Suppressed in the West Straight Talk by Russian Officials

On major issues, state-approved propaganda fake news is exclusively featured, truth and full disclosure banned.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov said conflict resolution talks between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators “are not going smoothly for obvious reasons.”

Still, hope springs eternal for resolution through “compromise” — as long as key Russian aims are agreed on.

When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, “the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic…stated…that Ukraine would be a non-aligned and militarily neutral state,” Lavrov explained.

Following the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, Ukraine’s constitution was amended.

As ordered by hegemon USA, it “include(d) statements on continuous movement towards NATO” and the EU.

“That undermined the integrity of the previous process and the fundamental documents” approved by Kiev earlier.

Before Russia’s special military operation began on Feb. 24, Vladimir Putin addressed the issue of Russia’s sought security guarantees from the US-dominated West.

He called it unacceptable for Ukraine’s security to be ensured through NATO at Russia’s expense.

That’s what expanding the alliance eastward toward Russia’s borders is all about.

The final shoes to drop would be admitting Ukraine and Georgia as NATO members.

They’re red lines that Russia won’t tolerate being crossed as explained in earlier articles.

Since NATO began expanding toward Russia’s borders, resolving most East/West differences have been off the table because hegemon USA-dominated Europe rejected peaceful resolution time and again, Lavrov explained, adding:

Controlled by neocon hardliners, the Biden regime pressured, bullied and bribed European nations to ally with US hegemonic aims — no matter how detrimental to their own.

They substituted so-called “rules-based order” for international law — written by dominant US hardliners.

They’re all about running things on the world stage run by US elites allied with Western counterparts as subservient partners.

Lavrov believes that Russia was attacked with regime change in mind to neutralize its alliance with China — to be followed by assaulting Beijing in similar fashion with similar aims in mind.

Both nations alone stand in the way of hegemon USA’s longstanding aim for unchallenged global dominance.

Instead of dividing both countries as a way to co-opt and neutralize them, escalated US-dominated Western war on Russia solidified their unity more than ever before in modern memory.

It’s clear to Beijing that its security and other interests are next on hegemon USA’s target list in similar fashion to what’s happening to Russia.

On what remains of largely eroded Russian relations with the US, Lavrov said he “can’t recall anything like the frenzied policy that Washington is conducting right now.” 

It’s generated by dominant Biden regime and congressional hardliners. 

The US ruling class “lost all sense of reality (by abandoning) all conventions to the winds” on all things diplomatic — escalating war on Russia by other means to an unparalleled, highly dangerous level.

Instead of supporting conflict resolution efforts, the Biden regime and key NATO partners are going all-out to perpetuate it by pouring weapons into Ukraine with endless war in mind.

Separately on Tuesday at the UN Security Council, Russian envoy to the world body, Vassily Nebenzia, delivered straight talk remarks as follows, saying:

For eight years, US/NATO regimes “have been blind to anything happening in Donbass and to conditions that people had to live in while under constant shelling,” adding:

Did Russia kill over 13,000 Donetsk and Lugansk residents since 2014?

Clearly not!

What about the reported death of journalist Brent Reno?

Falsely blaming Russia ignored laying blame where it belongs.

“According to Reno’s colleague who survived that incident” that killed him, Ukrainian forces bear full responsibility for what happened.

Virtually all accusations against Russia were fabricated.

In the run-up to and after Russia’s special military operation began three weeks ago, the OSCE maintained a blind eye to reality on the ground.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, its member states one-sidedly supported the illegally installed regime, ignoring the worst of its criminal actions.

Yet since usurping power, the coup d’etat regime enacted “(d)isriminatory laws on state language, education, and (against) indigenous peoples,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

They “were aimed against the Russian language and multimillion Russian-speaking population of Ukraine in the first place.”

Instead of respecting the rights of Donbass residents as mandated by international law, Kiev forces shelled and otherwise attacked them for the past 8 years.

Instead of fulfilling its Minsk conflict resolution obligations, Ukraine breached what’s mandated straightaway — as ordered by hegemon USA.

For months, US-orchestrated and directed information war has been raging against Russia, escalated to an unparalleled level since since its special military operation began.

“Total censorship” in the West barely stops short of criminalizing truth and full disclosure about what’s going on.

