Unprecedented Russia Bashing on a Platform of Big Lies and Mass Deception

On Monday, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price once again turned truth on its head about Russia’s special operation in Ukraine since Feb. 24.

He lied accusing Russia of “hitting hospitals, schools and residential buildings, pummeling infrastructure, and killing civilians (sic).”

He lied claiming that Ukraine’s Nazi-infested military is fighting “bravely (sic).”

He lied calling Russia’s special military operation “unprovoked (sic).”

He lied claiming that “Kremlin forces remain stalled in many areas and convoys have been unable to make significant progress (sic).”

He lied implying that most Russians oppose what’s going on.

He lied accusing Vladimir Putin of pursuing “an imperial-style land grab (sic).”

He lied claiming that Ukrainian forces are showing “stiff resistance (sic).”

He lied saying that Americans in Russia are endangered.

Virtually everything he, his neocon boss, the fake Biden and most others in Washington have been saying about Russia — and other invented US enemies — are bald-faced Big Lies.

Supplied to MSM for use as talking points, they’re regurgitated daily as part of a 24/7 fake news blitzkrieg on all things Russia.

According to reinvented reality by Times columnist Paul Krugman, Vladimir Putin is to blame for wrongheaded Biden regime policies.

It’s evident by a 10-year consumer sentiment low, record-high near-10% producer price inflation with consumer inflation at 16%, the highest level in 75 years.

It’s Putin’s fault, says Krugman and likeminded charlatans. 

Claiming high inflation is “nowhere near their” 1980 levels is an affront to every American who eats, drives a car, heats a home, pays rent, has health insurance and other medical expenses, and struggles to pay college tuition costs for children.

Ignoring reality on the ground in Ukraine, WaPo editors pushed the implausible myth of a Russian defeat in the country “without direct NATO involvement,” claiming it “remains a possibility (sic).”

Harebrained remarks like the above and countless more like them got truth-telling military expert Andrei Maryanov to say the following:

“(T)he West cannot even provide a believable BS.”  

“I already discussed this issue before.” 

“They are simply that incompetent and have no grasp of modern warfare.”

On MSM rubbish, he called its proliferators “morons” and  “whores,” what the late George Seldes (1890 – 1995) long ago called “prostitutes of the press.”

On the mind-manipulated, dumbed-down US/Western public, Maryanov called its ranks “utterly illiterate” and  “brainwashed.”

According to WaPo “whores,” (the fake) Biden’s best course on Ukraine is the one he’s on (sic),” adding:

His regime should OK the “transfer (of) combat aircraft from Poland to Ukraine” — ignoring that they’d be downed in short order by superior Russian airpower and unparalleled air defense capabilities.

WaPo repeated the debunked Big Lie claim that Putin asked China for military help.

It lied saying that “Russian morale (is) deteriorat(ing) (and there are) sign(s) of Russian internal disarray or even desperation (sic).”

Its campaign is going as planned.

It’s just a matter of time before Kiev negotiates in earnest to resolve things by yielding to Russia’s demands.

According to WSJ fake news, “Vladimir Putin seems intent on bombing Ukrainian cities into submission, with civilian suffering and casualties intended as part of the strategy (sic).”

“The Ukraine war is a campaign of mass murder (sic).” 

Russia’s “humanitarian corridors…close fast (sic).”

“More than a few of those leaving have been shot or bombed by Russian troops (sic).”

The above rubbish is a snapshot of a 24/7 MSM torrent of Big Lies and mass deception.

The dominant 4th estate lost credibility long ago.

Reporting on all things Russia and Ukraine reached new depths of depravity.

The same goes for ruling regimes where MSM are based.

One thought on “Unprecedented Russia Bashing on a Platform of Big Lies and Mass Deception

Add yours

  1. Dear Mr Lendman..

    Every Word you have ever spoken..

    Has been 100% Truth.

    Right off the Golden Apple Tree of Truth.
    That grows in the Himalayas

    However, Sir Stephen..

    Although you have traversed many of our most challenging and Majestic mountains

    Among the Hindu Kush..
    All Kings in themselves..

    I, Sir Stephen
    Humbly and unabashedly appearing as your Sherpa guide

    Humbly suggest you are only slightly mistaken..

    but indeed mistaken

    ( I love the way those Bagwans those Yogis speak..)

    No Sir Stephen, i don’t think the notorious liar Blinken is lying this time when he says,

    “The Russians are having enormous difficulty..:”

    This is true sir..
    The Gangsters are gleeful..
    Besides themselves

    Couldn’t have imagined one thing..

    Russia was going to Fight a Modern War

    But not kill any Civilians..!”

    Can’t be done.
    Putin re invented the Wheel.

    And Killing alot of his own men.
    So sad…so tragic.

    My Heart bleeds for him
    And Russia…

    The enormous qwirk of History.

    As one General from the 5th Floor of the Pentagon said,

    “Holy Shit..150 Million People in Russia

    and we got a Holy Roller
    Running the Show..!

    What are the odds of that?
    Holy Shit…!”

    ( 5th Floor is the top floor of Murder Inc..

    you remember
    Gen Wesley Abrams said the
    Roadmap of Terror came from
    The 7 Country Hot List

    The 5th floor..

    Obviously it came from the Compound in Texas..

    Where they all come from )

    But the Gangsters cannot believe their luck…

    Allow me
    In another bygone life..

    I sat and read with the Wise
    And devout Krishna….

    and he schooled me in the way of the Warrior..!

    Now the Gangsters so invigoratrd

    They’ll be ready by tend of May
    Or in June to RE START

    Having reloaded.

    Bacteria never Sleeps

    Point #1…It’s impossible to fight a War today as Putin has

    I could see the entire battle line was Exposed.

    Over exposed.
    Let me stop here.

    I realized today

    That good guys and maybe bad guys could read this.

    Why point out
    Teach my enemy anything.

    Give him any tools to facilitate my demise.

    Just this Red Army..
    Stuff from the Future Battlefield

    1).. Actually don’t need Tanks
    So Prehistoric

    Last War…

    Not if you have missiles
    And Air Superiority..



    Also briefly.

    Need Kawasaki Motorcycles
    Yamaha Enduros…dirt bikes


    20,000 of em…
    Armed to be Assault Brigades

    And lots of Drones.
    The New Kid in Town.

    From here
    Another Truth


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