Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 20

On Wednesday, Russia’s chief negotiator in talks with Ukraine, Vladimir Medinsky, explained the following:

Moscow is “sincere” about wanting its special military operation to end “as soon as possible.”

Yet multiple rounds of talks have been “hard and slow-going” — notably because hegemon US-dominated NATO wants perpetual war along Russia’s border, Medinsky left unexplained.

Both sides are covering a range of issues, Medinsky adding:

Russia’s aim “is to achieve peace on Ukrainian soil, to see a peaceful, neutral and friendly state, which will not be NATO’s stronghold or a citadel of forces that wish to cause harm to our country.”

“The negotiators’ main task is to search through the tremendous amount of complex issues to pick those on which agreement is possible, to rely on them, to include these points of agreement in the agenda and to gradually move forward step by step towards the end result that will suit our peoples — the conclusion of peace” and elimination of a cross-border Ukrainian threat to Russia.

“(T)he striving of our state and the task set by the president is to achieve peace on Ukrainian soil, to see a peaceful, neutral and friendly state, which will not be NATO’s stronghold or a citadel of forces that wish to cause harm to our country.”

On Tuesday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Konashenkov explained the following:

“Russian Armed Forces have taken full control of the entire territory of the Kherson region.”

“Russian airborne troops captured a base of nationalists and foreign mercenaries near the Guta-Mezhigorskaya settlement.”

“Ten US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles and a number of other weapons provided to Ukraine by Western countries” were seized.

Along with other foreign weapons, they’ll be given Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters for self-defense.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov called it unacceptable for Ukraine to be armed by US/NATO with “weapons…that pose a threat to Russia,” adding:

“We are ready to (discuss) those types of weapons that do not pose a threat to us.”

Transforming Ukraine into a largely demilitarized neutral country is an option under discussion, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Lifting draconian sanctions on Russia is another major issue, Peskov added with no further elaboration.

Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry said it liberated nearly 260,000 Ukrainians and foreign nationals, including students from 22 countries since Feb. 24.

Along with thousands of vehicles, they crossed into Russia to be out of harm’s way.

Thousands of Ukrainians and foreign nationals continue to be held by Nazi-infested battalions as human shields.

Overnight, a Ukrainian-fired Tochka-U ballistic missile struck a residential area of Makeevka in Donbass.

Four people were injured, including two children.

US/Western MSM maintain a conspiracy of silence about Kiev’s aggression, blaming Russia and Donbass for its crimes of war and against humanity.

According to on Tuesday, Russian forces “wiped out (Ukraine’s) 95th airmobile brigade…one of (the regime’s) most combat capable units.”

Entrenched in “very heavily defended” Avdeeka, it was used as a platform for “unleash(ing) terror” on Donetsk civilians.

With the town entirely “flattened,” a major threat they faced no longer exists.

Russian forces “destroyed the most combat capable Ukrainian unit in the most heavily defended town.”

The clear “message” to other Ukrainian forces is unambiguous — “lay down arms” or face a similar fate.

Notably according to polls, “the Empire of Lies” is on the psyop back foot in Ukraine, notably with Vladimir Putin’s approval at over 77% — compared to the fake Biden’s at little more than half this support.

Separately, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen sounded daft saying that plans by EU countries are to abandon Russian energy.

According to head of Russia’s Foreign Ministry Department of European Cooperation Nikolay Kobrinets:

EU countries get 45 % of their gas and coal from Russia, a fourth of their oil.

Abandoning its energy would crush their economies and immiserate millions of their people.

Europe’s dependency on Russian energy won’t change in the short or intermediate term.

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  1. Lendman is in his finest hour. I have to describe the selection of the article heading of “Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 20” as perfect expression. He is in the process of writing the book the Ukrainian problem

    I will be printing all of the day by day reports and applying a librarian effort to aggregate the links in the list.

    A hangable treason fills the air and the cemeteries. 2022 will be a great year for funeral homes,and crematoriums..