“The main threat to civilians in Ukraine comes from armed formations of Ukrainian nationalists who terrorize their fellow citizens,” Nebenzia stressed, adding:

“There are mass violations of human rights.”

Nazified forces “deploy tanks, artillery and multiple rocket launchers right next to schools and kindergartens, set up gun posts on rooftops, use women and children as a cover-up.”

“Russian soldiers taken prisoners become subjected to sadist torture.” 

“Ukrainian bandits film those tortures, and the Kiev regime brags of its show-off cruelty.”

Hoodlums released from prisons in large numbers were armed with automatic and other weapons to fight Russians.

Most of their fighting is directed at each other, other Ukrainians, and in committing armed robberies.

Nebenzia stressed it saying:

“Gangs of plunderers and robbers are rampaging through Ukrainian cities. Bandits shoot up civilians.”

Supplied by the US and other Western regimes, Kiev forces are using white phosphorous munitions — able to burn skin to the bone on contact — and other banned weapons.

Banned cluster munitions were used against Donestk residents days earlier.

Dozen of US-controlled biolabs in Ukraine were involved in developing and producing deadly pathogens for use against Donbass and Russia.

All of the above and other criminality by the US/West and Ukraine has been systematically suppressed by their ruling regimes and MSM press agents.

The OSCE “remains nearly the only platform for Europe-wide dialogue,” said Nebenzia.

Instead of fulfilling its mandate responsibly, it’s consistently gone the other way — in cahoots with hegemon USA’s imperial aims.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Fabulous Article.

    Worlds and Galaxies Spin with Astronomical Lies and Destruction never before seen on the Face of our Planet.

    So Evil
    So heinous
    So rancid is the Brand USA

    Someone said,

    “if USA was a brand of dogfood
    They’d take it off the Shelf..!”

    The USA
    In it’s last stage of
    Bootleg Capitalism..

    Is off the Tracks.

    No more Fullbrights,
    Ben Bradley’s and
    Frank Churches

    People who were at least sane Capitalists.

    They’re all gone
    Replaced by Gangsters

    All Know Nothings as well.

    LIttle prancing peacocks.
    Cold blooded Killers.

    A Despicable lot.
    Satan’s Finest.
    Biggest Group of Killers ever assembled at one time in one place in history of civilization.

    Remember the German Nazis
    The Fourth Reich Nazis are the replicas on STEROIDS.

    BTW..Always shunted, twarted by the Bourgeois Press

    Hitler was supported by
    Big Wall St Bankers ..
    Jewish Bankers

    To destroy the Soviet Union.

    “What..they had the chutzpah to kick their Bankers Out ..

    The fuxing nerve
    To Run their Country without us?

    They need to be destroyed..!”

    Yep..Hitler was working off their agenda..

    Remember the Final Solution

    Wasn’t actually just the
    German Solution..

    It was The Capitalist Solution!”

    The Madness of WWi
    And 20 yrs later..WWII

    (And still nothing Resolved)
    You know right there

    looking at the 2000 yr edifice of Western Man and Womenkind

    Nov 22,1963
    The Whole Republic dies.

    Stabbed in the Back.

    You know the USA is off the Tracks then.

    “Fifty years later
    and Whatta ya got..?”

    Tennessee Ernie Ford

    A Sick Puppy..

    Poisonous to the Every living thing on the Planet.

    Heart of Darkness
    An aberration

    Desperately seeking it’s own Death.

    The Point

    A Roman Historian

    Named similarly to the
    Emperor in the 2nd Century

    Sepitimus Severus

    However the Historian Severus lived in the beginning of 4th Century AD Rome

    about 380 to 430s actually

    He predicted

    Rome would fall in 50.or 100 yr

    Said so..
    Everyone thought him mad.

    The 1400 yr old Rome would

    Rome the Eternal City

    Severus was quite remarkable in History for that

    Seeing the ebb
    The Flow
    The Demise

    Against the overwhelming Timeline.

    He stood alone
    He stands alone in the Ancient World.

    In a refractory way

    The World’s 1st
    Dialectical Materialist..


    We sir, are at the end.

    Simply look at the Cavemen attempt to block out all light.



    Deserving only of a Proper Burial.

    Lord Neptune might be best for that

    Feed the fishes.


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