去死吧 (Qù sǐ ba): Go to Hell in Chinese

On Friday, China’s Xi Jinping and dementia Joe’s double spoke by video link.

According to China’s Foreign Ministry, “issues of mutual interest” were discussed.

When readouts say “candid” and/or “constructive” views were exchanged, it’s code language for no change of policy by either side.

It’s virtually calling the interchange a waste of time, achieving nothing.

On Ukraine, Xi stressed that US-dominated NATO should pay heed to Russia’s legitimate security concerns.

Separately, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stressed the following:

“We have been taking concrete actions to promote talks for peace ever since the conflict broke out.”

“What China provides to Ukraine are much-needed humanitarian supplies such as food, baby formula, sleeping bags, quilts and damp-proof mats.”

“In contrast, what the US provides to Ukraine are lethal weapons” for perpetual war.

“Which do the civilians in Ukraine need more, food and sleeping bags or machine guns and mortar rounds?” 

“(P)eople across the globe (know that hegemon USA) initiated and instigated the conflict” in Ukraine years ago.

The US “should seriously reflect on its role in the Ukraine crisis and the part it has played, (admit) its responsibilities, and take practical actions to ease the situation and solve the problem, instead of continuing to add fuel to the fire and shifting problems” by falsely blaming others for what it perpetrated for years.

“As the culprit of the Ukraine crisis, why does the US keep smearing China (and Russia) instead of reflecting on the security predicament in Europe caused by the eastward expansion of US-led NATO?” 

“Why doesn’t the US listen to…experts that Ukraine must not be either side’s outpost against the other?” 

“Why doesn’t the US reflect on its hypocritical move of watching the fire from across the river after fanning the flames?”

“(D)espicable moves of the US only serve to reveal its guilty conscience and true intention to shift the blame and profit from the Ukraine crisis” to others. 

A White House readout of Thursday’s Xi/fake Biden discussion was typically hostile and duplicitous.

It falsely accused China of “provid(ing) material support to Russia (sic).” 

It lied accusing Moscow of “conduct(ing) brutal attacks against Ukrainian cities and civilians (sic).” 

It defied reality by falsely claiming that the Biden regime “support(s) a diplomatic resolution” in Ukraine.

Ignored was stoking perpetual conflict, for pouring heavy and other weapons into Ukraine for 8 years of war-making on Donbass, for massacring thousands of its residents, for orchestrating and directing forever war along Russia’s border with destabilizing the country in mind.

According to an unnamed Biden regime official, China faces unspecified “consequences” for supporting Russia over hegemon USA on all things Ukraine.

Separately, the Biden regime denied documented evidence discovered by Russian forces in Ukraine.

It provides indisputable evidence of US involvement in developing bioweapons at dozens of biolabs in the country.

Calling indisputable facts “disinformation” was a bald-faced Big Lie by duplicitous Biden regime officials.

Xi also stressed that Sino/US “relations have not yet emerged from the predicament created by the previous US (regime), but instead encountered more and more challenges,” adding:

“In particular, (dominant US hardliners) send wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ forces, which is very dangerous.” 

“If the Taiwan issue is not handled properly, it will have a subversive impact on the relationship.”

On Friday, a confrontational State Department statement said the following:

China “has been an outlier in not joining the community of nations in condemning” Russia (sic.) 

“(W)e’ve made it clear the implications for the PRC’s relationship with us as well as our allies and partners in Europe and the Indo-Pacific.”

The fake Biden “conveyed (US) concerns” that affect relations  with China.

Xi’s straight talk with the White House imposter reflected Beijing’s sentiment about hegemon USA as stated by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, saying:

The US “is on the wrong side of history.”

Two weeks ago, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi told interventionist Blinken the same thing.

Separately, Hua minced no words saying:

“If the US had truly abided by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, how could it have staged wars without remorse for the people of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq…Syria,” Libya and other nonbelligerent, nonthreatening countries, adding:

“Ukrainian people need peace and security instead of weapons and ammunition” from the US and other NATO countries.

Ahead of Friday talks between Xi and dementia Joe’s double, an unnamed Chinese official stressed that Beijing will never bow to US threats and coercion.

