Hegemon USA Funded and Controlled Bioweapons Development in Ukraine

Use of banned weapons in dirty wars on invented enemies is longstanding US policy.

Throughout the post-WW II period, its ruling regimes used chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons against one nation after another — from aggression against North Korea to ongoing conflicts to war on ordinary Americans and others abroad.

US biowarfare was waged to exterminate Native Americans by use of smallpox infected blankets.

Flu/covid mass-jabbing with health-destroying toxins is the most diabolical form of biowarfare by the US-dominated West domestically and worldwide — with intent to exterminate unwanted billions of “useless eaters.”

No one should be surprised by what  Russian forces discovered in Ukraine.

Documents found confirm US-funded development of deadly pathogens at dozens of Ukrainian bio-labs — including “plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov explained.

Development and/or use of bioweapons flagrantly breaches the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BMC) — abandoned by the Bush/Cheney regime in 2001.

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry explained the following:

Nazified “Ukrainian groups under (US) control prepared several potential scenarios (for) use of toxic chemicals in order to carry out various types of provocations.” 

“The objective of such actions is to accuse Russia of (using) chemical (and biological) weapons against the civil population” of Ukraine and Europe overall.

One of several tactical examples of planned use of deadly pathogens explained by Russia’s Foreign Ministry included the following:

On December 8 and 9, 2021, neo-Nazi “Ukrainian radicals delivered 200-liter metal barrels with foreign markings to the Donetsk Oblast.” 

When “unloaded, four Ukrainian soldiers received severe chemical bums and poisoning.”

US private military contractor Forward Observation Group coordinated and warehoused “delivery of hazardous freight” in Ukraine.

On December 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu explained the operations of hegemon USA’s chemical and biowarfare program in Ukraine.

On March 9, Ukrainian neo-Nazi troops delivered “80 tons of ammonium (to) Zolochov, northwest of Kharkov.”

The delivery was with intent to “use…the toxic chemical,” likely against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in Donbass.

At a special Security Council session on Friday, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia minced no words in explaining indisputable proof of hegemon USA’s use of Ukraine as a laboratory for waging biowarfare in Europe, saying the following:

“Russia called the (Friday Security Council) meeting (because) shocking facts came to light.”

The US-installed Kiev regime tried to conceal “traces of a military biological program that Kiev implemented with support of the US” war department.

Documents discovered by Russia in Ukraine “confirm(ed)” the existence of “at least 30 biological laboratories that host extremely dangerous biological experiments, aimed at enhancing the pathogen properties of plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera, and other lethal diseases with the help of synthetic biology.”

“Research results were sent to US military biological centers” at: 

The Pentagon’s “Army Medical Research Institute of Infections Diseases, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.”

The “US Naval Medical Research, and US Army Biological Warfare Labs (at) Fort Detrick.” 

The above facilities are “key hubs of” hegemon USA’s development and production of banned bioweapons.

Based on documented evidence found by Russian forces in Ukraine, Nebenzia explained several “most telling examples” of what’s been going on illegally, including the following:

A program to spread “particularly dangerous infections through migratory birds, including highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza… and Newcastle disease.”

Another project involved use of “bats…as carriers of” deadly bioweapons. 

“Project documents clearly indicate that the US actively financed (illegal) bio-projects in Ukraine.”

Experiments were conducted on “spreading of dangerous infectious diseases by ectoparasites – fleas and lice.”

Ukraine’s geographical location is “unique” in central Europe.

The country is “where transcontinental migration routes of potential carriers of dangerous diseases intersect.” 

Many routes “pass through…Russia and Eastern Europe.”

Documented evidence showed that “birds…ringed and released…were caught in Ivanovo and Voronezh regions of Russia.”

US-controlled bio-lab operations in Ukraine since 2014 “triggered an uncontrolled growing incidence of dangerous and economically relevant infections in” the country.

Notably “rubella, diphtheria, tuberculosis…swine flu (and disease with) symptoms similar to plague.”

Since 2014, outbreaks of measles in Ukraine increased “more than 100-fold.”

All of the above and much more “prove(d) the cynicism of Kiev’s Western patrons.”

Claiming that “they care for the fate of Ukrainians” proved hollow.

Nor do they give a damn about ordinary people in their own countries and everywhere else.

Documented evidence discovered by Russian forces in Ukraine provided indisputable proof that development of deadly pathogens has been financed and controlled by hegemon USA.

