More Straight Talk on Ukraine

Following a Thursday, Security Council session, Russia’s UN envoy  Vassily Nebenzia said the following:

In stark contrast to his straight talk remarks, the session was “another exercise in anti-Russian rhetoric” — “an exercise in fakes,” replete with hyperbolic rubbish, devoid of truth and full disclosure.

In their remarks, the US-dominated West and colonized Ukraine display “extreme hypocrisy and cynicism.”

They don’t seek “a humanitarian resolution” to what’s going on.

They want “another (Security Council) resolution to (falsely) blame and shame Russia,” Nebenzia stressed.

Hegemon USA notoriously pressures, bullies, threatens and bribes other nations to support its diabolical aims.

Nebenzia explained that a UN member state told him of instructions from his capital to support a US/Western resolution against its wishes to abstain.

His remarks during Thursday’s session stressed the following:

He already debunked fake news about bombing of a Mariupol theater by Russia, the issue discussed in a separate article.

He also refuted bald-faced Big Lies about Russian forces “bombard(ing) 33 hospitals.”

Nothing of the sort occurred. Nor attacks on other civilian targets, military ones alone.

Fabricated claims about Russian mass-killings in Chernigov were debunked.

Since the Zelensky regime handed out around 25,000 automatic and who knows what other type weapons to Ukrainian civilians, cities in the country became shooting galleries.

In Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities, a “factory of fakes (is operating at) full capacity,” Nebenzia stressed.

Following the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup, the US-installed regime “turned (Mariupol) into a headquarters and stronghold of (Azov and Right Sector) Nazi battalions.”

“(N)otorious torture chambers were located” at the city’s airport. 

“(D)itched bodies of (deceased torture victims, including ones dismembered by) chainsaws” were buried there.

What’s gone on in Ukraine since early 2014 reflects how the scourge of US/Western-supported neo-Nazism operates.

That’s why Ukrainian Nazified battalions want control retained over Mariupol and surroundings.

The area “holds abundant evidence of their crimes.”

Responsible hoodlums fear accountability if they’re exposed to the light of day in a fair and impartial tribunal.

“That is why they are ready to drive to grave almost the entire population of Mariupol,” Nebenzia stressed, adding: 

“They are doing what Nazis did in besieged Berlin in 1945.”

“Keep civilians as a human shields.” 

Don’t let “them evacuate.”

“Plac(e) heavy weapons next to residential buildings in violation of international humanitarian law.”

Supportive Western regimes support their coverup activities.

MSM suppress their highest of high crimes.

Russia is committed to reveal all. 

Citing what he called Kiev’s three “most shocking…fakes” in Mariupol, Nebenzia explained the following:

1. Fake news about a Russian missile attack on a Mariupol maternity hospital.

Discussed in an earlier article, Nazified Ukrainian forces turned the facility into what Nebenzia called a “gun post.”

It was not bombed by Russian forces as Ukraine and Western MSM falsely claimed.

It was “affected by an on-land explosion” perpetrated by Nazified thugs.

2. Fake news about an alleged Russian bombing of a Mariupol theater — also discussed in a previous article.

Russian forces had nothing to do with the incident.

Mined by Nazified Ukrainian forces, one or more detonations greatly damaged the building.

No casualties were reported. Scores of civilians inside got out safely.

Many others were held hostage by Nazified thugs as human shields.

3. A “third fake” falsely accused Russia of only wanting to evacuate Ukrainians to Russian territory.

Nebenzia called the claims “blatant lies.”

Earlier I quoted Russia’ chief negotiator in talks with Ukrainian officials, Vladimir Medinsky.

He minced no words saying that Ukrainians evacuated from Mariupol and other cities were free to go north, east, south or west at their discretion — their choice, not Russia’s.

Nebenzia explained that only 36 of around 31,000 Ukrainians freed from Mariupol chose to remain in the country’s territory.

All others sought refuge in Russia.

After being held hostage as human shields by Ukrainian forces, they sought safety cross-border.

Through Thursday since Feb 24, over 270,000 Ukrainians crossed into Russia voluntarily on their own.

They’re all given warm food, clothing, temporary accommodations, and medical care as needed.

Russia “create(d) all necessary conditions on the liberated territories to ensure unimpeded access to humanitarian assistance for all,” Nebenzia explained, adding:

“In some locations, this aid is the only opportunity to survive.”

“Meanwhile, (corrupted) mayors of Ukrainian cities resell medications, clothing, and food they receive from international organizations, in particular from the ICRC, to local entrepreneurs.”

