Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 17

Over the weekend, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned that foreign convoys involved in delivering weapons to Ukraine — to bog Russia down in perpetual war — are “legitimate targets.”

Below is a machine translation of an RIA Novosti report about what Ryabkov announced:

“The Russian Foreign Ministry announced a complete change in the configuration of security guarantees that were previously sent by the US and NATO, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said.”

“I would not say that Russia’s proposals on security guarantees remain fully in force.”

“The situation has changed.”

“Earlier, the Russian side prepared and submitted a draft treaty with the US on security guarantees.” 

“We are talking about the rejection of further NATO expansion…” 

“The withdrawal of the ‘Bucharest formula.’ ” 

“That ‘Ukraine and Georgia will become NATO members.’ ” 

“The rejection of the creation of military bases on the territory of states that were previously part of the USSR and are not members of the alliance, including the use of their infrastructure for conducting any military activity, as well as the return of military capabilities, including strike, and NATO infrastructure to the state of 1997, when the Russia-NATO Founding Act was signed.” 

“As emphasized on Smolenskaya Square, these provisions are of fundamental importance for Russia.”

Demilitarizing Ukraine requires Russia to cut off or eliminate US/NATO convoys of weapons, munitions and related equipment to its war machine — especially not to its Nazified battalions.

On matters of security, Ryabkov stressed that Russia will make no concessions to US-dominated NATO.

He slammed what he called “mindlessly pumping weapons” into Ukraine for endless war.

He denounced US/Western sanctions war.

Waged to harm Russia’s economy, its aim is to inflict pain on ordinary Russians.

Believing that it’ll turn them against 

Vladimir Putin is belied by history.

US sanctions war on North Korea since the 1950s, on Cuba for 60 years, Iran for over 40 years, on Venezuela since Hugo Chavez’s presidency, on Libya under Muammar Gaddafi, and Syria under Bashar al-Assad shot blanks in terms of swaying public opinion against the leadership of these countries.

The same goes for Vladimir Putin.

Since Russia’s demilitarizing and deNazification campaign began on February 24, his popularity rose.

In times of duress, populations of victimized nations can only rely on their governments to mitigate foreign inflicted harm as as best they can.

Ryabkov stressed that hegemon USA is infamous for “pull(ing) (virtually every imaginable dirty) trick at any moment,” adding:

“We have been preparing for” its sanctions war.

It’s irrelevant to the special military operation.

“Russia(’s) (sovereign independence is) a thorn in Washington’s side.”

“We understand this.”

Bilateral relations are at an all-time low with no prospect of improvement in sight.

Separately on March 12, missiles from outside Iraq targeted its Kurdish-controlled region near the US consulate.

According to Iran’s Press TV on Sunday:

“Iraqi media and military sources say a missile attack targeted a military base housing the American forces in the capital of the Iraqi semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, Erbil, as well as the US consulate in that region,” adding:

“Twelve ballistic missiles were launched from outside Iraq (on) Erbil” targets — according to the Directorate General of Counter Terrorism in the Kurdistan region.”

Some reports suggest that Washington’s consulate and two Israeli Mossad training centers were targeted.

No casualties were reported.

The incident appears unrelated to Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

Separately on Saturday, US-installed Ukrainian puppet Zelensky’s call for direct talks between him and Vladimir Putin ignored his inability to do anything on the world stage without hegemon USA’s permission.

Talks between him and Putin would be a colossal waste of time for Russia.

The only language the US-controlled regime Zelensky nominally represents is toughness.

Russia’s aims are clear and unequivocal:

A demilitarized Ukraine.

A deNazified country.

Restoring its sovereign independence, free from foreign control.

Keeping it nuke-free and not part of NATO.

Eliminating the threat it poses to Russia’s security under US control.

Recognition of Crimea as a Russian republic, as well as the sovereign independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Russia seeks normalized relations with a nation sharing a 1,500-mile land and sea border with its territory.

The Kremlin said its special military operation will end if Kiev agrees to the above demands, provided the agreement sticks.

At this time, hegemon USA is the decider-in-chief on all things Ukraine.

Its dominant hardliners want war perpetuated, not ended.

US/Western sanctions war on Russia shot their nations in the foot.

Oil is fungible. If US/Western countries cease importing it from Russia, its exports can be redirected to China and other countries.

According to Goldman Sachs:

“China imports 1.5 mb/d of Russia’s 6 Mb/d seaborne exports and could feasibly take the majority of the EU-US combined 4 Mb/d imports.”