After Russia’s special military operation began on February 24, Ukrainian bio-lab personal were ordered by their US master to destroy evidence of what’s gone on.

Nebenzia explained that analysis of documents found by Russian forces shows that hundreds of containers with deadly pathogens were destroyed, adding:

Since 2014 on the EU’s “doorstep,” dangerous bio-tests were ongoing — endangering their populations.

On March 8, Biden regime under-secretary of state Victoria (“f..k the EU”) Nuland “confirmed that there were biolabs in Ukraine where military-purpose biological research had been conducted.” 

“When asked by Senator Marco Rubio whether Ukraine had biological and chemical weapons, she responded that (the US-installed regime) had biological research facilities that ‘should not fall in the hands of Russian forces.’ ”

Biological threats “defy all borders,” Nebenzia stressed.

As long as they exist — notably for use in warfare — no one anywhere is safe.

Russia also learned that the US war department ordered Kiev to blame Russia if “any accidents occurred.”

What Nebenzia explained on Friday is “a small portion of information” Russian forces discovered.

More will be revealed ahead to Security Council members and the world community of nations.

What’s known is further indisputable evidence of diabolical US actions on the world stage — according to its international law breaching “rules-based order.” 


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  1. Mr Lendman

    As I was eating Noodles
    fied with Pineapple and Pork

    Slogan Dept called
    Here’s the Skinny…

    ” A few items are pre-set..
    China takes All the Venz oil..

    IN FACT:
    Takes all of everything from everyone…at Bonus Prices!

    Next move is the Money Shot..

    ” Yeah, I’m Ready ..

    Wait let me get a napkin
    I have some Chinese Stir Sauce on my chin..

    Okay, ready..!”

    All the Countries doing deals with the Gangsters cancels

    Framed Around this Slogan..

    ” We cannot proceed with any deals with the USA

    Until we get to the bottom of what are obviously some very troublesome facts..

    The profound gravitas of these
    Discoveries and nature of these pathogens …

    Suggested this approach

    We feel that’s best not only for our country but

    for the Safety and Security of the entire World..

    We wait until this matter
    is Resolved fully.

    Hence we’re cancelling all negotiability with the USA
    across the board.

    MBS to UAE..


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Roone Arledge Jr’s
    Neighbor called me.

    I met him years ago..he’s been
    An Activist in Stop the Nukes
    For 50 yrs..

    A dyed in the wool

    You know what..

    The Wokies are horrified
    Absolutely shocked..

    About the Bio Weapons Labs

    But shocked isn’t the correct word.

    the Vast majority..

    Radicalized in the 60s
    And say,

    “YES..WE DO THAT..!”

    They’re feeling verification.
    Corroboration…after 5 Decades

    They want to uncover the Bio Weapons Labs..


    True Zealots never give up..

    That’s why they’re so dangerous to the “System”. .

    Dangerous to the “Man”

    “Nothing in the World
    As dangerous as a Zealot!”

    Some Wokies of course
    will still have their thumb up their ass..

    Waiting for Bloody Hillary to return.

    Her Triumph

    the Queen Of ISIS, Sarin Gas
    and Empress of Libya

    She one of

    The Destroyers of Africa
    The Four Butchers..

    Obama, Sarkozy, Bibi
    and the Bloody Mary..!

    Waiting for her to be President

    (Bush #41 promised her she would be..

    All set up…but she got knocked out by Obama..

    The Nobel Prize Winning
    Nuremberg War Criminal.


    EIN SO..
    Rooney’s Neighbor, Stan called

    He’d heard my suggestion from the Slogan Dept.

    And added Cancel Everything

    Sporting Events..
    Cultural Events..

    Boycott Hollywood..
    Film, Music and Tv..

    Expose them for the Fraud
    And Hypocrites they are.


  3. The Dollar Empire is defended by bribed individuals and institutions. ISo the tem “billion dollar bribe” exist, but I cannot find any info on the payouts to the Emires of Lies’ liars. The NYT cannot support itself without support from the Overseer Government.

    Some women Overseer in Canada read delivered her transcript yesterday like she wasn’t a clown for those who know better. She proclaimed the rightfulness of the Emergency Act implementation. The expression coming out of the focus groups for congregations, such as the Lendman congregation, is “echo chambers.” “Echo chambers” is a rightful description the CIA controlled media. “Circle jerk” is very appropriate for the paid liars of the Empire. Krugman getting a Nobel Prize for Economics is as big a joke as war criminal Obomem getting his Nobel Prize..


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