Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 18

Russia warned of the following:

Nazi-infested “radical(ized) Ukrainian groups (under Biden regime control) prepared potential scenarios of the use of toxic chemicals to carry out various types of provocations,” adding:

Their aim is to falsely accuse Russia of using what’s banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention against Ukrainian civilians.

One scenario involves destruction of containers with industrial chemicals.

Another potentially planned is to destroy “containers with toxic chemicals in highly populated areas.”

Given an unparalleled war of words on all things Russia by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents, Russia’s Defense Ministry stressed the following:

“(T)here is no doubt that the provocations being planned are meant to accuse Russia of the use of chemical weapons.” 

“In this regard, the risks are growing of extremist-inclined elements acting as part of so-called national battalions that may be set on taking radical steps, the horrific consequences of which is impossible to predict.”

No one should be surprised by the above information.

In all its direct and proxy wars of aggression on invented enemies, US regimes have been responsible for virtually all imaginable crimes of war, against humanity, atrocities of every shape and kind, along with dirty tricks horrific enough to make some despots blush.

Over the weekend, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Vladimir Putin is willing to meet with Ukraine’s US-installed puppet if Kremlin demands are met.

They include cessation of hostilities by Ukrainian forces to include laying down their arms. 

Kiev’s willingness to become neutral, free from foreign control.

Recognizing the Crimean Republic as sovereign Russian territory.

Accepting the sovereign independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Agreeing to be demilitarized and deNazified.

So far under US control, Kiev rejects all of the above.

As long as it remains hardline under US control, conflict resolution is unlikely.

Separately in response to the warning by Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov that arms convoys heading to Ukraine will be considered “legitimate targets,” Kiev official Aleksey Danilov hyperventilated as follows, saying:

US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg said that “if a single projectile, a single bullet hits (an alliance arms) convoy…the North Atlantic Treaty(’s) (collective defense) Article 5 (will be) trigger(ed).”

Don’t bet on it.

Taking this step would be a virtual US-dominated NATO’s declaration of war on Russia.

It would risk unthinkable use of thermo-nukes by both sides.

Humanity’s survival would be more greatly jeopardized than ever before.

For decades, physician, anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott MD warned of the threat — notably saying the following in her 1978 book, titled Nuclear Madness:

“As a physician, I contend that nuclear technology threatens life on our planet with extinction.” 

“If present trends continue, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink will soon be contaminated with enough radioactive pollutants to pose a potential health hazard far greater than any plague humanity has ever experienced.”

If nuclear weapons are used in warfare  — especially by the world’s dominant nuclear powers — all bets are off.

Humanity may not survive the onslaught.

Vladimir Putin’s special military operation in Ukraine aims to reduce the risk of hegemon USA’s use of Ukraine as a platform for perpetual war that would risk possible use of nukes if the Kiev regime develops them — a real possibility if not checked.

Separately, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin stressed the following:

All-out US/Western sanctions war on Russia to “force us to change the decisions that have been made” will prove to be an exercise in futility.

“Nothing will come of it.”

“We will not ask for these sanctions to be lifted.” They’ll be ineffective going forward.

“We will simply further develop our own economy and our ability to develop independently, relying on friends and like-minded people that we have.”

A Final Comment

Over the weekend, Russia’s finance Minister Anton Siluanov said the following:

Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves total “about $640 billion.”

“Currently we cannot use about $300 billion of these reserves.”

They’re frozen by US/Western sanctions.

There’s pressure to limit access to Russian reserves in (Chinese) yuan.

Sino/Russian ties that bind “will allow us to maintain cooperation that we achieved…”

“(N)ot only maintain, but multiply it in conditions when Western markets are closed.”

Debts to “unfriendly” countries will be paid in rubles.

Siluanov noted that conflict in Ukraine adversely affected Russian financial institutions.

Despite ongoing hardships, they continue to function.

Russia has “enough money to ensure the production of vital goods,” he said, adding:

“The Central Bank will provide the necessary liquidity to the financial system.”

At his daily briefing on Sunday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov explained the following:

“Overall, 3,736 facilities of Ukrainian military infrastructure have been disabled during the operation.”

A total of 100 aircraft and 139 UAVs were destroyed, as well as:

1,234 tanks and other armored vehicles 

122 multiple-launch rocket systems 

452 field artillery and mortar weapons

Another 1,013 special military hardware units.

