Documented Evidence of Banned US Bioweapons Development in Ukraine

At a special Friday Security Council session called by Russia, its UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, presented more indisputable evidence of banned US bioweapons development at secret Ukraine-based biolabs, saying:

Russian forces discovered documented evidence to show that hegemon USA conducted “dangerous (bio-projects) in Ukraine.

Ongoing for years near the borders of Russia and China, evidence revealed “a real threat to biological security of” both countries and central Europe overall.

In 2005, documents revealed “cooperation” between the US war department and Ukraine’s health ministry.

It calls for Pentagon support for “cooperative biological research” with regard to “dangerous pathogens located at facilities in Ukraine.”

In the past few days, Russia “discovered new details indicating that components of biological weapons were being developed in Ukraine” by the US.

Washington’s alleged work with the country’s health ministry was cover for working with its military.

Russia gave Security Council member states a document, titled:

“Plan of technical assistance to certain recipients of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.”

It confirms Pentagon funding and supervision over military biological projects in Ukraine to develop bioweapons for war-making. 

Dozens of secret Pentagon biolabs operated in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and Lvov.

Documents revealed Pentagon goals.

Its high command determined “the scope of Ukraine-based projects, endorsed lists of equipment required, and delegated broad authorities to its (US private military) contractor Black & Veatch in cooperation with Ukrainian state authorities.”

They gave the US war department “carte blanche (to) carry out dangerous biological experiments on the territory of Ukraine.”

Black & Veatch was exempt from taxes under Ukrainian legislation.

In return, “Ukrainian scientists and (others in) the country (got unrestricted) travel to international conferences,” including free meals and lodging. 

What went on for years was the “cynical use of Ukraine’s territory and population for dangerous research that Washington does not want to have at home to not put its own population at risk” from deadly pathogens.

There’s no ambiguity that similar US war department activities are going on at likely scores, perhaps hundreds, of global biolabs.

Russia supports China’s demand for full US disclosure on this highly sensitive issue.

Moscow estimates that banned US bioweapons development is ongoing at around 360 biolabs globally.

Evidence shows that US biolabs in Kharkov studied “ways of transmitting diseases to humans through bats.”

It’s been ongoing at least since 2009.

“(P)athogens most favorable for purposes of infection” were developed.

They’re “characterized by resistance to drugs and rapid speed of spread from animals to humans.”

Other research “studied wild birds as vectors for the spread of avian influenza.”

“(C)onditions under which spread processes can become unmanageable, cause economic damage and pose risks to food security were assessed.” 

Russia has documented evidence to show Pentagon “coverup” of its bioweapons program in Ukraine.

To “cover its tracks,” the US war department disposed of deadly bio-waste at locations far distant from where research was conducted.

No doubt exists about the authenticity of documents Russia discovered in Ukraine.

They’re signed by US officials, many by Joanna Wintrall — head of the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) office at the US embassy in Kiev.

Hazards of US bioweapons research in Ukraine and elsewhere threaten host, neighboring, and other regional countries.

According to Nebenzia, it’s unknown to what extent countless numbers of people may have already been grievously harmed in numerous countries globally.

Neighboring Donetsk was affected by “a sharp increase in” TB outbreaks, Nebenzia explained.

For years, the US and Ukraine suppressed information on what’s gone on secretly in breach of international law.

What Russia revealed so far reflects “the tip of the iceberg,” Nebenzia stressed.

In response to what he revealed based on indisputable evidence, coverup and denial by the Biden regime fell flat.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    So horrendous ba Crime
    Worse than anything we hung the Nazis at Nuremberg for

    And yet



    the NYT…WaPo..CNN,
    and FACEBOOK etc


    Imagine that .
    75 years after Nuremberg

    And the Fourth Reich not only doing the Same and Even worse


    Hide it to help the Nazis.

    “Does it walk like a Duck..?
    Does it Quack like a Duck..?
    Maybe it is a Duck!”

    Sir, are we the Nazis ?
    Sure looks like it

    Ready…some Pigs who walk upright pretending to be humans

    Like Ms Piggy herself,
    Re Bio Weapons Labs

    said, ” it is just Russian Dus information !”

    And the Nazi Press

    All over the World
    Propagated that story.

    Sodom and Gomorrah
    USA and the Zionists

    UK and NATO only snap on plastic cocks for Buttfux Parties…

    Sodom and Gomorrah so putrid so Evil..

    Who could argue for God to spare them ?

    The Dead Enders are like trapped rats.

    Be careful of this diseased rat.

    Who knows what he’ll do.

    Now that the Heroin Pushers
    Know the lost..

    China told them to go Fux themselves.

    Party is Over.

    World Imperialism is going down the Toilet.

    Dollar will be gone soon

    I caution my good Friends in China..

    The Gangsters will flip their Currency and not honor altogether their paper

    or discount it pegged to the New Currency.

    USA the Biggest Fux Artists in the World.

    Honor Nothing.
    Narcotics Pushers.

    Human Trash.

    You can trust them as far as you can throw them.

    And while the Drug Czar Cheney is still alive ..

    Never turn your back on them for a second.

    the Zio


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