Russia has indisputable evidence to verify the above information.

An estimated 6,900 citizens from 22 foreign countries remain held as human shield hostages by Nazified Ukrainian forces, said Nebenzia.

As able, Russia continues to deliver humanitarian aid to many thousands of Ukrainians.

In Mariupol alone, “450 tons of medicines, basic necessities and food have been handed over to the population.”

Since March 2, Russia delivered about 3,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

At the same time, US-dominated NATO intends to pour more heavy and other weapons into the country.

What’s spotted in transit by Russian forces will be destroyed.

US and other Western regimes don’t give a damn about ordinary people in their home countries or anywhere else.

On Friday, Nebenzia presented more information about secret US bioweapons development in Ukraine now exposed to the light of day.

More on this in a future article.

One thought on “More Straight Talk on Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    It’s quite frankly, astonishing.

    USA can tell ENORMOUS LIES,

    And the Russians are afraid to tell the Simple Truths.

    Everything whiny
    Dumbed down

    Half Truths
    Half Measures

    using only Tid Bits
    of the Gangsters Crimes .

    The Real Weapons not
    Like idiots responding

    Moreover feeling it so important to rebut

    Gangsters in an
    Narcotics Ring…
    A Pedo Ring

    show so much reverance to

    While they’re flying 9000 tons a year..

    of HEROIN out of Afghanistan for 20 years..

    Then they put on their Badge and Act like the Sheriff when they’re at your front door..

    And Russians sit there and answer them like children.

    Like the kids on the
    Art Linkletter Show..

    With Feet dangling..!

    The US Media asks Russians

    ” Will you promise you’re not going to invade Ukraine..”

    “Will you promise you’re not going to attack other countries in Europe…?”

    Amazingly..the Russians answer them.

    Make up stupid shit..
    Sound Stupid..


    ” Wait you guys invaded 35 Countries since 1945

    UN estimated in 2015 you killed 20 Million People

    Some of them like Iraq
    You have been there 20 ye

    And Iraq has asked you to leave 25 times already..

    Today as we speak you’ve invaded two countries and threatening to invade three more..

    Why don’t you ask
    Joe Biden and Tony Blinken

    Then come back and ask me!”

    (MR PUTIN..

    You’re Media Guy is
    Another Atlanticist..?


    Mr Putin ..

    Want to win a War in Ten Days or Less..?

    I’m not kidding..

    No time for bullshit

    You’re in war for your life.

    IN 5 Easy Steps..

    100% Guarantee..


    A)…The USA says we lie

    1)…While the US Government tells their people on 911

    Jet fuel burned the WTC..

    (Start giggling)

    It’s scientifically impossible
    Jet fuel is kerosene..
    Can’t melt Steel..

    Scientifically impossible

    2)…then they told the Press
    And the American people

    They Scrambled their Jets

    But their own timeline would prove they only flew at 350 mph

    Instead of Mach 1.2


    So they changed their story


    And said they Didn’t Scramble their Jets..

    ( Laugh again..
    Every laugh is worth

    Then People asked why they didn’t Scramble their Jets..

    So guess what..


    They changed their story again..


    And we’re Liars.

    3)…Then they tell the World
    Three guys with Box cutters

    Destroyed the Pentagon..


    If three guys with Box cutters can defeat the Pentagon

    What the hell am I spending money on Defense for…?


    4)… Obviously 911 was an inside job..

    5)…of course they use

    Why Iraq

    The didn’t have anything to do with it..

    ISIS..what ISIS was from Iraq..

    They were bitter enemies

    Of Course,
    It was branded al Qaeda before the name changes to trick everyone

    Now the Whole World knows the USA …

    The CIA is ISIS .

    The Providional Wing of the
    US Army…

    The End

    With that Mr President
    You picked up 3 Billion People

    And will win the War.

    They’ll run away from you.

    Is the only thing that can destroy Evil such as this.

    Sir with all humility
    And you know I love you Mr Putin

    You brought Stability to a Troubled land.

    After the Gang Rape under the Traitor Yeltsin..

    Sir of you can’t look the
    Great Satan in the eye..

    And just tell the Simple Truth.

    Please step aside and delegate it to Mr Lavrov.

    I said three weeks ago..

    What the Gangsters fear most
    Is for Russia to wake up..

    Wake Up …

    (Right before they slit your throat…)


    For Russia to wake up and play by the same rules they do !

    Just Win Baby

    I’m riding Shotgun with the Lord
    Doing the Lord’s work.


    To Total Victory, sir..
    Let the Truth Shine!
    Let the Healing Begin !


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