The US side should harbor no illusions or miscalculations of its position.

If hostile actions are taken against China, it’ll respond with “strong countermeasures.”

At the same time, Beijing condemns US sanctions war on Russia and other invented enemies in breach of the UN Charter.

Separately, interventionist Blinken slammed China for siding with Russia “by refusing to condemn” its special military operation “while…portray(ing) itself as a neutral arbiter.”

There’s no ambiguity about who’s on the right and wrong sides of history.

Russia and China prioritize peace, stability and cooperative relations with other countries, according to the rule of law.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO consistently goes the other way.

6 thoughts on “去死吧 (Qù sǐ ba): Go to Hell in Chinese

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    “I love China in the Spring Time”
    “I love China in the

    Did you see the article in RT on Dirty Joe Bidens pathetic spiel

    Lame Horseshit ..
    Perfidious lies

    Nothing but Larceny in Dirty Filthy Joe’s Heart..

    Too say it was contrived and disingenuous

    Would put it mildly..LOL

    ACTUALLY I got a big laugh
    at Captain Chimms Noodle House..

    With the set up piece
    Facial Expression like Paul Lynde

    ” Let’s just say,
    It was a bit disingenuous..!”

    20 Motherfuxers and their wives and girlfriends laughed

    Imagine An Emperor

    Listening to more horseshit from a whacked out
    Barefooted pauper..

    In fact, the Dummy..

    The Real Dirty Filthy Tainted NYT laptop sheep dipped

    Is at home doing the Crossword Puzzle on Sesame Street.

    Ruling Class made the decision to eject the idiot as fast as possible

    But Harris is a Loser..

    DNC and DICK can pick em huh

    The Republic long Dead.

    This letter from Caligula to the Parthian Kings is a Road Sign

    To the Most Pathetic piece of Garbage I ever heard

    A Cockroach talking to Sun tze

    And Imagine Joey is
    Battlng Clean Up for Sullivan

    Sully the Pimp..

    The Gangster who ran the docks Erie, Pa..

    Also owned Calumet.

    The polite Chinese
    Remember they’re real Diplomats

    Been doing it for 5,000

    Politely to Stick it up His ass


    Sully the Pimp
    is Gonna brow beat

    Threaten the most powerful man on Earth.

    China is so far ahead of the Drug Pushers ..

    Not even in the Same League anymore.

    Nor are they Militarily with Russia

    Most telling in the Hegemonic Shift

    USA has Clowns
    Know Nothings

    ( The real Brains of USA..

    Paul Craig Roberts
    Stephen Lendman
    Ron Paul

    The Three Wise Men of the Republic..

    Pushed aside
    Ostracized by the Gangsters

    Those three could solve USA problems in a Month..

    Even as a Capitalist State.

    Salvage an enormous part of Working Class.

    But of course, they are sequestered from Leadership

    Too Honest
    And actually do represent the American People..

    Ask opposed to Big Corporations and the Rich)

    While the USA has only AIPAC
    Criminals in Congress

    Zionist control all the Media.

    Zionist control all the Spyware and Surveillance


    Tear up the Constitution..

    We must sign and
    sell our children into Zionist Bondage..

    We have Traitors

    Half of em Dual Citizenship with the Apartheid State of Israel..

    Clowns like Dirty Joe’s Dummy
    And Sully the Pimp..

    WHILE China has layers and layets and layers of Leadership by the Millions.

    All trained and ready to build Civilization.

    Chinese are the original Builders of Civilization.

    Not only because they beat Europe out of the Stone age by 5000 to 8000 yrs..

    But because that is their way

    “I have enough to eat brother

    May I provide you with the same nourishment, that the Good Earth and the Sun .
    Provided me..!”

    Worked perfectly for 1000s of Years…

    Then the Pirates came
    The Blue eyed lying devil’s .

    Covered in lice and scurvy
    And we were stupid enough to teach these monsters how to make gunpowder..

    We used it for toy rockets at Birthday Parties.

    That was the Worst mistake China made in 8000 years.

    This Lying Murderous Scum.