On Sunday, a Ukrainian Su-24 fighter jet and 11 drones were downed by Russian warplanes and air defense systems.

On the same day, 46 Ukrainian army facilities were struck — including “three control centers, one multiple missile launcher system, two munitions depots and 33 places of deployment of military hardware.”

Konashenkov again stressed that Russian forces are focused exclusively on precision strikes against military targets.

Great care is taken to avoid civilian casualties.

US/Western propaganda otherwise is Russophobic rubbish. 

3 thoughts on “Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 18

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  1. US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg said that “if a single projectile, a single bullet hits (an alliance arms) convoy…the North Atlantic Treaty(’s) (collective defense) Article 5 (will be) trigger(ed).”

    Who is he to ignore the principal of proportion? His speech is an act of terrorism which is the nature of the Dollar Empire. THEY are not interested in truth, liberty, or justice.and THEY are not keen on life right now.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    So many gottdamn chickens coming home to Roost..!

    Covered in Caca..

    whole DC Swamp smells like Guana..!

    Bodies buried everywhere!

    First off I must say..
    The exact Timing of
    The Gangsters provactions

    1)..The Drastic Intensity and Increase in the Uki Nazis
    Firing on DPR & LPR….

    2)..intense NATO and EU belligerent rhetoric and movement of weaponry and troops

    3)..JERRY LEWIS says they’re gonna make Nukes..

    Russia had enough.

    ( Also Already knows there are
    Bio Weapons Labs…where they are )

    The Whole thing timed

    I mean perfectly timed to cover
    The Unraveling of Vax Scam..!

    That’s how they roll.

    Changing Subjects..

    That’s exactly what Russia should do

    Their own CENTRAL BANK
    Print money.

    Plenty of liquidity there.
    I mean what stands behind
    Any Currency.

    A dollar is a only a simple
    Universal Equivalent for presumed value..

    Just an IOU on
    Future Production.

    And in the Entire World
    Nobody’s got more Valuable Assets than Russia..

    From Oil, Gas, Metals, Gold, Diamonds, Fresh Water, Timber Land etc..

    Essentially TRILLIONS in the Ground..

    IPO that baby
    Chrystalization of it in every Format and Instrument.


    Perhaps the best placed country in the World

    Rich in every Commodities and Way Possible.


    I’D win in one Month.
    Take the Heroin Pushers chips right off the Table.

    Simple as pie.
    Like taking Candy from Joey.

    Just don’t sell the West anything.

    Boom they Crash.
    Done in a Month.

    Ms Van der Lie
    Says the EU is gonna replace Russia.

    The old Hag..
    Sack of Bones
    With a Pancake size
    Layer of Estee lauder

    Is still threatening Russia.

    Good Little Missy.
    Start tomorrow.

    See cut you off.
    Good bye

    Talk shit to the other Nazi Vassals.

    The Only reason Russia hadn’t stopped selling the Cutthroat Enemy

    Is because the Atlanticists have $10,000 mortgage payments in Adventura and Bal Harbour on Miami Beach.

    That’s all

    Helps them..
    Not Russia.

    Terrible for Russia.
    When they could survive easily and knock out the Real Nazis.


    The Atlanticists will destroy Russia..

    They’re called ZIONISTS in USA
    And they destroyed my Country.

    BTW…Me, I’d declare total War on the Pusher Man..

    You see where RUSSIA’S PAL
    Israel is killing Russians for Uki Nazis.

    Russia please wake up.


  3. Mr Lendman..

    On Addendum..

    Russia Selling Oil to China
    Not quite as simple as it sounds.

    First off and Primarily
    Because there’s no pipeline.



    Thank you Baby Jesus..!

    BUILD ONE..!

    ABOUT $30 to $50 BILL
    a Mere Bagatelle

    Man..I’d love to sell that Bond
    AAA BOND..
    Priced in Yuan
    Golden Yield and Axis..


    Man..The Idiocy of the West
    Is the Music of Asia…

    The Russo-Sino Vital Pipelines
    the RSVP…!

    Hear the Village People

    ” Young Man
    You’ve been living in shit
    Young Man you living with lies .

    All the bullshit
    Covering your eyes..

    Forget Dave,
    You can jump on the RSVP..
    The RSVP

    Jump on the RSVP..

    So much more you can be..
    On the RSVP…!”


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