Iran Takes Credit for Attacking a Secret Israeli Mossad Base in Iraqi Kurdistan

On Sunday, Iran’s IRGC said the following:

Iranian missiles targeted a “strategic center of Zionist conspiracy and evil” in Erbil, Iraq.

It was in retaliation against an Israeli airstrike on Damascus, Syria last Monday — taking the lives of two IRGC martyrs, adding:

“Following the recent crimes of the fake Zionist regime and the previous announcement that the crimes and evils of this infamous regime will not go unanswered, the strategic center for conspiracy and evil of the Zionists was targeted by powerful and pinpoint missiles of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.”

“Once again, we warn the criminal Zionist regime that the repetition of any evil will face harsh, decisive and destructive responses.”

“We also assure the great nation of Iran that the security and peace of the Islamic homeland is the red line of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and they will not allow anyone to threaten or attack it.”

According to an Al-Mayadeen report, the secret Israeli Mossad base was “fully razed to the ground and a number of Israeli mercenaries were killed or injured.”

According to Iraqi media, Washington’s consulate and Mossad’s advanced training were targeted by around a dozen high-precision Iranian missiles.

The attack delivered a clear and unequivocal message to the Bennett regime.

Harsh payback will follow Israeli attacks on Iranian interests in self-defense as permitted by the UN Charter.

After two Iranian military personnel were killed by Israel in Damascus, an IRGC statement warned that “the Zionist regime will pay the price of this atrocity.” 

An IRGC spokesman stressed that “(t)he Zionist enemy knows that it will not benefit from such crimes and will receive decisive response.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh made similar remarks.

So did Iran’s UN envoy Majid Takht-Ravanchi in greater detail, saying the following:

“In the early morning of Monday, March 7, 2022, the Israeli regime, in flagrant violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, launched missile attacks against an area north of Damascus…”

It “result(ed) in the martyrdom of two Iranian forces who were advising the Syrian military forces in its counter-terrorism efforts in Syria.” 

“It should be noted that the Iranian advisory forces are present in Syria at the Syrian government’s official request and invitation to provide advisory services to assist the Syrian military forces to combat terrorism, specifically the terrorist group ISIS” — supported by US-dominated NATO and Israel.

“Iran considers the recent Israeli terrorist attack as a highly provocative and deliberate act intended at increasing tensions to an uncontrolled level and disrupting coordination among those fighting terrorism in the region, particularly ISIS.”

“This provocative and criminal act is in violation of international law and the UN Charter and entails criminal responsibility for the Israeli regime and all who aided, abetted, or otherwise assisted and supported the preparation or execution of this terrorist act in any way, directly or indirectly.”

“The international community in general and the Security Council, in particular, must firmly condemn such provocative and criminal acts and hold the Israeli regime accountable for its unlawful actions, which pose a serious threat to international peace and security.”

“While recognizing that the Israeli regime is fully responsible for all the consequences of these criminal acts, and seriously warning the regime about taking further adventurist and malevolent measures, the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves its inherent right to self-defense, under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, to respond to such criminal act whenever it deems appropriate.”

Separately on Sunday, the WSJ reported that the Biden regime seeks to exclude Russia from JCPOA talks with Iran going forward.

On Saturday, Sergey Lavrov said Moscow “need(s) guarantees (to assure that US/Western) sanctions will in no way affect trading, economic and investment relations contained in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the Iranian nuclear program.” 

“We have asked the American counterparts, who rule the roost here, to provide us with guarantees at least at the level of the secretary of state the current process launched by the US will by no means affect our right to free and full-fledged trading, economic, investment, military and technical cooperation with Iran.”

An unnamed Biden regime official said it’ll seek to exclude Russia from further talks if it doesn’t withdraw its (legitimate) demands.

The US and E3 have been in flagrant breach of the landmark agreement for nearly four years.

Since talks began last April involving Iran, Russia, China and E3 countries Britain, France and Germany (as well as hegemon USA indirectly), important sticking points remain unresolved.

Key as well is GOP congressional opposition to restoration of the JCPOA.

Last month, nearly 200 House Republicans warned the Biden regime that any deal with Iran without congressional approval would “meet the same fate” as the 2015 agreement.

