Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 19

Despite fake news claims by US/Western regimes and their MSM collaborators of a stalled Russian campaign in disarray, low troop morale and stiff Ukrainian resistance, reality on the ground is worlds apart from these type rubbish reports.

Eight years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression and their horrors on four million Donbass residents are consistently swept under the rug.

Information on the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup transformation of democratic Ukraine into Nazi-infested fascist tyranny was suppressed.

Nor was anything reported about the festering sore of barbaric ruthlessness in Europe’s heartland.

Nothing about Kiev’s threat to Russian security, regional peace, or longstanding suffering of Donetsk and Lugansk residents.

Everything most important to report over the last 8 years was suppressed in the West.

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov once again explained that Russia’s “special military operation is being conducted to protect the people in Donbass from a direct military threat, and to achieve our demilitarization and deNazification goals.”

What’s going on is not a war or invasion in the conventional sense.

It doesn’t remotely resemble how hegemon USA-dominated NATO smashed one nation after another since raping and destroying North Korea, North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

In stark contrast to Russia’s liberating campaign, US wars of aggression are all about gaining unchallenged control over targeted nations, the resources and populations.

Unlike US sanctions wars on dozens of nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to its will, Russia rarely imposes them.

Taking this step only in retaliatory self-defense as international law allows, the Kremlin invoked this right on Tuesday.

It imposed sanctions on 13 Biden regime officials, including: 

Dementia Joe’s double (including the real Biden’s son Hunter).

War secretary Austin.

“The regime’s press secretary Psaki. 

Unindicted war criminal, racketeer, perjurer Hillary.

The Pentagon joint chiefs.

CIA director William Burns and interventionist Blinken.

According to a Kremlin statement, the “counter reaction (was in response to the) extremely Russophobic course taken by the current US” regime.

Other names will be added to the above list “in the near future.

“(T)op US officials, military officials, lawmakers, businessmen, experts and media personalities who are Russophobic or contribute to inciting hatred towards Russia” will be sanctioned and blacklisted.

They’ll be designated persona non grata and banned from entering Russian territory. 

Canada’s Trudeau and 300 complicit MPs were sanctioned.

Separately, Kremlin spokesman 

Dmitry Peskov expressed disgust about how the depraved West ignored Kiev’s Monday terror attack on Donetsk civilians, saying:

“We are very, very disappointed that European leaders (White House press secretary) Psaki, (dementia Joe’s double), leaders of international organizations (and) NATO have not said anything yesterday or today about Donetsk, or those civilian residents who died from the missile launched by the Ukrainian military.”

There’s no doubt that the Zelensky regime approved this war crime.

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman Igor Konashenkov, saying that the strike’s objective was to kill and otherwise harm maximum numbers of Donbass civilians by use of banned cluster bombs.

DPR leader Denis Pushilin explained that (p)eople were just standing in line at a bus stop.”

“Twenty people, according to preliminary data, were killed, (dozens more) injured.” 

“There are children among the dead.”

Had the Tochka-U missile detonated on the ground instead of in the air when struck by Donetsk’s air defense system, the human toll would have been much greater.

Separately at this time, Russian forces and Donbass freedom fighters “eliminate(d) practically all fire emplacements the neo-Nazis had created in Mariupol’s suburbs,” a statement said, adding: 

“Special task forces eliminated the neo-Nazis’ main forces entrenched in the city’s perimeter residential areas” by surgical strikes.

Russian-supplied humanitarian aid is now flowing into the city.

Around 450 tons of food, medicines and other essentials already arrived.

Humanitarian corridors are open for residents to leave at their discretion. 

Evacuees in need will receive medical and psychological aid.

Through Monday, around 250,000 Ukrainians were rescued from captivity by Russian forces — civilian men, women and children held involuntarily as human shields by US/Western supported Nazi-infested battalions.

A Final Comment

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov updated Russia’s special military operation as follows, saying:

Through March 14, Russian forces destroyed or disabled 3,920 Ukrainian military targets, including:

143 unmanned aerial vehicles 

1,267 tanks and other armored combat vehicles

124 multiple launch rocket systems

457 field artillery and mortars, as well as 

1,028 units of special military vehicles

Overnight Monday, Russian forces downed four Ukrainian drones, including one Bayraktar TB2 combat drone.

Separately, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia introduced a draft Security Council resolution to address “the deteriorating humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine.”

It calls for facilitating “rapid, safe, voluntary and unhindered evacuation of all civilians, emphasizing the need for parties concerned to agree to humanitarian pauses to this end.”

It asks all parties to “ensure the protection of civilians and to refrain from attacks on, dismantling of or rendering unusable civilian objects.”

It condemns indiscriminate shelling by Kiev forces on civilian infrastructure and residential neighborhoods.

Hegemon USA and complicit UK, French vassal states will like veto or oppose the measure — with likely intent to bog Russia down in endless war, no matter the cost to Ukrainian and Donbass civilians.

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  1. Death by radiation
    Death by medicine
    Death by GMO
    Death by injection
    Death by Big Lies
    Death by standard of care
    Death by edible chemicals
    Death by war
    Death by poverty
    Death by starvation and malnutrition
    Death by dragonfly drone
    Death by EMF
    Death by freezing
    Death by DARPA
    Death by fentanyl
    Death by stress
    Death by isolation/atomization
    Death by ignorance
    Death by Overseer government
    Death by monopolization

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    I wonder if we hit peak population yet? The starvation of millions is here now. Death by chaos.

    Krugman is a crazy war pig.


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