above the Entire Western World

    Devoid of Leadership
    Devoid of a Plan.
    A plan Forward…that is

    Backwards, they do.
    Current Gangsters plan

    Is Genocide and Fascism on the American People

    Using Bio Weapons
    Poison Jabs..

    Destroying food production



    Johnny NutBolt
    Dr Love

    And PompAss Pimpio
    The Laughing Lying Fat Man

    Cheney’s Mad Men..
    Rex, Dog, McNut..

    All On Board for the Take Down

    And what happened..?
    USA lost any and all Growth

    NEGATIVE .5%

    And China..grew 3%

    About $2 or $3 TRILLION MORE..

    In spite of half of everything being rerouted..


    China..was the only Economy.in the World not Only too Grow..

    But Grow 6% during the Plandemic.

    The Worldwide Crisis
    Of Big Pharm Profits..

    Living in the dystopian
    Dr Fausti’s Neighborhood for three fuxin years..

    Hundreds of millions
    And Billions on the Sick List.

    USA..I find it patently absurd
    The Congressional Liars say,

    “They have to cut Covid Money to Give to the Ukraine..!”


    BTW ..the Nazis in the Ukraine
    Will see about half the Cash

    While Dirty Filthy Joe

    Passes out money to the Gang Members…!

    Barefoot Boy
    Popa Joe
    been robbing them for years


    One reflection noteworthy of the Coming Colony Collapse

    About 1/20 to 1/25
    College Grads get a job using their College Degree

    Once they Graduate..!

    Holy Fux..

    That’s why 1/2 the 30yr old
    Living at their Parents Home.

    Yet China now has the means to provide millions of new jobs for their college grads

    And in innovative, interesting new fields that pay extremely well.

    The Bang you get when you
    Supercharged your R&D..

    And infrastructure.

    So Dick Cheney is going to now

    On his Death Bed
    After His quadruple By Pass.

    Lied his heart out for 60 yrs
    Gonna pick a needless War with China..

    The Old Man..
    Republic is Dead

    A Ghoul sits in
    Pres George Washingtons Chair

    A Phantom
    A Spectre..

    The Real Joey is at Home watching Bonanza in his Pajamas

    The Puppet’s Puppet
    Joey is trying to remember his Gym Lock’s combinations.

    And NYT and WaPo
    And the State TV News..

    Tell us the Teamates of ISIS
    The proud USA
    ISIS the Official Provisional Wing of the US Military

    The USA..

    The King of Biological Warfare
    At Home and abroad..

    That we need to go to
    War with China !

    The Death Card..!

    China holds about $1.5 Trillion in US Treasury’s

    Drop about 1/2.on Wall St
    Tomorrow at 9:00am EST

    Hahahaha hahahaha



    As I have been yelling Wolf fir about a month or two

    Maybe a year or two.. Really.

    The Gangsters are going to flip their Currency

    Fux Everyone..

    Dirty Joe and Yellen talking about

    ” some kinda Crypto Dollar”


    That’s after the QE
    Printing Money so watered down..
    So fractionalized

    You don’t even see it.isnt that Crypto…when you can’t even see it..?”

    Need a Microscope..to see any paper..

    Sam’s IOU…!

    CHINA.. please be prudent
    ReCover some of your portfolio

    Enormous Powerful

    Alot of Eggs in one basket,
    Good Sirs..!

    Free Ride over for treacherous

    His Greenbacks


    See who’s pushing who around.

    The Gangsters will


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