The Mother of All State-Sponsored Health Destroying Scams Still Around

Still around with lots more state-sponsored destruction of public health and fundamental freedom in mind ahead, Pfizer’s unindicted mass-poisoner of countless millions, CEO Albert Bourla, said the following days earlier:

“Many (more scariants than) variants are coming (sic).”

Double-jabbing and boosters aren’t good enough (sic).

They don’t “last very long (sic).”

“It is necessary, a fourth (jab) for right now (sic).”

With maximum destruction of public health and profiteering in mind, Bourla failed to explain what’s been planned all along — forever toxic jabbing once or twice annually.

Including for kids under age-five, newborns likely to follow.

Saying jabs are being designed to treat omicron ignored that all flu/covid strains are practically identical.

Not a dime’s worth of difference distinguishes one from another.

Days earlier at a White House fake news press briefing, the Biden regime’s so-called flu/covid response czar, Jeff Zients, recited his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies, saying:

We’ve made “significant progress (toward) getting back to our more normal routines” — now that tens of millions of Americans and others abroad were irreversibly harmed by kill shots, he left unexplained.

On Monday, Health Impact News give one of countless examples of the type “progress” Zients left unexplained, saying:

According to CDC reported VAERS data of adverse events (including deaths) following kill shots — representing about 1% of the true toll — nearly 1.7 million injuries were reported from Dec. 2020 – March 11, 2022.

Estimates of deaths range up to around half a million or more in the US alone, likely millions throughout the West.

Thousands of fetal deaths were reported.

Since mass-jabbing began, they increased by “3,525%,” including from:

“Aborted pregnancy


Abortion complete

Abortion complicated

Abortion early

Abortion incomplete

Abortion induced

Abortion induced incomplete

Abortion late

Abortion missed

Abortion of ectopic pregnancy

Abortion spontaneous

Abortion spontaneous complete

Abortion spontaneous incomplete

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy termination

Ectopic pregnancy with contraceptive device

Fetal cardiac arrest

Fetal death

Premature baby death

Premature delivery

Ruptured ectopic pregnancy


According to “yearly averages (reported) to VAERS,” there were:

“85 fetal deaths per year following non-(flu/covid) vaccines.”

“3,082 fetal deaths per year following” flu/covid mass-jabbing.

The above is what Zients called “progress.”

Going forward, he said Biden regime goals include “protect(ing) against and treat(ing)” flu/covid by no end to health-destroying jabs.

“(P)repar(ing) for new (more scariant than) variants.”

“(P)reventing economic” harm by inflicting it at home and abroad.

Mass-jabbing “the world” with mass-extermination of unwanted billions of people in mind.

The Biden regime’s plan is all about inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of unwanted people — ones targeted for elimination.

Unexplained by Zients and US/Western co-conspirators is pursuit of unparalleled state-sponsored genocide.

Virtually everything mandated and recommended since 2020 has been to irreparably harm maximum numbers of people at home and worldwide.

Based on FDA released Pfizer documents the firm’s management fought tooth and nail to conceal, its clinical data revealed 1,291 adverse side effects.

Some serious enough to destroy life.

Enough of them combined virtually assures it in days, weeks, months or a little longer — by destroying bodily organs essential to stay alive.

What Zients called available “tools…to protect people” are all about destroying their health and shortening their lifespan.

At the briefing, Pharma-linked, anti-science Walensky recited her own litany of bald-faced Big Lies with inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people in mind.

Claiming “SARS-CoV-2 wastewater can detect” flu/covid outbreaks ignored that the coronavirus doesn’t exist.

Reported outbreaks have been falsified by inflating them exponentially — to fear-monger maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm.

What’s been going on for over two years has been all about destroying public health, not protecting it.

Walensky lied calling kill shots “95% effective (sic).”

She and likeminded fraudsters are complicit with unparalleled medical malpractice and related criminality.

The same goes for fraudster Fauci.

Repeating much of what’s covered above, his mandate is spreading deadly diseases, not protecting against them.

There’s nothing remotely accurate about what rises to the level of what he falsely called “safety and efficacy of various treatment options” — just the opposite.

“Our work is certainly not done,” he roared.

Indeed not with billions more lives targeted for elimination.

Emergency medicine Dr. Chris Milburn was fired last year for questioning health-destroying flu/covid mandates — notably rushed to market, experimental kill shots.

He’s not alone. Doctors in the US/West who prioritize practicing medicine to treat, cure and do no harm, who refuse to go along with all things flu/covid anti-science, are at risk of being fired and/or delicensed — for doing the right things. 

4 thoughts on “The Mother of All State-Sponsored Health Destroying Scams Still Around

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  1. The biggest truth about the Vovid Con is “THEY are trying to kill you and vacuum/evaporate up all the money that can be had. So, if given the chance, I have ended many conversations where there was some one on one onversation, I had a formalized “I hate having to say this, but I feel an obligation to tell you “This is a depopulation event and the shots are meant to kill you>”

    So, where is one of the 535 voices in the Overseer Congress saying that.?


  2. Ron Johnson said the vaxxines (that are not vaxxines) should stop. Are we suppossed to give him a medal for acting “swiftly and boldly.” Did he go back to the people who think he represents them and have some freedom talk? It was just perception management that forced the emergency authorization through. It was a fraud when enacted and even as people declare a hangable treason for the tens of millions about to die, the representation without representation cannot give up the con.


  3. Mr Lendman,


    Today Walensky
    She the Diva of Death at CDC

    Said, ” Well, I guess Covid is really going to become just like the Flu…!”

    Small print..
    One spin in the News Cycle..
    Then evaporated..

    Went to the Big
    Dempster Dumpster behind

    Burger King and the
    The Temple of Satan..

    That’s it.

    Will die miserable deaths

    After Miserable unhealthy lives.

    The Economy of The World shut down

    Untold tragedies by the Billions

    Masked liked Slaves..
    Children fuxed up for Life .

    Thats the story huh.


    In this scene right the Fux out of Heirynomus Bosch

    My prognosis is verified..

    Not that I need Verification.
    Or Validation..

    But the Absolute Wrap Around Evil that pervades our every Endeavor

    This War perfectly timed to hide the Enormous Crimes of CDC and Big Pharm.


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