By letter they said:

“If you continue to ignore Congress, thereby repeating the mistakes of the Obama (regime with the JCPOA, we can guarantee the following:”

“1) We will oppose any agreement that lifts US sanctions on the Iranian regime without first verifying they have fully accounted for all past and present undeclared nuclear activities, fully dismantled their enrichment and reprocessing-related infrastructure and capabilities, verifiably ended all research and development on nuclear-capable missiles and fully dismantled all existing nuclear-capable missiles, verifiably halted all sponsorship of terrorism, released all American hostages and paid US federal court judgements owed to the American victims of terrorism sponsored by the Iranian regime (sic). 

“2) We will view any agreement reached in Vienna which is not submitted to the US Senate for ratification as a treaty—including any and all secret agreements made with Iran directly or on the sidelines of official talks—as non-binding (sic).” 

“3) We will demand that any such agreement be submitted to Congress pursuant to the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, and we will use the law’s 30-day review period to warn our colleagues, the American public and the private sector about any dangers and flaws of such an agreement (sic).”

“4) We will work tirelessly to reimpose and strengthen any terrorism, missile or human rights sanctions lifted, suspended or otherwise weakened by such an agreement–including terrorism sanctions imposed on the Central Bank of Iran and the National Iranian Oil Company (sic).”

GOP hardliners aren’t alone. Likeminded congressional Dems share their hostility toward Iran.

No matter how unlikely because of unacceptable Biden regime demands, if agreement is reached in some form, Congress will likely kill what excludes draconian restrictions Iran won’t accept.

If Republicans regain congressional control in November elections, what’s highly likely as things now stand, US agreement with Iran on most everything will be off the table in cahoots with apartheid Israel.

After 11 months of JCPOA talks in Vienna, the landmark agreement as affirmed by Security Council Res. 2231 is dead — no matter that it’s binding international law.

A Final Comment

On Friday, JCPOA talks were halted because of what EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell called “external factors” — with no further elaboration.

They relate to Russia’s sought assurance of no US-dominated Western interference with its trade and other economic relations with Iran.

The Islamic Republic’s Supreme National Security Council’s Secretary Ali Shamkhani blamed hegemon USA for paused talks, tweeting:

“US approach to Iran’s principled demands, coupled with its unreasonable offers and unjustified pressure to hastily reach an agreement, show that US isn’t interested in a strong deal that would satisfy both parties.” 

“Absent US political decision, the talks get knottier by the hour.”

At this time, negotiating teams are back in their capitals for consultations.

How long a pause in talks lasts is unclear.

The Biden regime and E3 vassal states bear full responsibility for pulling out of the landmark agreement in the first place — along with unacceptable demands and delays since last April.

Their ruling regimes can never be trusted.

Things they agree on aren’t worth the paper they’re written on — to be breached at their discretion for invented reasons.

The US-dominated West has been hostile toward Iran since its liberating 1979 revolution.

As long as the country, its vast energy resources and people are free from US control, normalized relations will be off the table with no prospect of turning things around.

One thought on “Iran Takes Credit for Attacking a Secret Israeli Mossad Base in Iraqi Kurdistan

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  1. Mr Lendman

    The event so compelling
    We must not overlook or forget to ask…

    “What… they’ve been hit..?
    What were they doing in Iraq?”

    The Whole World is celebrating!

    Like that Filth is gonna be missed..?

    Like those murderers are gonna add something to Society

    Besides more deaths of innocent People…?

    Good Bye..
    See you in Hell..!

    Take your foul wretched stink with you.
    The Ukraine

    The Golani Brigade #35

    of Professional Killers went to the Ukraine…more coming.

    Demolition experts, assassins
    Terrorists, Drone pilots..

    The IDF pilots and drones
    already killed a bunch of RUSSIANS..

    Blew up part of a convoy.

    Putin’s pals.

    Jewish IDF Nazis

    the Jewish Nazi Nuland
    With her Ukrainian Nazis

    To Kill Russians.

    Notice Russia is Inundated with
    Volunteers from the
    Middle East who want to come to the Ukraine.

    Desperately want to fight Zionist Nazis..

    Avov Nazis won’t mind having JEWISH NAZIS AND ISIS as partners will they..?


    America’s Team..


    Academi Mercenaries
    And Abu Ghraib Buttfuxers..!

    Led by HEROIN PUSHERS..!


    Come see this freak..
    The TRASH
    This Scourge upon Humanity

    That calls itself the US Military

    Come see the filth

    Your brave and Heroic Army of Valley Forge has become.


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