    Have a nice Hangable Treason everyone.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    The “Talks ” are meaningless

    All extraneous
    A a hoax


    Same old Ivan..
    So earnest to make a deal
    Like fuxing trained Seals.

    just to string it out till the Stink can reload..

    And have the Avov Nazis run cover for the Zionist Nazis

    More talks.

    To get a scrap of Paper..

    Another deal they don’t honor anyway .

    Hear Lawrence Welk..?

    “Just like..
    Minsk I and a Minsk II and a Minsk III..!”

    As Putin said after the same Human Filth tore up Astana One

    Right in Lavrovs’s face..

    While he was popping
    The Bubbley..

    Gangsters Tore it up and started planning another
    Mass Murder and False Flag Chemical Weapons attack.

    Apparently the Human Filth having killed and destroyed
    The lives of 5 Million Syrians

    All for Greater Israel..

    Were wrapping up their work in their newly created Libyan Slave Market..

    Murdered a Hero to the World
    The Lion of Africa

    After this Filth and turned Libya into an Organ Donor Program
    And a Pedo Party Menu

    And stolen everything nailed down or not…

    Hillary: and I sodomized him

    They were spinning the coup in Kiev and Syria ..


    Ever accomplished anything.

    All lies
    All duplicity.
    All Alibis..

    All Runaround Sue.

    As Putin so poignantly remarked..

    ” Even if you could make a deal in Washington

    Who’s hand could you shake?”

    So true it slaps you with the Verocity of the reality.

    Pres Putin, sir
    As I said, maybe 20 times,.prior

    The Guy who makes all the
    Decisions is Diamond Dick.

    CEO of the Bush Crime Family
    Hence the President.

    Talking to any of the Clowns

    Stinky Pinky Blinken
    Or to Dirty Joe..if he’s up

    Is a collosal hoax
    Waste of time.

    Russia…you’re getting played

    In this case two important items.

    A)…the Zio War on Iran was planned to go off with the

    The Jewish Nazis are shocked by their falling numbers..

    They are losing the
    information war.

    And see the window closing on Apartheid States..
    Even if you own all the Media and gag Everyone with with your Filth.

    Even the Special People cannot stop the Truth from getting out.

    B)…the most powerful piece the SERIAL KILLERS have is not Sanctions

    It’s the Bourgeois Press

    That’s their Queen on the Chessboard

    The Gangsters have Russia believing they’re losing.

    They’re not losing.

    In the next box in twenty minutes I’m going explain the Fantastic Good Military News.


    1. Mr Lendman,

      It’s March 17 in Asia.

      The Bourgeois Press is full of how remarkable the Ukrainian Army is …

      Every lying organ in play.

      How the Russians are coming off their most important demands..

      Why the Russians are being more ” Realistic!” thing is true..

      The Uki Nazis are effective with Stingers and Manpads

      No doubt about that.

      But if the Russian Air Force was utilized like it should be

      those Stingers & Manpads
      Would be extraneous.

      90% would be destroyed in the Aerial Bombing..

      The Only reason the Ukis are even in the Game..

      Because of a one in a Billion Fuxing Odds..

      The Russian Commander in Chief..


      Putin’s a Statesman
      A brilliant remarkable Statesman, perhaps

      But the Warrior Class
      Since time immemorial
      Knows deeply the Generals

      Number One allegiance is to his own soldiers..

      Those Russian Mothers who begat their sons to give to the State.

      Precious Russian Blood.

      They are for
      ” Whom the Bells Tolls,” sir.

      Not some future love of all the Ukrainians.

      Not the West or
      Western Media..

      Wall St and the Pentagon
      Cannot believe their luck.

      150,000,000 million people in Russia

      and they got Tiny Tim
      tip toeing thru the Tulips.

      They’re not even trying to replace Putin now…!”

      They fear any change..
      They see Putin as an Asset

      The Next guy could be more “Practicle”

      To say “Useful Idiot” is way overboard.

      I don’t say that.

      Nor do I want Putin to step down..
      Let him stay in Power for fuxing ever …

      He’s good for RUSSIA
      And the key factor
      And Russian stability.