“(F)rom a crude import quality perspective, Russia’s crude is well suited to displace up to 3mb/d of similar quality medium sour crude imports from outside of Russia.”

“Chinese imports can increase from their recent 10 Mb/d level, with a peak import capacity above 12.7 Mb/d, and with the country able to replenish its depleted inventories, down at least 100 Mb since their Nov-20 peak.” 

“(G)lobal shipping capacity should not be a limiting factor for reallocating Russian oil flows, although it may come at the expense of elevated freight rates and fast-steaming of tankers to increase effective capacity.”

Higher shipping costs translate to businesses and consumers paying higher prices.

Energy exports are key for Russia.

Europe depends on its natural gas.

What’s partially replaced by LNG translates to greatly increased cost.

Russia already is largely self-sufficient as long as it’s able to export energy and other commodities.

Its goal is self-sufficiency in parts of its economy not yet achieved.

Its history reflects success in overcoming devastating adversity.

Its record is highly likely to be sustained ahead — while the decadent US/West’s decline escalates because of harebrained economic war on Russia.

Over the longer-term, it’s doomed to fail.

4 thoughts on “Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 17

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Fabulous Summary of Events and State of Play..

    I can here Walter Cronkite signing off..

    ” And that’s the ‘Way It Is’
    March 23, 2022..!”

    Ladies and Gentlemen
    Welcome to the
    Real Game of Russian Roulette

    “Yo Billy Bourgeois
    Oops shot yourself in the ass..!”

    Mind you

    The USA and NATO
    we’re planning on attacking Russia

    Whether or not Russia finally after almost a fuxin decade on a de Nazification of Ukraine

    With the patience of Job.

    Then the Russians were set up with Zelensky saying they’re going to make Nukes…!

    More dastardly and drastically
    And the Uki Nazis have ICBMs!


    DO NOT COLLECT $200..!


    I have been saying it was inevitable for 5 or 6 years

    The entire Formulation and AGENDA

    Of Nuland’s Nazis
    And depravity of DIRTY JOE
    Will irrevocably require Surgery!

    Leopards don’t change their spots..!

    To close on three very brief points

    1)..Can you imagine if the
    HUMAN TRASH had been successful

    in the
    Belarus or Kazakhstan Maidan events..

    Politically, logistically,
    tactically and Strategically..?

    2)…Given the situation on the Ground in Ukraine..

    Remember Ukraine is as big as Texas..

    800 miles from
    Texarkana to El Paso

    500 miles from Brownsville to Dalhart

    Big Country, sir
    Need Blow and Go..

    Old School
    Like Uncle Joe


    100,000 or even 150,000,000

    Isn’t enough Ground Infantry to protect and sustain their armor

    Without even consideration of forces left for holding of Liberated Areas..

    Without Air Support blasting holes.

    3..BTW..Drones cut the operationial meaning of Air Superiority by some significant percentage.

    As a Visionary..
    I suggest LTAs
    Lighter than Air


    Unmanned radio controlled
    Also able to shoot down incoming drones

    But like a big pillow
    Blocks incoming drones

    LTAs are perfect
    to hold cover for advancing columns of Armor..

    Tactical Recon
    And even supply.

    Can land anywhere
    Perpendicular take off

    The Helicopter of the 21st Century

    4).. Lastly.. separate and apart from the fight against the
    World Fascists..

    And the fight against
    Hitler’s Dream..

    the Nazis…

    At home..

    What we all know but I must comment because it’s so egregious a lie..


    Dirty Joe and his
    Gang of pubscient Killers

    Children who grew up
    Learning only how to be despicable liars and killers

    Thieves and rapists..
    “Our Gang ” isn’t Sparky and the boys..

    No, it’s reminisce of

    Chuckie, Freddie Kruger
    Children of the Damned

    The New Lie..

    The Human Filth is now blaming the Russians for Inflation..!


    They’re not even children
    They’re Baboons..

    PLANET of the APES
    Rolls on ..

    Hope they don’t kill us all.


  2. Mr Lendman

    Hate to bother you on such a trivial a matter.

    So many typos
    It’s actually to the point

    Of being embarrassing.

    You must know
    It’s not me..

    It’s my phone.
    It’s changing correct usage

    Into gross errors.

    ‘Hear’ becomes ‘Here”

    My phone goes completely out of context to deliberately Fux me.

    I gettng rid of the piece of shit very soon.

    HAL is listening so I’ll leave it there.


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