Russia Bashing: An MSM Obsession

Whether right or wrong, criticism based on facts reflects speech and media freedom.

All things Russia bashing abandoned this standard by making stuff up in cahoots with US/Western dark forces.

According to NYT fake news, back-channel US/Western talks with Russia failed because Vladimir Putin “refuse(s) to engage in any serious negotiation (sic).”

Ignored by the Times were three rounds of talks between Russian and Ukrainian officials, a 4th underway as this is written, along with Sergey Lavrov’s meeting with his so-called Kiev counterpart.

Vladimir Putin expressed willingness to meet with US-installed puppet Zelensky if Russia’s legitimate demands are met, ones explained in previous articles.

Key is a halt of Kiev aggression on Donbass, along with cessation of hostilities overall and laying down of arm.

As long as US-colonized Ukraine remains a mortal threat to Russia’s security, as long as it’s a Nazi-infested vassal state with nuclear weapons ambitions, as long as it wages forever war on Donbass with US/Western supplied weapons, Moscow’s campaign will likely continue.

A daily blitzkrieg of MSM proliferated bald-faced Big Lies about Russia persists with disturbing regularity.

Not a shred of evidence suggest an intention by Moscow to “siez(e) a broad swath of the south and east” of Ukraine (sic).

The Times turned truth on its head by claiming otherwise.

It lied suggesting that Russia considers US/NATO weapons in countries near Ukraine outside its borders “legitimate targets (sic).”

Nor has Russia’s campaign “faltered (sic).”

Nor did the Times explain that most  humanitarian corridors established by Russia were blocked by US-supported Nazi-infested battalions.

Nor did it report that hundreds of Ukrainian conscripts abandoned their arms and joined Donbass freedom fighters.

Nor did it report that one or more Ukrainian missiles on Monday killed 20 civilians and injured many others in Donetsk — a grievous war crime by any standard, similar to what’s gone on for the past 8 years.

Instead, the following fake news was reported:

Vladimir “Putin may double down and expand the fight beyond Ukraine (sic).”

“Putin might seek to take Moldova (sic).”

Perhaps he intends to seize “Georgia (sic).”

“And there is the possibility that (he’ll use) chemical, biological (and) nuclear…weapons (sic).”

Putin is “intent on destroying Ukraine (sic).”

He has “no regard for civilian casualties (sic).”

He “demonstrated…a willingness not only to bomb heavily populated areas but also to use civilian casualties as leverage against his enemies (sic).”

He intends to destroy Kiev “with an onslaught of missiles, artillery and bombs…war crimes unlike any we have seen in the 21st century (sic).”

He “failed to achieve (his) objectives (sic).”

No “divided Ukraine” is in prospect, no carving up its territory like hegemon USA did to the former Yugoslavia.

No seizure of its territory like the US does in all its wars of aggression.

No massacring millions of civilians, a longstanding US specialty throughout its history.

No occupation of Ukrainian territory.

No destruction of vital infrastructure.

No torture prisons.

No use of chemical, biological, radiological and other weapons used by US-dominated NATO in all its wars of aggression.

No turning nations into wastelands the way hegemon USA did to one country after another.

The above Times trash — and lots more like it in one propaganda piece — is what its management and editors euphemistically call news fit to print.

As for phony claims of a bogged down campaign, Putin failing to achieve his aims, here’s what the Saker explained on Sunday:

Most Ukrainian supplies were “destroyed, depleted, or captured,” what’s left diminishing steadily.

“All-important military and Civil Airports neutralized or destroyed.

“All important Civilian and Military Ports and Transit Hubs neutralized or destroyed.”

Russian forces control areas where they’re located.

Ukrainian railroads are “neutralized.”

Once supplies of their forces are exhausted, they can continue the futility of resistance and die, surrender or flee cross-border.

“UKRAINE IS GOING TO LOSE BIG” in the coming days, weeks at most.

Ukraine already lost big.

Russia cut “railroad lines in Ukraine, making resupply” of the regime’s war machine “almost impossible.”

Only MSM supporters of Nazism and imperial rampaging claim otherwise — repeating talking points supplied by Western regimes they support.

3 thoughts on “Russia Bashing: An MSM Obsession

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  1. Astonishingly compelling, hard-hitting reporting. Thank you, Mr. Lendman. You are needed-essential-crucial for any semblance of a balanced perspective. (But I worry about your physical safety…watch your back…wish I could have it in order to protect you.)


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Clearly this the key battle of the 21st Century..

    911 was a State Run
    Bush Cheney Terrorist attack on America.

    The Heroin Pushers needed a way to get over to Afghanistan.

    What’s 3000 Innocent American Lives compared to 9000 Tons of Heroin a year for the CIA and BCF…

    Like they gave a Fux.

    I still can see Jon Stewarts
    face pleading with the


    Of Course nothin changed..
    Like they give a Fux..

    Or even asked..
    He can kerosene melt Steel.

    Members of the Swingers Club.
    Class of ’26…!

    Just like ’46
    But more “Special People”
    Alot more.


    911 was the Crime..
    This is the Battle..

    Equals Stalingrad or Kursk.
    In dimensions.

    It’s for the Very Soul of the World.

    The FOURTH REICH in the Death Throes..

    Wild Insane Blood Simple Barbarians roll the bones

    Pirates attempting to take down Russia on last time

    For the Old Gipper..

    The Whacked out, drugged up
    Quadruple By Passed Mad Man

    Drug Czar himself..Dick Cheney
    The Real President

    He’s intent on fulfilling
    Hitler’s Dream..
    Dulles’ Dream
    Gehlens Dream..

    Dick..the Man behind the Curtain now…All his plan.

    As Gettysburg in Retrospect was the defining battle of the Civil War..

    Or Yorktown..
    Or Crecy
    Or Agincourt
    Or Waterloo
    Or Salamis…

    Enough…You get it..

    This Battle contains all those dynamics and more.

    It is the Harbinger.of the Paradigmatic Shift coming that will last 2000 Yrs.

    Asia takes Over.
    A Golden Age is about your Blossom

    First the Surgery.
    It must be cut out completely.


    The Battle of Berlin..
    April and May 1945

    Soviet Union lost 100,000 men!

    Konev and Chuikov had 3.5 Million men assembled.

    This is the 2I St Century

    Every Century it looks like Russia has to save the World huh..

    This time with China..
    Best Allie on Planet Earth.

    Notice China just Double Banded all trade w Russia..

    Both ways…!
    Thank you China..!

    Lastly, the Bourgeois Liars on the Liars network…

    Make it seem so hard to bear the Heroin Pushers.

    It’s easy ..

    Don’t listen to your Atlanticists
    ( Treacherous ZIOs)

    And leave Foreign Deposits overseas…

    After the Gangsters just seized
    Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan
    Total Deposits..


    “Well no..”

    Then why would you leave
    $300 Billions in Foreign Reserve

    Very Simple..

    Mr Zio Atlantic has mortgages and deals he’s making I’m the USA to draw on ..that simple.

    Please Pres Putin..
    Get Rid of them..
    Before they get rid of you.

    This Battle will seal the Fate of the World for….

    The Crisis of World Capitalism

    Fascism on the Rise..

    World imperialism

    Liked by 1 person

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