    China the Dynamo.
    Controls it Own Destiny.

    Doesn’t take threats.


  2. Mr Lendman,

    Important Addendum

    Remember the picture of Putin sitting at the Table with all the Generals 40ft away..

    Edward I of England did that regularly..

    Edward Longshanks you might remember from

    the Mel Gibson movie on
    William Wallace

    He didn’t trust them..

    Stalin did that from October to December in 1941..

    Afraid his Cohorts might shoot him the Red Army losses were so drastic.


    That was the day the Generals found out the Atlanticists

    Elvira the Witch
    Yale Economist..

    Still a Yale Fellowship Organization Member.

    Took 1/2 of Russia’s “money”
    And shipped it to her Nazi Friends overseas.

    She did this between June 2021
    And Feb 2022.

    Her Husband a Zio Economist
    Hired 3 Zio half assed Economists in June 2021

    Then Quits his job at the Prestigious Moscow School of Advanced Economics..

    Splits.. where’d he go.

    Mind you
    Elvira the Witch

    Even shipped Gold Bars to her Nazi Bankers.

    Now that takes some heavy lifting.


    She should be on trial for her life..
    For Sabotage.

    And if Convicted..
    Pay the ultimate price.

    Stalin would have her shot!

    Eisenhower would have her in prison or face the electric chair

    In fact…Stalin would shoot you Mr Putin..
    Not think twice.

    Not being incompetent.

    Eisenhower would put you on Prison for malfeasance.

    Sure as Hell.

    Such an egregious betrayal.


    Gold Bars..that takes some Heavyweight Lifting..

    They would be missed immediately..

    Wouldn’t they..?
    Yes, of course.

    Are you Awake, Mr Putin…

    Such a betrayal
    It makes Yeltsin look like a
    Cub Scout.

    Makes Gorbachev look like a Saint..
    Just stupid maybe For Believing anything the Gangsters say..

    An oral commitment.


    Holy Weeping Fuxing Jesus

    Here’s the good news

    Stalin fuxed up the first 6 months of WWII..

    Soviet Union lost half it’s industry

    But moved the other half across the Urals and came back to win the War.

    Good Luck.



  3. Dear Tovarish President Putin

    For God’s sakes..
    for the 19th time..

    Please sir,
    Get rid of the ZIOS

    Before they get rid of you.

    Just exactly like they destroyed my Country.

    Couldn’t be any Clearer.

    Cuz you’re not performing your job to the degree necessary to beat the Greatest Evil ever to stalk the Earth.

    You’re capable.

    If You’re not clear headed enough

    Or “Compromised ” yourself..

    Do the Zios ” have anything” on you…

    (Blackmail is Chapter One
    Rule #1..
    in the Temple of Satan..)

    If not
    If you can’t fight this war

    China can’t save you.


    Like Stalin Did
    Turned the Military over to Zhukov

    FDR turned it over to Marshall

    Hitler didn’t…

    The Little Corporal fuxed the German General Staff 5 times

    Or he would have won WWII.

    Not really worried about ttge Military..

    Russia is winning..BIG TIME

    Some serious loses due to incorrect strategy and tactics

    But no plan ever lasts when you confront an enemy.

    A highly trained and equipped Army for Eight years by CIA


    Just watch the Store
    and please Concentrate

    On Media
    To fight back.

    Hire some real Media pros
    You got a guy way over his head ..
    Sadly, really .

    The New Iconic Age
    Needs new Iconic thinking.

    Me Im making Z gummed stickers, labels and Cloth iron on patches.

    On a Green Camo Background

    Getting 5,000 made and shipped to me.

    Pass them out for free

    Have address for people
    To send request.

    The Winner..

    Is the Team that can Play the Second Half..!

    And losing isn’t an option

    Losing to the Human Filth of Nazism.

    Last red and white and blue Balloon, sir…

    Fire every Zionist
    Get rid of them
    Before they get rid of you

    Like Elvira the Witch.

    Where is she and her husband by the way .
    Grab their passports at the very least.

    I’d have her arrested right this minute

    Down at the Luby Yonka night club for questioning right now.


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