      Just hand off the Military
      Direction of the War..

      To the Military.
      Like FDR did with Marshall.

      But the Gangsters..

      They simply cannot believe their luck.

      I cannot say this enough

      No matter how many times I am lambasted

      Or the wrath I incur.

      In all humility..
      All reverance

      I say,
      “Too hot in the Kitchen?
      Get out, sir…!

      Let the Aero Space Generals take over and
      end this Affair..!”

      Lastly, in though it might be Unnecessary to say,

      I Support Russia 100%..!

      And I Support Russian Demands fully 100%..!

      To Victory..!


  3. Mr Lendman..

    First off before I tell you the Good News &why Russia made


    Let me address something CRITICALLY IMPORTANT

    Moral Equivalency…

    The Slugs on TV
    Sell the poor pea brained inmates

    The American People..
    Doped Up
    Dumbed Down
    Fed Rat Poison
    Sprayed from the Sky

    And Lied to 24/7 by the Press every day of their lives

    Learn to “see” the World thru the eyes of the Slave Owners

    Moral Equivalency is not a word or Concept you hear on the State News..

    Nor do you ever hear the word Zionism on the Jewish Owned Capitalist Media .


    No…the Zionists fighting the Palestinians..

    Is completely different than the Palestinians fighting the Zios

    The Oppressor fighting the Oppressed

    Or vice versa.

    They are not morally the same.

    The Capitalist Media.

    Is a Kool Aid so duplicitous
    So concocted
    So stupid

    And yet it still works.

    the Slugs cannot discern
    The difference between

    the Slave beating up the Slave Owner

    As to take the Whip out of his hand..

    from the violence the
    Slave Owner uses beating up the Slave..!


    The Ruling Class benefits from A Dumbed down Proletariat.

    Teenage Wasteland.

    And yet…

    The Working Classes
    The 99% of Humanity..
    Looses in every way possible.

    Be Back for the Late Show with the Military Components to cheer about.

    ( gotta eat.. almost one in the Morning here and forgot to eat)

    What did Cecil Sea Serpent say,

    “Hold on Beanie Boy,
    I’m Coming…!”


  4. Mr Lendman

    “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Talking To The Zombies !”

    A Noticed We’re gonna win Militarily and Negotiations are now like kissing your sister.

    Here’s Scoop, baby..

    ( Dick Cheney Read it and weep
    It was your Last Chance Saloon

    Now you’re going to expire and Russia will still be standing..

    Stronger than ever….BABY )


    Yesterday in a Suburb Mariupol

    called Avdeevka,

    A smaller but strategically important city..

    The Russians employed the necessary ingredients to winning.

    First they surrounded the city
    Of course.

    Been doing that for two weeks all over the Ukraine

    But to punch a hole to go into city the Russians

    Who have played the entire
    First Half

    with one arm tied behind their back.

    But yesterday at AVDEEVKA

    They obviously used some combination of

    To blow a hole in the
    City Defense.. first

    Bombed the Living Shit out of it

    Then went right in the
    Front Door.

    Just following the Corridor the blew the Fux open.

    Rather than ground forces
    Getting picked off..

    Wasting enormous amount precious Russian Blood

    When a few Bombs do the trick perfectly.

    Essentially do, exactly the fux what they were designed to do.

    Blow the Fuxing Nazis Up first

    Long Range..

    Then come with the Flowers like Mercury on a Dime..!

    Losses go down 99%
    Took the City in hours.

    Blow and Go.
    Old School
    Like Uncle Joe.

    That’s the Secret Sauce for
    Kiev Chicken as well.

    Blow and Go.

    Have all the jigsaw pieces nin the box for us to assemble tomorrow.

    The One tiny little step
    That won the Battle of Berlin

    That’s our Surprise Guest
    Famous 5th Shock Battalion
    Of Gen Chuikovs Army

    Under the Famous Fightin
    General Nikolia Berzarin

    Who were the first to enter Berlin..

    Set up the Win
    For the whole Battle..!




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